Don’s Mistake Turns To Fun Part One

Amber stood at the top of the stairs, she’d done this many times in her twenty year marriage. It had become a part of their fantasy world.

It had started about five years after they were married, Don had asked her to wear sexy outfits for him when they made love. Over the years this had moved on swiftly, to Don taking a few naughty digital photographs, for the first few months they were just like glamour shots showing stocking tops and flashes of her bra. Things started to change after he read some fantasy stories just after they purchased there first computer, he started asking Amber to show more of her tits or more stocking clad leg, and Amber started to go along with it in fact she started to enjoy displaying herself and the sex afterwards was superb Don’s cock seemed harder and would stay harder for so much longer.

After about two years Amber was, at Don’s request posing almost naked wearing push-up bra’s stockings and pole dancing shoes, her cunt hair was gone save just for a little triangle above her cunt lips, she would open her legs wide, lay back in a chair or on the carpet. Amber was happy squeezing her tits or forcing her own fingers up what always seemed to be a sopping wet twat. During one Christmas Holiday Don had her wearing a tiny mummy Christmas outfit with a short sluttish skirt showing almost everything, half way through the photo shoot he produced a large champagne bottle – “sit on it Amber; make it a really slutty picture session, fuck the bottle” – the wine had been flowing well that night, and Amber although a little unsure did exactly has asked, not only did she end up sitting over a bottle she fucked it for twenty minutes. Don was in his element’ he took pictures from every angle he even got shots of her face while twisted with lust mouth gaping during her orgasm. Another chapter in there sex life had begun.

Soon Amber found herself using lots of things to fuck herself not only in front of the camera but at times when she found herself alone and randy. Bananas, cucumbers, celery, leeks and carrots among the fruit while Don introduced hammer shafts, screwdrivers, torches and spanners. He even selected hotel rooms with beds that had large phallus like fittings on the bed head; Amber made good use of all of them. The collection of pictures on their computer had expanded over the years and it was not unusual to come across pictures of Amber with Don’s cock either in her mouth cunt or arse, her smiling face or belly covered in spunk.

Round about there sixteenth wedding anniversary Don showed Amber a couple of sites on the computer where husbands and partners posted pictures of their wives and girlfriends, most had their faces covered but a few showed the girls full face doing the most obscene things. Amber at first was shocked but she realised that she could have been anyone of them, what interested both of them most were the comments which came mostly from men, most were absolutely disgusting but some were still a real turn on, for years they had talked about Amber getting fucked by other men both knowing it would never happen no matter how often Don tried to persuade Amber. After visiting these sites over the next few weeks they saw there fantasies and sex life on a huge high, then one weekend Don had the computer set up and started showing Amber another website he thought it was really well set up for both pictures and letters, he went on to show Amber numerous galleries then he came to rest on one and took quite a while over each picture it took Amber about half the pics to recognise the open cunt with cum dripping down the thigh was her, in fact it was the chair and background that gave it away, her mouth gapped in shock, he had posted 20 pictures varying from tit shots to full open cunt and object being use up it, to her relief none of them showed her face.

Amber wasn’t very pleased about what Don had done and made her thoughts known, Don just laughed bet you change your mind when you read the comments and he was right not just the comments but also the messages going into lurid details about what they’d do to her married cunt and arse given the chance, the things they asked her to poke up herself made her giggle.

Picture posing and posting became a new pastime, but the fantasies they gave way too became more important, the idea of dancing for and with multiple men even gang-banging on holiday became common themes. The pics now showed Amber fucking herself or sucking and fucking Don using all her holes they even did a couple of short video’s of Amber masturbating with a dildo and a large bottle.

Everything remained such fun we’ll that was until Don made a simple mistake has he prepared a new set of pic’s to upload to their site, in which Amber was dressed like a common street whore heavy make-up a blouse two sizes too small worn over a quarter cup bra allowing her nipples to be on show hard and poking through the thin material, the short black pleated skirt just covered her suspender belt until she moved even slightly then everything came into view. Her stockings black and very sheer and very expensive with seams down the back, she totted on her favourite black CFM heels fully six inches with a two inch platforms the double straps showing off her legs superbly.

During the shoot she had fucked a large domestic torch and a new toy for the first time a baseball bat from the sports shop, she had driven it home until she’d had the hugest orgasm one shot in particular showed spittle running from the corner of her mouth and eyes rolling in the back of her head.

Don copied and blanked out Amber’s face ready to post, he was running late and in his haste to post the pics he selected the wrong set and also pressed the accept button without viewing. After a few minutes he went back in to review his handy work, he felt the blood drain from his face and a strange feeling in his gut there was Amber full face showing everything doing everything. He tried in vain to remove them to no avail, in the end he got to speak to mister nobody who took a mechanical message and told him in reply that they would be removed in 24 hours.

Don was unsure about what to do, tell Amber, wait and hope there would be no repercussions. He got it totally wrong. He’d posted on the Sunday while Amber was at her sister’s on the Tuesday morning Amber took the first call. “Hello, I know you. You’re the women who fuck’s herself with baseball bats.”

He then hung up, Amber sat at the kitchen table in total shock how could anyone know that was it Don being silly….the phone rang again. “Your name is Amber and your husband is Don, he takes those filthy picture’s of you.” the phone went dead again it didn’t ring again although Amber spent the rest of the day anticipating a call. Her nerve had almost snapped by the time Don returned from the city. Straight away it was obvious he knew what had happened, he was awash with shame and apologizing for the stupid mistake.

Then he told her what had happened to him that day, Ray from another office in the same company had called him it was the first time he had ever spoken to him. Ray had seen her pics and recognised Amber from the company Christmas dance, not only seen the pictures but had downloaded them wanked over them more than once and he now wanted to spend lunch time with Don to speak in private. Don was blushing has he told Amber the outcome of that lunch meeting, he wants you for his sex toy, he wanted you to be his slut for a month at first I offered him money, he just laughed he had money he wanted you, in the end we agreed on one week.

Amber was in total shock has Don ran through the rules that Ray had set. She would be his sex toy for a full week starting from seven PM tonight, whatever he required of her she would have to comply, failure to comply in anyway would result in the picture’s hitting face book informing family, friends and work places of their little hobby.

Dinner that evening was eaten in silence both Amber and Don were lost in their own thought’s, Amber new that in two hours she would be with a complete stranger his sex toy how could this have happened, would he be cruel what would he expect of her but what shocked her most she thought most would she enjoy having a new lover. Dan thought she’d be shocked if she new how big and rough Ray looked with his tattoo covered arms and big chest, he felt excited about seeing Amber with this huge man to see her used, fucked hard by the big man, he smiled inwardly remembering that is what Ray had promised.

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