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Ernesto And Bernadette With Her Search For More Love

Ernesto is a 50 year old, 6’bank president. He runs a small town bank but it’s very successful because of his education. Also because of his life’s experience in banking. His sweetie and lover is Bernadette or “Bernie” as she prefers to be called. She’s 5’2″, 25 years old,long haired brunette, petite, large breasts, cute like the school girl next door. When she’s not working she dresses like one. All the guys look when she wears her little girls short shorts. In her professional life she has a masters degree in science and is a laboratory manager at the local hospital. She has worked in labs since she 19 when she graduated from an accelerated college curriculum because of her photographic memory. She has one problem. She has an overactive libido. She can’t get enough cock. It’s the 1970’s. She has a lot of lovers. Women of that era both married and single pursue more cock.

It’s Monday at the hospital. At lunch time Bernie uses the phone booth to call Professors John and Mark at their home also called The Gentlemen’s Club With Friends. Mark answered. She asked if she could stop by after work. Mark said yes and that they had an improvement they wanted to show her. She was excited.

It’s Monday afternoon 3PM quitting time. Bernie drives across town to THE CLUB. She rings the doorbell and is greeted by John. John and Mark took Bernie to the basement to show her the special room. In one corner of the basement was sectioned off with room dividers. A door was installed for privacy at the entrance to the room. Over the door was an electric sign with blue lettering reading,”Menage a Trois Chambre.” In English it means,”Threesome room.” There was low level lighting used in the room to set the romantic atmosphere. A ceiling fan circulated the air in the room. For intimacy and coziness a circular bar suspended from the ceiling held a sheer curtain to the floor around the round bed. Bernie was impressed. She told them it was beautiful, They asked her if she would like to lay on it now. She said she would wait. When they returned upstairs, she asked to use the phone. She called Patti. She told Patti about the room and for to her tell Professor Randolph. Patti said he wanted to use the club Sunday afternoon and wants us there. Patti said he loves you Bernie and me too. Bernie said she would reserve the room for Sunday. Bernie said she would be at the club 12:30PM. She is still coming Thursday night. Patti said she was too.

The professors brought her a glass of wine with cheese and crackers. They sat in the huge living room. They relaxed and talked. The professors sat on both sides of her on the couch. The large TV was on but turned down low. Bernie told John and Mark how she loved them for their kindness to her and what they have done at the club to encourage men and women to love each other. John and Mark were moved by her loving remarks and both men kissed her. They hugged her. She put her arms around their necks and pressed her body against them. She said she loves them. They put their hands under her shirt to rub their fingers on her nipples and breasts while kissing her. They also put their hands in her hospital stretch pants to finger her pussy and clit. She lay on both men’s laps on the couch. They really stimulated her body arousing her to beg them to fuck her. The guys helped undress her. They took her to her gangbang bed. She got on her knees and slave sucked their cocks (no touching with hands), and then John and Mark took turns fucking her pussy. When done she licked their cocks and balls clean. They spoon fed her their cum from her. They showered together and the guys washed her, kissed her and hugged her. She was special to them.

She had to leave to meet Ernesto at the hotel to workout and swim in the indoor pool.

Tuesday and Wednesday after work Bernie visits the professors for a couple of hours until Ernesto leaves the bank.

Thursday is The Gangbang Girl’s Night Out at The Gentlemen’s Club With Friends. There are now 12 volunteer girls. Girl number 12 is a friend and student with Patti at the University. Her name is Carol and a beautiful brown girl like Patti. Patti recruited Carol. Patti introduced Carol to Bernie. Carol said Patti told her you are a good friend Bernie. Bernie blushed and hugged Carol. Carol said the photos on the wall in the hallway with the Bahama Man Tyrone shows her love for all men.

The girls remove their clothes in the gangbang room in the basement. Because Carol is new they take her “under their wing” and explain everything to her. Professor Mark introduces Carol to the visiting professors in the living room in the club. She is naked, beautiful and they applaud and welcome her. She has an instant group of men following her to the gangbang room.

Bernie, Joan, Lydia, and Patti have their own groups of guys who love them. It will be 2 hours of loving, sucking, fucking, orgasming.

Saturday Ernesto takes Bernie to the EuroXXXTheater in Uptown for her own Gangbang fun. Ernesto always fucks her pussy before the guys who are lining up fuck her. The difference is they have to use condoms. Ernesto fucks her bareback with love and she orgasms.

Bernie calls the guys in. She makes sure if they fuck her they wear condoms. She has 2 guys on each side of the bed and the front fuck man. He stimulates her clit, pussy, with his tongue, fingers, hand. The side guys rub, finger, massage her breasts and nipples. She pulls and sucks their cocks. They squirt her mouth and she swallows their essence. They squirt all over her body. She wears sunglasses to keep the cum out of her eyes. The guys love their little school girl. When they fuck her they whisper in her ear that they love her. They leave names, phone numbers, business cards and marriage proposals. She whispers back she loves them too. When they fuck her ass and pussy at the same time she is the happiest. Her orgasms are intense and powerful. She always turns, smiles at Ernesto as she is orgasming and looks into his eyes saying the words,”I love you, Ernesto.” She also likes being double stuffed with 2 cocks. 2 cocks in her pussy and when they squirt she gets highly aroused with more orgasms.

After 25 guys this Saturday she showers. The guys stuffed ($500) tip money under her pillow. She told Ernesto dinner was on her. He said, “A steak dinner?” She said,”Yes.” He said,”Let’s go.”

Sunday afternoon Bernie went to the club as Ernesto watches sports on TV on Sunday. John and Mark were there. Patti and Randolph were waiting in the living room for Bernie. When Bernie came in she was greeted and hugged and kissed everyone. John said the room was ready. Bernie,Patti put their clothes in lockers. Bernie led them to the room. Patti and Randolph were impressed with the room. A little bolt locked the door from the inside. The bed was comfortable and big enough for 3 people. Maybe one more. Randolph stood facing the girls. Bernie and Patti got on their knees to show Randolph respect. Bernie asked if they could unfasten his pants? He said yes. She asked if she could pull his cock out of his pants? He said yes. Bernie taught Patti how to be a sex slave like she was taught by her Uncle Bob. Bernie said men love it. She asked if they could lick his cock and balls? He said yes. They put their hands behind them, looking straight up into his eyes, licked,sucked his cock and balls. His cock was fully enlarged. He invited both girls to lay with him. He brought skin lotion and he told them to put it on his body and massage him. They did and then he and Bernie did the same for Patti. They stimulated her breasts, nipples, ass and pussy with the lotion. Then Bernie’s turn.

Before starting with Bernie he kissed her, French kissed her, He held her with his left arm as she lay on his shoulder and body. He finger fucked her, kissed her, licked and sucked her neck. She said she loved him. She said her body was his to do with what he wants. He and Patti resumed putting on oil massaging her. When finished massaging Bernie, he told Patti to get on her knees and hands. He put his 12″ cock in her pussy slow fucking her. She was in total control by his cock. He told Bernie to let Patti lick and suck her pussy. Patti used her fingers to help stimulate Bernie’s clit and pussy. Randolph pushed his cock deep in Patti’s pussy causing her to grunt and vaginal muscles to squeeze his cock she orgasmed. With her vaginal muscles tightening and her body pulling his cock he squirted copious amount of cum that ran out of Patti’s pussy down her thighs. Bernie also orgasmed from Patti’s stimulation.

Randolph lay back down on the bed and the girls lay along side of him. He kissed and hugged the girls. The girls licked, sucked his cock and balls clean. Bernie had a spoon and fed Randolph’s essence from Patti’s body, pussy, to her. Patti swallowed it. She kissed Bernie on the lips sharing some essence with her. The girls stimulated Randolph’s cock and he became erect again. He pulled Bernie to the edge of the bed. He stood at the edge of the bed. He pulled her legs up against his shoulders and pushed his cock into her pussy deep fucking her. He told Patti to have Bernie lick her pussy as he was fucking Bernie. Patti put her knees on each side of Bernie’s head. Bernie licked her pussy and Patti stimulated her own clit. After a few minutes of slow deep fucking Bernie had intense orgasms with her vaginal muscles tightening around Randolph’s cock. She felt totally fulfilled with her pussy stuffed with his big cock. He finally squirts her pussy with a load of cum flowing out her pussy and down her thighs. He lay on Bernie still squirting her.

Patti had moved to the side of Bernie while Randolph buried his cock in Bernie’s pussy kissing her lips and French kissing her. She continued orgasming for a few minutes. He pushed off of Bernie and lay on the bed. The girls once more licked,sucked his cock and balls clean. Randolph insists he will feed Bernie his essence with a spoon. Bernie tells him his essence is sweet and she hugs him. When finished she kissed Patti passing his essence to her. Time for showers.

While in the showers the girls wash Randolph and they wash each other. Bernie whispers in Randolph’s ear asking him to fuck her ass. She loves his cock in her ass. While the warm water is running Patti joins Bernie on her hands and knees. Both girls are grunting and panting from the invasion of his large cock in their ass. Bernie squeals like a school girl as Randolph’s cock causes her to orgasm. He squirts warm cum in her ass and she keeps orgasming. He then takes Patti’s ass still with erect cock and potent and fucks her ass. His essence runs out of both of their asses. They shower off the cum. The girls hug and kiss him. They feel special he loves them. After showers he picked up Bernie in his arms and carried her, kissing her. The girls wiped Randolph with towels and he wiped, finger fucked them and fondled their nipples, breasts.

They got dressed. He gave each girl a love gift of $200. He also gave a gold initial ring to each girl with the an ace of spade symbol and the letter “Q” on black onyx stone. This was a message to those who knew, the girls were black owned. Meaning they were accepted into the Black man’s world. He explained this to the girls. Bernie said all the more men to love. Patti blushed. Bernie kissed Randolph and thanked him. Bernie and Patti kissed and french kiss. The girls loved each other deeper each meeting with Randolph.

Late Sunday afternoon Bernie stopped at Pete’s Pizza for pie and salad for her lover and sweetie Ernesto.

Ernesto And Bernadette With Her New Following Of Lovers… continued..


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