Club Drama Chapter Eight

The next morning Kenzie and I got up and showered and dressed and checked out of the hotel. Then we went and had breakfast before heading to our house. On the way home Kenzie mentioned that Chey and Ciara were going to come over to talk and hang out for awhile. We got home and relaxed for a bit before Chey and Ciara came over. Chey told Kenzie she had something personal to talk about and I excused myself upstairs to give the three of them privacy to chat. I was upstairs for a half hour watching sports when my bedroom door opened and Ciara walked in. She smiled at me and said “can I hang with you for a bit.” I nodded my head and she sat down on the bed next to me. She was seated to me less than two minutes before she reached over and patted my crotch and tugged at my shorts.

I jumped and said “what the hell. Kenzie and your sister are right downstairs.” She giggled and undid her pants and said “do you like my new lace panties?” I said “shit, pull up your pants, but yes they are nice.” She giggled again and pulled them down farther and said “ look at my ass!” I slapped her ass as she leaned to show it to me. Ciara smiled and ran her hand down my stomach and into my shorts. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking it. I tried to resist and say something but she put her fingers to my lips. My cock began to harden from her stroking and she pulled my shorts down to my thighs and leaned over my lap and began sucking on my cock. Ciara ran her mouth up and down my cock as I enjoyed the oral pleasure.

After a few minutes of it she stopped grabbed a pillow and said “I am going to bite this to muffle my moans and you are going to pound my pussy!” I looked at her and said “you think I am going to do that do you?” She bent over in front of me and said “fuck ya, you are cause you are horny and rock hard since I teased you with my mouth. Plus you like the feel of my pussy and you get to stare at my ass. So, get on with it already!” I laughed and then got behind her and jammed my cock into her pussy and began pumping. Ciara’s moans were muffled well by the pillow and I could barely hear them. I pounded her hard and fast cause I knew at any moment I could hear a voice from downstairs. Five minutes of fast, hard thrusting and I came inside Ciara. I quickly pulled up my shorts and no sooner she had got her pants back on Kenzie called me from downstairs.

Ciara and I went downstairs and Kenzie said “Babe, I am going to run out with them for a bit if you don’t mind.” I said “of course not.” She went to retrieve her purse and touch up get makeup and Ciara went to wait in the car. When both of them were no longer in ear shot Chey said “I am pregnant!” Before I could say congratulations she added “you are the father.” I became stunned and couldn’t say a word for a few seconds before asking “Did you tell Kenzie.” Chey shook her head and said “I told her I am pregnant, but didn’t say who it was and of course not you! Just said I had sex and didn’t want to get into specifics.” I said “we will definitely need to discuss this when we can.” She nodded and said “I agree.” Kenzie  reappeared, kissed my lips and left. I sat down and began to try to process the news that I got my new wife’s best friend pregnant.

Kenzie had been gone for almost an hour when she called me to say she was picking up stuff for dinner and asked if I cared if Ciara and Chey stayed for dinner and what beer I would like. I told her yes they could have dinner with us and said thanks for the beer.  Half hour later her and Ciara and Chey came home and entered the house with bags of groceries in their arms. They went into the kitchen and a few minutes later Kenzie brought an open beer to me in the living room. The girls chatted and laughed while I continued to watch tv until dinner time. After eating we sat out on the back deck and everyone besides Chey had some drinks.

A couple drinks in Kenzie said “Ciara you are the only one of the three of us my husband hasn’t seen naked nor has seen his cock.” Ciara quickly shot a look with her eyes at me which was sort of a we know different look. Then, she giggled and answered nope. Kenzie said “Ciara moon him with your cute butt.” The girls laughed and Ciara got up and pulled her pants down and mooned me, and I acted like never seen her bare ass before and the three girls giggled. Then, I went to retrieve another round of drinks inside the house. When I came back outside all three girls were naked and climbing in the hot tub. Kenzie said “we wanted to go in the hot tub and they didn’t have suits, and I wasn’t going to let them be naked alone.” All of  them laughed. I handed Kenzie and Ciara their drinks and said “I will go change into my trunks.” Back into the house and upstairs to my bedroom I went and was changing into my trunks when I heard “when did you and my sister have sex?” I turned around to see naked Chey standing in the doorway. Before I could say a word she said “I saw the look she gave you and I know my sister.” I half shrugged my shoulders and quickly told the story of when she came to interview. Chey nodded at completion of my story and said “well I am not about to tell Kenzie about that or us.” I smiled and said “I appreciate it.” We hugged and she said “I don’t know how it will work but if you want to be in the baby’s life we can think of something.” I answered “yes, I would like to be involved and hope we can figure out something.” Chey smiled at me and said “I am sure we will think of something.” I nodded my head and said “I am sure we will but it is hard to concentrate for a serious conversation like this when you are naked. She smiled and laughed and I gently rubbed her shoulders. Then, I ran my hands down the front of her chest till I reached her small boobs and cupped them in my hands. Chey leaned her head back and kissed my lips before quickly pulling away. She said “Shit, Kenzie is my best friend. We already are hiding a big ass secret that we hooked up and I am pregnant. No way we can do anything again even if I wanted to.” I looked at her and said “I understand. Why is it i haven’t ever noticed before that you have sexy lips.” Chey smiled and said “bet u wish I would wrap them around your cock don’t you.” I smile and answered “fuck ya, but you just said”. She cut off my sentence by shhing me pulling down my trucks. Chey dropped to her knees and began licking my cock. I began to stiffen from her oral pleasuring and in no time I was rock hard. She backed away from my cock and wiped precum from her chin as she  said  “I want to feel you inside me.” I picked her up and slowly lowered her till my cock was touching her pussy lips. She guided my cock inside with her hands and I started to thrust my hips. I braced her back against the wall and continued to thrust harder and harder. She moaned and her pussy tightened around my cock. Chey let out a loud combination scream and moan as I felt her pussy orgasm. I thrust harder and faster as she moaned more before my balls exploded and cum shot inside her. Chey softly moaned as I lowered her down to her feet. I wiped off my cock with a towel, pulled up my trucks and, we both went downstairs.

After soaking in the hot tub for 40 minutes or so we all climbed out and headed in the house. Kenzie showed the girls to the guest room where they could rest for the night then headed upstairs. I had closed the hot tub and put away the booze and was heading to the stairs when I saw Ciara walking towards me. She smiled and whispered can I get a kiss goodnight. I slapped her butt in response to which she softly giggled. She reached her hands down and pulled off my towel and trunks and stroked my cock. As I got hard she whispered “You had my pussy earlier today how about my ass.” I grinned and nodded my head. She bent over the couch and spread her butt cheeks and I slowly guided my cock in her ass. I thrust and thrust and she moaned softly for several minutes, and then just as I began to cum the light on the stairs came on and I heard Kenzie yell “what the fuck.” Chey came out of the room and shook her head at Ciara. Kenzie added “not sure who I am more mad at!” Ciara blurted out “he is the father of Chey’s baby.” Chey yelled “Fuck Ciara this isn’t the time or place.” Kenzie looked at Chey and me back at Chey who slowly nodded her head and Kenzie and Chey began to cry. They went in another room where Chey explained it all to her and they cried and yelled for over an hour while Ciara and I sat quietly in the living room.  Chey came out of the room and told Ciara to go in there which she did. Chey briefly told me what they had discussed. Ciara was in there a half hour before she exited. Kenzie told me she didn’t want to talk tonight about it and everyone went to bed and I slept on the couch.

The next morning over breakfast Kenzie mentioned she had a lot to think about and was going to go stay at a friend’s house for a couple days. Chey and Ciara went home and Kenzie left shortly after them. I went to the club that afternoon and discussed with Robert what had taken place last night. It was two days later that I heard from Kenzie and she explained why she wanted a marriage annulment. I understood and agreed to it. We called a lawyer who drafted it up and two days later we signed it and it was filed. Chey came to the club and we agreed to how to raise the baby. Ciara and I ceased all communication after that night. All 3 girls resigned from working at the club as well.


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