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Bernadette And Her Two Masters

Ernesto is out of town on a special assignment for the bank’s corporation. He won’t be home until Sunday afternoon.

Bernadette or “Bernie” as she prefers misses Ernesto. They are lovers. She lives with him. She is concerned about being alone at the cabin. Especially with the extreme harsh winter they are experiencing in the town where she lives.

After work Bernie attends a new opening of a law firm belonging to attorneys Anthony and John. She is friends with both men. Every lady attending is given a rose. Even with the bad weather people stopped by in support of the opening of the new office. While Bernie is there Ernesto called congratulating and wished the attorneys great success. John told Ernesto Bernie was there. He handed the phone to Bernie. Ernesto asked about the weather. She said it was like blizzard conditions. Sometimes you couldn’t see the road while driving. He said he was worried about her being alone. He asked to speak to John. She handed him the phone. He asked John if he would stay with Bernie until the storm and roads were okay. John said he would. Ernesto told him Bernie was sexually uninhibited and what happens between friends is okay. John handed the phone to Bernie. Ernesto asked Bernie if John could stay with her during the storm. She said yes. She felt better about not being alone. Ernesto said he loves her and he would call at the cabin tomorrow night. She said she loves him too.

Bernie called ahead to Ernesto’s restaurant to order two dinners. She would pick them up.

Bernie told John to follow her. The roads were in bad shape for driving. The snow was piling up. She stopped at the back door of the restaurant. She loaded the meals into her car. She drove up the hill and John followed. The snow was deep and slippery. She pushed the gate button and the gate went up. She would leave it up for the hired plow. Bernie and John drove up to the cabin. John brought the closed food tray inside. He also had a change of clothes with him as he was concerned about the weather and trying to get home in Uptown. Now he didn’t have to worry about that.

Once Bernie was in the cabin she felt safe from the weather. The cabin was warm. She started a fire in the fireplace in case they lost electric from the storm. She also had oil lamps out and ready. There was a generator ready. She asked John if he wanted to sleep with her? He said yes. She wanted to arrange his sleeping accommodations. They would use her bedroom. John told her Ernesto gave his approval of them sleeping together. Everything would be done in the open. She was happy Ernesto had unconditional love for her.

Bernie heated the food in the oven and went to change her clothes. John put the stereo on playing Christmas music. Bernie put her short shorts on and a sweater. She put the place settings on the dining room table and served the food. She also poured them wine. They clinked their glasses and said,”cheers.” They ate, talked and laughed. In spite of the bad weather, all was good in that huge cabin.

Bernie cleared the dishes and joined John in the living room. She asked John if she could lay on the couch with her head on his lap and watch TV? He said,”yes baby.” She used the blanket on the couch to keep warm. Later he kissed her to awaken her as it was time to go to bed. She had to go to work tomorrow if she could get down the road.

She went to take a shower and asked John to join her. He did.
They washed each other. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. He fingered her pussy and used his hand to stimulate her. They dried each other off and quickly got into bed to make passionate love. John used his lips, tongue, fingers and hands to stimulate her body. She put her hands behind her head receiving stimulation that heightened her orgasm. She said,” fuck me John.” He continued stimulating her until she was in a frenzy of lustful need. She said,”pleasesesese fuck me!” He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, raised her legs to his hips and higher, shoved his cock in her pussy, and fast fucked her. She was in total ecstasy. She fingered her clit to stimulate herself more. She made love sounds as she was being fucked. She was orgasming. Her body would strain and stiffen from the orgasms. When John squirted his cum her orgasms intensified. She was panting and making love sounds. After a few minutes the sexual chaos subsided and all was calm. She kissed him. She licked his cock and balls clean of cum. She asked John to spoon her cum and she would swallow it. He did. She even pushed the cum out of her pussy. She had towels. She wiped him and herself. She would shower again in he morning. They were both exhausted.

She was up early to go to work. She showered, dressed and made coffee. Her road had been plowed but she didn’t know about the main road. She would find out. John was sleeping.

She drove to the main road. It was a mess but she had to try. When you work in human services you have to try. Luckily her little station wagon had all wheel drive or AWD. It handled the road conditions well. She managed to get in to work with minutes to spare.

Thursday and Friday the area would be plowed out. Saturday the sun came up helping the snow to melt off the road. She asked John what his plans were? He said he had to go home up in Uptown to check on his home. He suggested she could bring her car and stay the night with him at his place. He said Ernesto was coming home Sunday. She asked him if they could stop at EuroXXXTheater this afternoon? He said yes. He would be glad to escort her there. They would get dinner after.

The theater got busy when Bernie went to the gang bang room. John got his first. He fucked her ass. When he was done she called the guys in. There were 25 guys waiting. She told them condoms for her ass and pussy. John made sure.

She finished the last bunch and showered. He took her to dinner. She stayed at his home Saturday night and they fucked some more.

Sunday they had breakfast, and after John fucked her again. She finally took a shower and she gave him a BJ in the shower. When she finally was to get dressed to go home he grabbed her and fucked her ass one more time. He said he loved her. He couldn’t get enough of her. She told him she loved him too. She said she had 2 masters. They are Ernesto and John.

Later Sunday afternoon Ernesto was brought home. She was happy to see him. He was exhausted but happy to see her. She missed him. She cried she was so happy to see him. She hugged and kissed him. He picked her up like a little girl as she put her arms around his neck. He took her to his bedroom. He took her shorts off and fingered her pussy. She was his. He could have anything he wanted. He would take it. He unbuttoned her shirt. He got on the bed licking, sucking her breasts and nipples. He put his fingers into her pussy fucking her. He stretched her putting his hand in her pussy. She was small and she felt herself stretching. She was orgasming as she was quite sensitive from John and being fucked at the theater. Ernesto kissed her neck and breasts leaving hickeys. She made her love sounds as she orgasmed. Finally what he wanted was her ass. He put her on her stomach. On his knees he pulled her ass to his cock and with KY he shoved his cock in her ass. She tried rocking on his cock but he was in control. He pulled and pushed her body to fuck her. He was very powerful. She was there for the ride. He was driving. He shot a large load of cum. She had large orgasms. He told her he missed her and he was quite horny. But he was back. They both were panting. It would be a busy night for both of them. She loved every bit of it. Her master was home.

The Masters Share Bernadette……….to be continued………

I am 23 years of age. I graduated with a degree in computer technology with AI.

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