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brenda, slave

The slave brenda waited kneeling in the position her master preferred a few feet away from where he worked at his desk. He liked her to be where it was convenient for him to gaze on her when he paused from time to time. She sat back on her heels, her feet crossed to provide a cushion, her legs wide apart to give her master a perfect view of her smooth hairless pussy, the pink of the swollen clit clearly visible, as was the fact that she was very aroused. Clear drops of liquid were easily seen glistening there, and a small pool was forming on the tiles below. Her head was bowed, eyes downcast, but her breasts were thrust forward so that the nipples, hard and aroused were quite evident.

“brenda” had been fondled by her master before she was placed in this position, he had run his hand across her cheek and into her hair, with the thumb of his other hand he touched her lips, as she with a moan kissed it, her master pulled her lower lip out and with thumb and forefinger pinched it then bending to her he took that lip between his teeth. As her breath caught he captured all of her pretty mouth and as was his right, had his way with it, slowly kissing all of it then forcing his tongue into her mouth, his hand now using her hair to hold her face against his. As his lips had their way with hers she responded passionately, his hand moved lower to the slope of her breast and continued to the nipple. As his palm rubbed across it he felt how hard and erect it was, “brenda” moaned. He took it between his fingers, pulled it then rolled it and squeezed it.

The girls legs grew weak and if he had not held her she would have sank to the floor. He moved his lips from the slave’s mouth to her neck where he proceeded to kiss and nibble at her neck and ear, then moved down to the other nipple. As he did this he moved his other hand from her breast to her belly, and while teasing on his way to her naked pussy he began to suck the nipple. Soon his hand was cupping her mons and a finger was making it’s way between the very slippery lips. The poor girl was so weak in the knees now that her master had to support her. He then proceeded to slip two large fingers into her pussy, his thumb still rubbing her clit, her hips began to buck and he knew that she was on the verge of an orgasm.
“Please Master may a girl cum?”
“:No my sweet, you know you may not.”
He gave the clit a sharp pinch which was all the message it needed to know it must wait. He slid a third finger into the flowing entrance and began to move them much faster and harder, her hips now unable to remain still were meeting and encouraging the movement, then he stopped and removed his fingers. He placed her on the floor as we found her in the beginning of this story.

The slave “brenda” was learning a lesson. Earlier she had been found in her room masturbating, her head thrown back and the fingers of her left hand busily squeezing one of her nipples while the right was very evidently was playing in her pussy. It was her master and the housekeeper who found her. She was then made to bend over on her bed with legs wide apart while her master gave her twenty hard licks with the crop, she was required to count them and thank her master for each one. fifteen to her bottom and legs, then another five between her legs right on the offending pussy. Three of them hit squarely on the swollen clit and the girl cried out, but did not miss a count, knowing that to do so would cause them to begin all over again. Without hair to cushion the blows she felt each slap of the leather tab on the crop acutely.

When Master had finished he fingered the girl to see how aroused she was, then with his hand in her hair guided her ahead of him up the stairs to his office. She was to be denied orgasms for some period of time to be determined by her master so that she would remember well the lesson. She is to remain silent unless spoken to.

The Master stands and takes a blindfold from a drawer in his desk, he fastens it around “brenda’s” head, he then takes from the drawer a piece of Velcro and putting her hands behind her back, one forearm over the other he fastens them together. “brenda” is apprehensive but so passionately aroused that she doesn’t care what her master is going to do to her so long as he will give her the relief she so desperately needs. Master now leads his slave to the leather couch in his office and places her on her back across the cushions. With other pieces of velcro he fastens her legs spread apart to the legs of the couch..
“You are to remain here until I decide you have learned your lesson my “brenda”,
you may never touch yourself unless your master tells you to do so.”

Going down stairs he gives orders to the other three girls of his staff.
“Each of you will take turns, every half hour one of you will go to my office to tease and arouse “brenda”, none will say anything to her, she is not to know who is doing what to her, but under no circumstance are you to allow her to have an orgasm.”

When Master returned 3 hours later he found “brenda” still very aroused lying in a puddle of seepage from her pussy, dried tears on her face and moisture still seeping from under the blindfold told of a very stressful afternoon.

Master kneeled by the couch and with his hand wiped away the tears from her cheeks, caressed her lips with his fingers then with his own lips.
“My “brenda” has had a very eventful afternoon hasn’t she? You may speak. Sobs escaped from “brenda” when she realized it was her master.
“Please Master this girl has learned her lesson and will never again touch herself without permission. Please OH please let this girl show her master how sorry she is and let her beg for forgiveness.”

Her Master began to remove the straps from her legs then turning her over from her arms and last the blindfold, as he is doing this the slave “brenda” wraps her arms around his neck and sobs into his shoulder over and over again.
“I love you Master, I love you so much Master, I am so sorry, please forgive your slave girl I am so sorry.”

“Very good my “brenda”, if you really mean that come here and show your master how contrite you really are.”

“brenda” was quickly on her knees by her master’s chair even before he sat down and as he nodded his head was opening his pants and removing his semi-erect cock. After very few preliminaries she had more than half of it in her mouth, she was proud of being the only one of the girls so far who could do this. Soon she was moaning around her master’s erection as the day’s denial began to overpower her. Master pulled her from his cock by her hair and once again began to fondle and handle her until she was week in the knees and gushing slippery juice from her pussy He then led her to the wench bench a narrow upholstered bench he had for just such a purpose. Lying on his back he directed her astride so she was poised above his hips, then carefully they managed to get the head of his great cock between the lips then into the entrance of “brenda’s” pussy.

She needed no further encouragement, she had ridden the pony before and now the master seemed to be letting her have her way with him. She gradually sank down until she could get her knees on the bench beside master’s hips and gradually made that transition without sinking all the way on the shaft. “brenda” began to ride slowly at first then gradually taking more and more until she could feel the huge thing fill her to her capacity, but by now it was feeling so good she couldn’t help herself and she rode harder and faster, her head back her master fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples the sound began as a shrill keening then, in time with her thrusts her cries could be heard all over the huge house
“OH Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes”
Then Masters voice, “YES MY “BRENDA” CUM FOR YOUR MASTER.”

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the punishment was over and “brenda” had finally gotten what she had wanted so badly all day.

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