Bernadette, Ernesto, And Luis Have A Family Christmas

It’s the Monday before Christmas. The year is 1975.

Ernesto the bank president and the employees are looking forward to Thursday. Christmas Day. They will celebrate the holiday with their families. Ernesto will celebrate with Bernadette (Bernie). She is his friend and live in lover.

Bernie is busy at the hospital as a Med Tech. She is 25,petite,5’2″,voluptuous and beautiful. She looks like a school girl and dresses like one. She has a very strong sex drive and monogamy is not for her. She just got word her name was drawn to be off Christmas Day. She never in all the years ever won that drawing. She was very thankful. Her friend and co-worker Lydia was off to be with her son. His name is David.

Bernie’s lover and Ernesto’s attorney friend John dropped out of a relationship with them due to work demands of the new second law office. He would not be sharing Christmas with them.

Bernie said she knew a young man who works for a big wholesale food distributor as a salesman. He lives in town alone. He is very polite and respectful. She asked Ernesto if she could invite Luis for Christmas Eve and Day? Ernesto said it is Christmas and it’s a time of sharing love. He said yes. Bernie asked if she could call him. Ernesto said of course. She called Luis. He was happy she called. She asked him if he would spend Christmas Eve and Day with her and Ernesto. He said yes. Now he would spend Christmas with friends. She said she would pick him up Wednesday evening after 3PM. She said bring your toothbrush, shaver, and a change of clothes.

Bernie kissed Ernesto. They both thought John’s dropping them as friends was for the best. They would have a great Christmas.

Tuesday after work Bernie met with Luis at his apartment. They were both excited about being together for the Christmas Holiday. She told Luis she would share herself with him as best she could at the cabin. They both undressed and made passionate love in anticipation of being together. He fucked her ass. He cleaned himself. She sucked his cock and then he was ready to fuck her pussy. After some time stimulating her clit and pussy with his tongue and fingers she was orgasming. She got in the doggy position and he pounded her pussy with his cock and balls. His balls were slapping her pussy. She rocked back and forth to stimulate her pussy. He finally came squirting cum deep inside her. The cum was warm and the squirting helped her orgasm more. She licked his cock and balls clean. He fed her with a spoon his cum from her pussy and thighs. She loved his essence. It was thick and tasty. After a brief rest, Bernie took a shower as she was meeting Ernesto at the hotel pool. After showers they layed together and cuddled for a few minutes. She dressed, kissed Luis and went to meet Ernesto. Ernesto loves to fuck her in the pool when no one is there.

Wednesday is the day before Christmas. Ernesto is at the bank. Bernie is in the lab at the hospital. It’s snowing again so Santa’s sleigh can land.

At 3PM Bernie leaves the hospital to pick up Luis at his apartment. His arms are full gifts and his overnight suitcase. She helps him with his load. They are on their way to the cabin. Ernesto will come home at 5PM. He ordered meals from his restaurant for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. He would pick them up.

Bernie and Luis arrive at the cabin. Luis was impressed with the cabin and property. Once in the cabin Luis was surprised at the size and craftsmanship of the home. Bernie helped him put his things in the 3rd bedroom. Bernie winked and said he would have company. He laughed. He asked if he could put presents under the tree? She said he was welcomed to do so. The tree was huge and decorated beautifully by Bernie and Ernesto. Luis noticed the big white bear rug in front of the fireplace. Bernie said she would use it later. He wasn’t sure what she would use it for? He would find out.

Ernesto was at the gate. She let him in. Bernie and Luis brought the covered food trays in from his car.

Bernie introduced Ernesto to Luis. They shook hands and smiled. Both men were from Puerto Rico. They spoke fluent Spanish language. Their was an age difference however they respected each other. Ernesto was happy that he had a friend that spoke Spanish. It was like old home week when the guys talked about family, friends in PR. The guys went to the living room to talk. Bernie was setting the table and warming the food. While the food was warming she changed her clothes. She put her short shorts on. No panties. And a pull on sweater. No bra. She put a pony tail on both sides of her head.

Bernie told Ernesto and Luis to come to dinner. Luis went to wash his hands. Ernesto said he was impressed by Luis. Luis has a Certified Public Accounting degree. He is doing sales until he can get a CPA job. Bernie didn’t know that in Spanish Ernesto told Luis how much he loved Bernie. He told Luis she had a strong sex drive. She liked to fuck. One man was not enough. She was also uninhibited. He did say she always loves the man or men she is with. He told Luis he might wake up with her next to him. Ernesto said it was okay.

Bernie filled their wine glasses and brought the food on their dishes restaurant style. Ernesto grabbed Bernie around her waist and gave her a hug. She kissed him. The men talked in Spanish and explained to her in English what they were talking about. After dinner the guys retreated to the TV room. She did the dishes and joined them.

About 10:30PM she takes her clothes off and puts her black choker on,nipple ring chain, gold waist chain and body chains. She went to the white faux bear rug naked and layed on it. Ernesto saw her but Luis didn’t. She layed on the rug making pretend snow angels. She called Luis. He looked around. Ernesto pointed to the fireplace on the other side of the room. He saw her. He was embarassed she called. Ernesto said she loves you Luis. Go be with her. He did.

Luis undressed and lay with her. She is beautiful. The lighted Christmas tree and the fireplace with the fire burning, made the beauty of her body glow. Luis kissed and hugged her. He kissed, licked, sucked, her neck, breasts,nipples and sucked her belly button ring. He also finger fucked her pussy. Ernesto heard a familiar sound of her moaning and talking of how much she likes what Luis is doing to her. Luis’s sucking has left her breasts, body,with teeth marks and red marks. Those and with stimulation of her clit ring with his tongue had her orgasming. After a few minutes of Bernie begging to be fucked Luis asked her, pussy or ass? She said ass. But she wants Ernesto to fuck her pussy now. Ernesto heard her request. He took his clothes off and joined them.

Ernesto lay on the white bear rug. She straddled him putting his cock in her pussy. She hugged Ernesto. He rubbed and sucked her breasts. Luis had Bernie sit up straight as he kissed her neck and fingered her nipples. Finally Luis had her raise her ass lower her back. Ernesto kissed her lips and sucked her breasts as Luis fucked her ass. Simultaneously Ernesto held her closely and rammed his cock in her pussy. Bernie stimulated her clit with her fingers. She was moaning and commenting how she loved them both. She said, “Fuck me, fuck me, oh yesssssssssss, fuck me hard, I love you guys, take meeeeeeeeee, yes, take me, take me! My body is yours!” As the guys both squirted her ass and pussy her orgasming was so intense she made a straining sound of,”OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She shook and then quivered from the rolling orgasms she experienced. They were panting after the intense fucking. Bernie said,”Merry Christmas Guys. I love you.” Ernesto and Luis said they love her. Luis stood up and Bernie lay next to Ernesto. Bernie asked Luis to lay on the other side of her. She licked both men’s cock and balls of cum. Ernesto gave Luis a spoon and both men fed her the cum from her body. After that they lay together. The men kissed her. They massaged her breasts and body. She kissed them.

It was time for showers. The three of them took showers together. Bernie washed the guys. They washed her with some finger fucking and nipple ring fingering. She pulled their cocks as payback.

Ernesto went to bed. Bernie told Luis when Ernesto fell asleep she would sleep with him for awhile. She kissed him.

Ernesto was snoring and Bernie lay naked with Luis. They kissed and cuddled.

Christmas Morning 7AM Bernie had her legs pushed against Luis’s shoulders as he deep fucked her pussy. He squirted her pussy and she orgasmed. They showered and dressed. Ernesto was still snoozing. He would get his later. She made breakfast. Luis stayed in the kitchen and helped. Once in awhile he would finger her pussy through her short shorts. Or grab her breasts and suck them. She checked Ernesto to see if he was sleeping. He was awake. He said come here a minute to Bernie. She came to the bed. He grabbed her,pulled her on the bed, held her,kissed her, tickled her and finger fucked her. She lay across his body on her back, he held her, he finger fucked her as he kissed her. She was his. She enjoyed the moment. She relaxed being held. She orgasmed. He loved her so much. She said she made them Christmas Breakfast. He said he would take a shower.

After breakfast they exchanged gifts and listened to Christmas music. It had snowed last night.

Bernie put snacks and drinks out for lunch. They would have dinner at 3PM. There was also a football game on in the afternoon. Ernesto and Luis liked that.

Bernie took Luis home at 7PM. He thanked Ernesto for inviting him for Christmas. Bernie helped Luis carry his gifts to his apartment. He thanked her for having him with her for Christmas. He sat on the couch and pulled her down straddling him and fucked her pussy. She had a miniskirt on and no panties. She was surprised but enjoyed the fucking. She wiped herself. She kissed him. She would be back for more.

She drove to Lydia’s home to deliver gifts. Lydia was happy to see her. Bernie told David Santa Claus left gifts at her home for him, his mom,¬†and grandma.


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