Bernadette Consults Her Lawyer

It’s a new week and Ernesto is hard at work at the bank. On Wednesday the bank corporation called him to help them. It seemed their affiliate banks were having trouble implementing the new guidelines the government and the banking system agreed on. He had attended the big meeting in Washington DC and came home from that meeting. He had his branch compliant in 2 weeks. Because of what he did they asked if he would fly to various banks and get them compliant with the new regulations? He would be flying out on Sunday and return home late Wednesday for a few weeks. He was given a large increase of pay and Corporate Executive title of Bank Compliant Officer. He would keep his position at his bank. He said he would be glad to help.

When he saw Bernie at the hotel he told her everything about the weekly traveling. He said the good news is they gave him a large increase in pay. He said he was flying out Sunday morning and returning Wednesday evening. She was proud and happy for him.

They swam their laps in the hotel pool. She kissed him. Nobody else was at the pool at that time. He said he wanted to fuck her pussy. She put her back to the pool, put her arms on the ledge to hold on. She took off her bikini bottom. He picked her legs up to his hips and Bernie stuffed his cock in her pussy. He went slow fucking her, then he rocked her world fast fucking her. After a few minutes he squirted his Cum in her pussy. The feeling of his cock pumping her pussy, the water moving in and out made her have intense orgasms. They both put their swimming bottoms on. Ernesto said he wanted to celebrate his new job and pay increase. He said let’s shower and go to dinner.

Thursday she called the attorney Anthony from the phone booth at work. She told him she could see him in Uptown Sunday. He said he was very happy she called. He gave her directions to his house. She told him it would be later in the morning. He said he loved her. She said she loved him too.

Thursday night was Gang Bang Girls Night Out. Joan, Lydia and Bernie were to have some fun at the EuroXXXTheater in UpTown.

Saturday afternoon Ernesto took Bernie to the EuroXXXTheater for some carnal lovemaking and gang banging. She took on 25 guys sucking them and fucking her. They really squirted her with cum. Afterwards, they had a nice steak dinner.

Sunday morning Ernesto kissed Bernie as he left for his business trip to the airport by chauffeured limousine.

Bernie changed her clothes to visit Anthony the attorney at his home in Uptown. She put her school girl clothes on which included a long sleeve white button shirt, a red plaid mini skirt with thigh high white stockings, little black shoes and black sport jacket with logo. No bra or panties. She fixed her hair with side pony tales. She also put all of her body jewelry on. She liked dressing like a 15 year old girl making men horny.

Bernie is on her way to Anthony’s home.

She finds the beautiful Victorian style home in a very upscale neighborhood. She pushed the door bell button. Anthony greeted and kissed her. He took her coat and hung it up in the Great Hall closet. He took her to his home office and introduced her to his attorney partner John. John was in early 60’s and a tall handsome gentleman. He was polite to Bernie. He was a widower and lived on the same street as Anthony. Anthony told Bernie he and John were opening another office in her town. He said the citizens in her town were coming to them in Uptown. They would bring their practice to the citizens. Anthony told her to stop by at the opening 3-5PM Wednesday. Every lady will get a rose and refreshments for all.

Anthony gave Bernie a tour of his beautiful home. She was very impressed with the woodwork and restoration. Also the Victorian furniture. The tour ended in the den where John was. John had a college football game on. A food cart with a coffee pot had been rolled in. Anthony asked Bernie if she would like some coffee? She said yes. He asked her if she was hungry? He had scrambled eggs and other breakfast items. She said she was hungry. She helped herself to the mini buffet. She sat in the middle with John and Anthony. She had food and coffee on the coffee table. The men ere like Ernesto, football guys.

Later in the afternoon Anthony asked Bernie and John if they would like a glass of wine? Everyone did. They all moved to the living room. It was formal and beautiful. Everybody relaxed as Christmas music played all over the house. Bernie fell asleep on the couch sitting up. She awoke with someone kissing her on the lips. It was Anthony. They both laughed. He sat down next to her. John got up to leave and Bernie asked him not to leave. She asked him to stay. She looked at Anthony and whispered if John could join them? Anthony said yes.

Both men were sitting on each side of her. They kissed her lips. They kissed her neck. They unbuttoned her jacket and shirt. They massaged her breasts and fingered her nipples. They helped her take her jacket and shirt off. The guys sucked and licked her breasts. They both were finger fucking her pussy and clit. Anthony suggested they move to the downstairs bedroom. It had a king size bed. She took her skirt off. John was stunned by her beauty and body jewelry. She lay on the bed with her thigh high white stockings and her black shoes on. She opened her legs and with her arms wide open to receive their love. Both men were now naked and lay down beside her. They kissed her lips and French kissed her. Anthony had some body lotion they massaged her body with. They licked and sucked her neck,chest, breasts, nipples, belly button, clit,and pussy. Bernie put her hands behind her head and enjoyed the love stimulation she received. Both guys used their fingers and hands to stimulate her pussy. She was orgasming and making a woman’s sounds of being loved.

The guys worked out who got the pussy or ass. John won her pussy. She had a school girl pussy. Tight. He liked that. Anthony got her ass. Bernie sat on John and pushed her cunt down on John’s cock. Anthony lubricated Bernie and his cock. Before fucking Bernie’s ass he had her sit straight on John and kissed her neck, hugged her, fondled her breasts. She hadn’t received this kind of love from 2 men in a long time. She didn’t want the feeling to end. Anthony told her to put her back down and raise her ass. John was thrusting his cock in her pussy and licking, sucking her breasts. He liked nibbling on her nipples because of the nipple rings. She stimulated her clit with her fingers. Anthony fucked her ass. The stimulation started an avalanche of Bernie’s orgasms. She moaned and yelled unintelligible words as they fucked her. She was so stimulated responding to their fucking her. Finally, John and Anthony shot their loads of cum. She really orgasmed as she felt their cum squirting inside her. It took a few minutes for her to calm down. The guys pulled out of her. She licked and sucked their cocks clean of cum. Anthony got a spoon and fed their cum to her from her body. John had never seen a woman eat cum. She told him he was now a part of her. She had swallowed his essence. He would always be with her.

She asked to take a shower.The two men joined her. They washed her, kissed her and held her. She washed them and sucked their cocks. They dried her off and she helped dry them. Anthony put a clean sheet on the bed. The 3 lay together. The men rubbed her, massaged her and used their hands to explore her body. She sucked Anthony’s cock and John lubricated his cock and her ass. It was his turn at her ass. As John fucked her ass she sucked Anthony’s cock. As John’s cock pounded her ass she had trouble sucking Anthony’s cock. It was as if John was totally in control of her physical movements and her being totally in ecstasy. She loved his cock. Anthony filled her mouth with his cum. John squirted her ass. She loved the feeling and pumped as much cum as she could. She did more licking, sucking their cocks and balls clean. The guys lay with her and cuddled with her. They both loved this little girl.

Well, back to the showers. When showers were over, Anthony had ordered food from an Italian restaurant with delivery for dinner. Bernie was naked and had fun setting the table for dinner. The guys loved rubbing her ass or breasts when they could. She was very uninhibited. They liked her openness. Dinner was delicious.

She got dressed. She had to go home as she had to work Monday. She also was expecting Ernesto to call. She thanked Anthony for fun day of love. She kissed him and they French kissed.

John was special to her. She whispered she wished she could fuck him alone sometime. He picked her up, kissed her and hugged her . He said he loved her. He said she would get her wish soon. She said goodnight to both of them.

Monday night she would be with the fucking wild man Carlos.

Wednesday Bernadette goes to the new business opening ….continued

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