Bernadette Meets Luis Before Christmas

It’s December 1975. It’s 11 days until Christmas. Monday, Bernadette is busy at the hospital. She’s a Med Tech. Lunch time she calls her other lover from the phone booth. She called to tell him she would not be able to see him after work. She said she would see him Tuesday. She had actually had made arrangements to see”Wild Man” Carlos at the hotel after work.

Carlos met Bernie in the lobby and they went to his room. He was a Food Distributor Salesman to the hotels in the mountains. He kept rubbing her ass or putting his fingers down the inside front of her scrubs. She would laugh and giggle. He was a wild man. Once they were in his room they French kissed. She noticed he had company watching TV. The young man was being trained to do sales for the company by Carlos. His name was Luis. He was about 5’8″and thin. He was handsome. He was polite and single. Bernie liked him a lot. She thought he was cute. She took her work clothes off in the living room in front of him. He was stunned. She then walked to him and asked him what he was going to do about it? She kissed him and put her arms around his neck. He pulled her body tight to him. Carlos led her to the bedroom. She said she wanted Luis too. Carlos called Luis to join them. Carlos wanted to fuck her ass. She asked Luis to fuck her pussy. He was naked and lay on the bed. She took his cock, balls, licked and sucked them. Straddling him she took his cock and drove it into her pussy. Then Carlos lubricated his cock and her ass. He thrust his cock quickly into her ass. She moaned, begged, and loved them. She kept telling Luis to fuck her. She said, “I love you, Luis,” as she orgasmed. She said,” Fuck me Luis, come on baby fuck me.” “I love you, Luis.” Finally both men squirted her ass and pussy. She continued orgasming after the guys were done. She licked and sucked both men clean. She asked Luis to spoon feed her his cum.

The three of them showered together. There was some playing in the shower. She sucked Luis’s cock. She loved him. They dried her and she kissed them. When Carlos left the room, Luis gave Bernie his phone number and address. He lived in town and wanted her to visit him at his apartment. She loved him. She said yes. She would call him. She kissed them and went to meet Ernesto at the pool in the hotel. He likes to fuck her in the pool.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, she will meet with John after work at his office for some fun.

Thursday’s are reserved for girls night out. Bernie, Lydia and Joan like the EuroXXXTheater for a gang bang by lots of guys fucking and sucking. They love the attention from the men touching and massaging their bodies.

Saturday night Ernesto takes her to his bank’s Christmas party at the Big Hotel in town. Bernie wore the same little dress and accessories she wore at John’s Christmas Party. It’s reddish orange, bare shoulder. She wore matching shoes and thigh high stockings. She wore a color matching choker and gold body chains around her breasts. She also wore her nipple ring chain. No bra or panties. She radiated raw sex. Ernesto liked to watch people’s reactions to her.

The hotel’s food and service were excellent. They also had open bar 2 hours. Afterwards Bernie and Ernesto danced at the club and had a great time . Ernesto commented how beautiful she was. It was a perfect evening. They clinked their wine glasses together and said, “I love you.”

Sunday later in the morning Bernie called Lydia, and asked her if she wanted to go to the Community Center. There would be refreshments, arts and crafts sale. Lydia said yes. She would bring her son too. Bernie said ask your mom also. She said she was on her way. Ernesto was going to watch football. He told her to have a good time. She said she would be home for dinner. She kissed him. She said she loved him. She asked if he would like a pizza from Pete’s Pizza? He said yes and a salad. He said he loved her. She said you just love my pizza. They both laughed and kissed.

Bernie took Lydia, her son David and Lydia’s mom to the Community Center. Her mom was happy to see her friends and neighbors there. Bernie, Lydia and mom had fun watching David talking to Santa Claus. There was much to see and buy there. Bernie bought 2 of everything for her lovers. The center offered wrapping your gifts for a donation. They had hot and cold refreshments and bakery items. After about 2 hours they were ready to leave. Bernie hung out at Lydia’s home for awhile. Bernie asked if she could use the phone. Lydia said help yourself. She called Luis. He said please come over. She said she was on her way. Lydia smiled and said,”Luis?” Bernie smiled and turned a little embarrassed. She said,”I’ll tell you later.”

She drove to Luis’s apartment near the Community Center. She rang his apartment and went upstairs. He was happy to see her. They kissed and French kissed. They sat on the couch. She told Luis she was finished with Carlos. She loved him. They watched some TV. He kissed her and put his hand on her leg. She moved his hand between her legs. He kissed her and put his fingers in her pussy. She was panting. He took her to his bed. He undressed her and lay with her, stimulating her with his hands, tongue, and lips. He sucked her breasts, nipples, neck, leaving hickeys. He licked every part of her body. She moaned and made love sounds of joy. He licked her pussy and clit while using his fingers to stimulate both. She was orgasming. She begged Luis to fuck her. He told her to sit on him and ride his cock. She did. She rolled her hips pulling his cock with her pussy. Luis kissed her lips. He licked and sucked her breasts and nipples. He hugged her. He pressed her body into his. She fingered her clit. With all of the lovemaking she was moaning and making sounds of enjoying being fucked and pleasured. After what seemed awhile of Bernie floating in erotic ecstasy, Luis said he was cumming. He squirted her pussy. Her orgasms were more intense. As she orgasmed she told Luis she loved his cock. She loved him fucking her. He was young. His cum was copious and thick. Her pussy leaked cum down her thighs. She never was with a man who was that potent. She licked, ate and swallowed his essence from his cock. It was delicious. She found more on his balls. She asked him for a spoon to clean her pussy. He spoon fed her his white love cream.

They cuddled afterwards and then showered. She sucked his cock some more in the shower. She did deep throat and he filled her mouth and some cum leaked out down her chin. She swallowed it.

Bernie got dressed. She told him she would try to see him Christmas Day. She told him she loved him. After leaving Luis, she ordered a pizza and salad at Pete’s Pizza to take home.

She arrived home and Ernesto was glad to see her. She kissed him and he finger fucked her. She told Ernesto that they should have dinner before fucking. They both laughed.

to be continued……….Bernadette,Ernesto And John Have A Family Christmas

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