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Drakkens Seed

One dark night i was walking alone in the cemetery when this tall man approached me . I was startled at first but then i took one look into his eyes and felt hypnotized.His eyes had a glow to them i asked his name he replied in a deep sensual voice i am drakken and your name is he asked. i said i am crystal. He said your eyes intrigue me. He gently placed his hands on my face and kissed me in a way i had never experienced before.My body trembled with the warmth of his breath. He slowly removed my blouse as he kissed my neck.I felt his soft wet tongue move slowly down my chest as he placed his mouth on my breast i felt as though i was in a trance.Ididnt want him to stop he unbuttoned my pants and slowly slid them off he saw i had no panties on.He ran his tongue slowly down my stomach i then felt his mouth on my wet pussy.As he licked my clit i felt him slide his finger into my pussy.I moaned a load moan and i felt my cum flowing onto his fingers. I then rolled him over onto his back and unzipped his pants and slid my hand down and wrapped it around his rock hard cock.I could feelit throbbing as i stroked it i pulled his pants down and slowly put my lips around it.He grabbed my hair and began pushing my head up and down on his hard cock.I could hear him moaning and it was getting me so hot i placed my finger in my pussy while i sucked his cock.He said ohhh yeah baby suck that dick make it cum all in your mouth.At that moment i felt his hot cum shoot all in my mouth as every sweet drop went down my throat.I looked up at him and smiled and asked will i see you again?At that moment i saw his eyes glowing in the moonlight i knew then he was not human but a creature of the night………to be continued

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