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Ernesto And Bernadette Go To New York City

Ernesto the 50 year old bank president is taking his cute little lover 25 year old girlfriend Bernie to NYC. She saved a wealthy man’s life and he rewarded her with $250,000. Ernesto is taking her to an investment firm.

It’s Friday morning Ernesto and Bernie have taken Friday off to go to NYC. Ernesto is driving the car and knows his way around. First stop is the investment firm.

Next stop is a delicatessen. A great lunch. After lunch it’s on to the hotel.

Ernesto calls Ricardo’s disco club to see what it takes to get in that night. To Ernesto’s surprise Ricardo answered. He introduced himself and told him Bernie was with him. Ricardo said please put her on the phone . Bernie said hi Ricardo. He wanted to know where they were staying? She told him. She said she and Ernesto wanted to celebrate at his club. He said he would love to see them and he would put their name on the special guest list. He would also put them in reserve seating in the preferred area. She thanked him.

It’s party night at The Club. Bernie wore a bare shoulder black micro mini dress and no panties. The dress had a matching short sleeve jacket. She also wore her thigh high black stockings and black shoes for dancing. Accessories for evening wear included her black velvet choker with a gold medallion. A gold nipple chain attached to her breasts, a gold neck chain circling down around both breasts and connected together at her waist. She also wore her belly gold chain. Last but not least an expensive set of earrings and a large diamond love ring given to her by Ernesto.

Ernesto wore his new leisure suit for the club. Bernie thought he was so handsome in his new suit.

They walked up to security at the door and a man with a list of names checked their name and allowed them in. Once inside the man with the list seated them with a reserved sign on the table. The reserved seating was cushioned along the wall. It was across from the dance area. The DJs put on quite a performance. The strobe lighting was state of the art for the 1970’s. The stereo system was also advanced and not off the shelf.

The waitress told Ernesto and Bernie they were guests of Ricardo. On the house. She took their order for drinks. He tipped her. She was surprised. Ernesto winked and said keep them coming. Bernie and Ernesto danced to the hustle and boogied the night away. Ricardo stopped by to say hello and make sure everything was okay. He sat next to Bernie and they kissed. He shook Ernesto’s hand. Bernie sat between them. Both men spoke Spanish. Sometimes interpreting for her or just laughing. Ricardo put his hand on her leg under the table. Ernesto left the table to use the men’s room.

Bernie and Ricardo kissed, French kissed and he put his fingers in her pussy. He moved them quickly in and out. She was moaning and in another world. Ernesto came back he figured things out. He said he wanted to help. Both men fingered her pussy. She said she wanted to fuck now. Ricardo took them both to a guarded elevator and using his key took them to the second floor. There were rooms with people fucking. He had a private room he used with all the amenities. He had a fuck bed like the gangbang theater. She took her clothes off and lay on it.

The two men flipped a coin to see who fucked her pussy. The loser would fuck her ass. Nobody lost. Ernesto got her pussy. Ricardo, well, you know. Both had her moaning, yelling and panting. When finished Ernesto got a spoon and fed her his cum from her pussy. She got on her knees and licked their cocks and balls clean. There was a shower stall in the room and the three of them showered together. Bernie was kissed and finger fucked in the shower. Ricardo fucked her pussy in the shower and she sucked Ernesto’s cock and he squirted his cum in her mouth. At the same time she was orgasming as her pussy was being fucked. Finally, Ricardo squirted her pussy making her squeal with more orgasms. When finished fucking she caught his essence in the shower water in her hand and ate it. She then licked Ricardo’s cock and balls clean. They washed, rinsed and the guys toweled dried their beautiful baby. The two guys held and kissed her between them. She was in the middle. She loved them and they loved her.

They dressed and returned to their table. Ricardo kissed Bernie and whispered to her to come alone next time for more fun. She kissed him and said she would. Ricardo and Ernesto shook hands and spoke in Spanish. They both smiled. Ricardo left.

Ernesto ordered finger food as they hadn’t eaten since lunch. The finger food made them both feel better. It was back to dancing the boogie and the hustle.

At 2AM Bernie and Ernesto were tired and ready to go back to the hotel. Ernesto tipped the waitress one more time. They got a cab at the club. They went back to their room. They both undressed and “crashed” on the bed as they were both exhausted. Bernie slept naked on Ernesto like a little girl. He had one arm around her as he slept.

Both Ernesto and Bernie were up and dressed at 9AM. Check out time was 11AM. The hotel had a breakfast buffet. They ate there. They checked out to go home. Their car was brought to the front of the hotel and their luggage loaded. Ernesto tipped the valet. They were finally going home. They were home Saturday afternoon about 2PM.

Bernie kissed Ernesto and thanked him for helping her invest her money. She also thanked him for a great time in NYC. He said he loves her. He also said Ricardo loves her. He said Ricardo wanted her to stay the night with him. Ernesto said he told Ricardo she was going home with him in the morning. She thanked Ernesto and kissed him again.

She called the professors at the Gentlemen’s Club With Friends. John said she has some lovers wanting to see her Sunday afternoon. She asked how many? John said 10 guys. She asked Ernesto what he was doing Sunday afternoon? He said he would be watching a baseball game. She told John yes.

Sunday Bernie said to Ernesto she was going down to see the professors. Ernesto said tell them he said hello. She said she would bring pizza home. Ernesto said you know I love you. Bernie said you just love my pizza. They both laughed.

Bernie arrived at the club. Professors John and Mark greeted and kissed her. Her 10 guys were waiting for her. They hugged her as she was going to change her clothes. Actually she took everything off. She fixed her hair into two little pony tails like a little girl. She went upstairs. The guys swarmed around her. They kissed, licked, sucked her lips,breasts, neck and finger fucked her. They had her so stimulated and orgasming she couldn’t stand. They picked her up and lay her on the fuck bed. Those that helped her she hugged them, opened her arms and legs to them. She surrendered her body to them.

Before giving the guys blowjobs they loved her so much they kissed her lips and hugged her. The guys whispered how much they love her. Then the fun begins. She sucked and pulled their cocks. The front man ate and licked her pussy. He fingered her pussy and clit. She moaned and squealed like a school girl The guys along each side of the bed rubbed her breasts and nipples. The front man finally fucked her pussy and his balls were slapping her. He squirted her and she had orgasms. Another cock was in her pussy. Her legs were pushed back for deep penetration. She was squirted again making her yell, squeal and pant.

Next guy lubricated her ass and his cock. He pushed her legs back on the edge of the bed making them almost touching her head and slid his cock in her ass fucking it. She begged him to fuck her ass. He did. He squirted her ass and she yelled. He pulled his cock out and the next guy was lubricated. He continued fucking her ass. The side guys continued massaging, fondling her breasts. She licked and sucked their cocks. He squirted his cum and she felt the warmth of his cum in her ass. After this guy, 2 guys fucked her ass and pussy together. She felt strong orgasms as they fucked her. She slid her pussy up and down on the bottom guy’s cock and lowered her back and raised her ass to be ass fucked. They squirted her and she continued orgasming and being aroused.

She begged for more. Then 2 guys double stuffed her. She sat on the next guy’s cock with her back to him laying on the fuck bed. She lay back and the top guy lay on top of her and stuffed his cock alongside of the other cock. The top guy put his weight on his elbows and knees. She was pussy fucked both from top and bottom. When they finally squirted her pussy it felt like a flood hitting her vaginal walls. She had fantastic orgasms. Those guys gathered all the cum they could clean from her body and she ate it.

The last 2 guys took her to the showers as she was coated with cum. They washed her. She washed them. She kissed them both and said she loves them. She put her hands on their cheeks and told them to fuck her in the shower. They told her to get on her hands and knees. The first guy fucked her pussy and she sucked the other guy’s cock. The guy fucking her squirted her pussy. When he was done his buddy fucked her pussy as she licked the other guy’s cock and balls coated with cum. The last guy finally squirted her pussy.

The three of them finished showering and the guys towel dried Bernie. The guys kissed her and hugged her. They didn’t want to let her go. She said she loves them and she would see them Thursday. They got dressed. They went upstairs. The guys put money in the tip bowl showing their love and appreciation. The ten guys left her $500. She had made herself available on Sunday and they appreciated it.

She said thank you to professors John and Mark as they hosted the activity at the club.

Bernie stopped on the way home at Pete’s Pizza to take home a pie to Ernesto.

…………………..Ernesto And Bernie With Her Search For More Love..contued

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