Club Drama Chapter Four

The next day Kenzie and I went to a jewelry store and purchased a ring for her and picked out wedding rings. Later that afternoon I got a call from Chey asking if I would be open to hiring her younger sister Ciara as a waitress or host part time. I said since Ciara was only 19 she couldn’t be a waitress, but I would interview her for a host position if she was interested. Chey conveyed that to her sister who was next to her and I setup an interview with Ciara for a Wednesday  afternoon at the club. Kenzie finalized plans for the weekend with her girlfriends and Robert said we were going to have a small party at our club for me Friday and Saturday night. I found a small chapel and we made a reservation for Sunday afternoon for the wedding ceremony.

Wednesday afternoon I was in the office going over figures when Ciara arrived for her interview. She had knocked at the door and I said come in and I stood up as she walked in the office. Her dirty blonde hair covered her shoulders and, she was wearing a very tight white dress. She sat down after shaking my hand and I explained the duties of a hostess before asking “why do you want to work here? Why should I hire you?” Ciara answered “I want to work here cause I am seeking a job to make a little extra money a few hours a week and Chey and Kenzie have told me it’s really chill here and fun. You should hire me cause I am good with people and can provide a nice smile as they arrive.” I nodded as she spoke and said “yes, your pretty smile would be nice as try come infront door. Imagine I am a customer and show how you would walk me to my table.” She got up and said “Follow me to your table” and she walked across the room. I tried not to stare at her round ass as she walked but it was useless as her dress was tight on it. Ciara sat back down and I said “very good. Do, you have any questions for me?”

She smiled and was quiet for a second before saying “Who do you think has a better butt me or my sister?” I was shocked at the question as it caught me off guard and tried to formulate a response. Ciara stated “I am sure you have seen her butt as she as danced, so I am curious who you think had a better butt.” I smirked and responded “yes, I have seen her bare butt as she danced and, I have to make my judgement on your butt from when you just walked around the room.” She stood up, turned around and pulled the back of her dress up exposing her bare ass and said “you can make a call seeing my bare ass too!” I smiled and said “Very nice! I am going to have to say you have a better ass than her.” Ciara turned around smiling and walked over to me and stood in front of me. I reached my hand out and touched her just above the knee and ran my fingers up her thigh and under her dress. Then I began rubbing my finger against her pussy.

She smiled and licked her lips as my middle finger parted her pussy lips. Ciara moaned as I fingered her pussy. After several minutes of this activity I said “I want to bend you over my desk so bad!” She smiled and said “go for it!” I hastily pulled down my pants and lifted her dress over her ass and held onto it with one hand as she spread her legs and leaned on the desk. Then I guided my cock into her pussy and began pumping. One hand clutching her dress and the other hand grasped onto her hip. Ciara moaned and her pussy tightened around my cock as she orgasmed. I thrust and thrust until I reached point of expulsion and came inside her before flopping into my chair.

She stood up adjusted her dress smiled and said “Do I get the job?” I laughed and said “you were hired before you showed me your ass.” She blushed and said “don’t tell my sister we had sex ok.”  I said “I won’t tell her as long as you agree not to tell Kenzie either.” She smiled and said “deal. Kenzie is a lucky girl cause you have a good dick and know how to use it right.” I laughed and said “Thank you. You have a beautiful ass and a tight pussy.” Ciara smiled and playfully shook her head and said “well maybe we can play again befor Sunday.” I smiled and said “if time allows between now and then for sure.  She completed employment paper work and I scheduled her for a shift Friday night.

Friday morning Kenzie moved some of her things into my house and left for a girls night. Kenzie and her friends were going to meet up with me and my boys for a joint bash Saturday night. I packed a small suitcase as Robert had booked me a small suite at a hotel near the club for the weekend before heading to the club to process some paperwork. Later that afternoon Kim was going over the accounting books and I asked her if she could come over to the hotel and pick me up after I checked in. She agreed to do so and told me to text her when I was ready for her to come pick me up. So I went to the hotel and checked in and took my suitcase to my room. After I was unpacked I text Kim and she inquired as to my room number to meet me there which I gave her the number. I shaved while I waited the 10 minutes till I heard Kim knock at the door which I answered.

She came in the room an I said “I will be just a minute just want to change my shirt.” Kim said “take your time.” She looked around my room and remarked it was nice which I agreed. I was pulling my shirt on when I hear Kim say “Do you want to see my new panties?” I peeked out the door and said sure. I heard movement and in the bedroom she came announcing “what do you think.” I looked to see her standing in matching black laced panties and bra. I smiled and said “very nice.” I tossed my shirt on a chair and slapped her butt as she turned around. She smiled and said “Do we have to go or do you have some time?” I smiled and answered “time for what?”. Kim smiled and removed her bra and tossed it on the chair. I smiled and said “Ya, I have no where to be. Got time to fuck you.” She laughed and I quickly removed my pants.

Kim pulled off her panties and was preparing to take off her glasses and I said “leave your glasses on.” She smiled and I began sucking on her tits and, she rubbed my crotch with her hands. When I was half hard she knelt down, pulled down my boxers and sucked my cock until I was rock hard. Then I pulled her up and positioned her bent over the end of the bed with her legs spread, butt raised and pussy open. I guided my cock into her pussy and grabbed onto her hips and began thrusting. Kim started moaning and rocking her hips with my thrusts.  I said “ya, fuck me back. I like it!” She rocked and I thrust for a good while before I cupped both her boobs in my hands and with one last hard thrust came inside her. Then, I backed up and walked to the bathroom to clean myself before getting dressed. Kim got redressed too and we went back to the club.

During the drive I received a call from Kenzie letting me know the had checked into their hotel. Chey spoke to telling me to ensure Ciara had a good night and wasn’t nervous. Early that evening Robert and a couple other friends and I went and had dinner and drinks. When we came back to the club I saw Ciara and said “Chey told me to ensure you have a good first night.” Ciara smiled and responded “If you give me a chance at some dick tonight it will be good!” I smiled and said “well, if you aren’t too tired when your shift ends I have a hotel room.” She smiled and said “we will see.”

The night of fun began and my friends took turns purchasing lap dances for me and themselves from the dancers. A couple of the guys put money together for me to get a private dance from Leah and another dancer named Crystal. Crystal was a beautiful blonde with big boobs and a rounds ass like Leah. They took me to one of the private rooms, removed their tops and began dancing on me. Each girl straddled one of my thighs and alternated rubbing their tits in my chest and my face. Leah pulled her thong aside showing her pussy and Crystal did the same. They took my fingers and ran them against their pussy lips. I saw them whisper to each other quickly and smile at me.

Then, they turned to me and said “will you take us back to your room later for fun?” Without thinking or hesitation I shouted “hell ya I will.” Both girls clapped their hands and smiled and finished dancing on me and we went back to the main area. The night continued on of fun and I ran into Ciara at one point when I was on my way to office to retrieve more cigars.  She said “sorry, but I have to go home right after work as my mom will only watch him late tomorrow night.” I sighed but was relived sort of since I had made plans with Leah and Crystal. I reached my hands under her dress grabbing her butt and as I squeezed gently said “well, we will figure something out cause we need to fuck once more don’t you think.” She smiled, nodded her head and replied “ya it would be cool once more.” I lifted up her dress and spanked her butt and we walked back out of the office.

After more dances and laughing with my buddies it was around 1:00 am when Leah and Crystal whispered to me their shift was up. I arranged for a ride from the club in the club limo and the three of us climbed in the back and rode the brief ride to my hotel room. When we were in the room I poured them each a glass of wine and myself a rum and coke. By their second glass of wine both of them had ditched their clothes and were sitting in their panties. I wasn’t going to let them be half naked alone, so I stripped to my boxers. We finished our drinks and Leah said “we didn’t come here to just drink. We came to fuck!” The three of us laughed and I said “let the fucking commence.” Again a bursting out of laughter before the three of us got up and walked towards the bedroom.

To be continued………

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