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Daniella and my wife

He liked to watch, but couldn’t believe his eyes. This was no porn movie. This was his wife, Serena, and her friend Daniella (or Dani, as she preferred).
      It started out as just fun and games Dani was talking about the art of making love to another woman … as they do in France, where Dani was from. Serena never thought she could do something like that, and he knew she wouldn’t. He couldn’t even get her to ‘watch’ porn, let alone participate. But here they were.
      Dani had been massaging Serena’s body. All over. Making her relax. Only another woman can know the exact spots to touch. Where to touch. How soft and gentle. When Dani started kissing Serena on the neck. Her shoulders. Turned her around so they were facing each other. As Dani’s lips moved across Serena’s cheek. Closer to her mouth. Closer. Dani glanced at him. His pants had that familiar bulge in them. Dani brushed Serena’s lips with hers, but backed away.
      Dani was wearing her usual low-cut, everything-shows-but-the-nipples top. She took Serena’s hand and placed it over her breast. Until Serena was comfortable. Then Dani started undressing Serena. From top to bottom. As she planted little kisses along the way. On her neck. Down her chest. Taking a boob in her mouth and gently sucking on it. Serena moaned. She was enjoying this. So was he. He had hold of his own penis to keep the damn thing from exploding in his pants.
      Dani worked her way back up to Serena’s mouth, where she kissed her fully. Soft. Gentle. Butterfly kisses. Then continued back on her journey south. Kissing. Licking. Over her chest. Down her belly. Over her belly button. She was almost to that nicely, shaved, moist, pussy area, when she glanced at him again. By this time, he had his penis out and was jacking off. He could hold it no longer.
      Dani moved to him. Covered his penis with her mouth just as he blew. Exploding his juices in her mouth. Sucking every last drop out of him. Until he was soft. She looked over at Serena, who was watching. Never saying a word. He was surprised. Serena is usually jealous. But she was in her own little world.
      Dani went back to Serena to finish the job she started. Her lips on Serena’s clit. Sucking. Licking. Plunging her tongue inside. Tasting. Mixing his juices with Serena’s. Serena was moaning in ecstasy. She never knew how good another woman could feel.
      Dani took the vibrator and worked it on Serena’s clit, as her tongue worked inside. Serena felt the sensation mounting inside. Felt the rush throughout her entire body. Until she came in one fantastic orgasm. Her whole body shivering.
      He was still watching in amazement. But what amazed him even more was the fact that he once again had another hard on. Serena took the bull by the horn this time, while Dani started massaging his chest. Licking him with her tongue. Kissing his body. Moving up, she brought her breast to his mouth. He took it. Sucking it, as his wife was giving him another blow job. Until he once again exploded.
      He lay there relaxed. Content. And they continued to play with him. With each other. Like that Eveready bunny … they played on and on and on. And he watched.

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