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`~Dream Date~`

I am currently in college. I have long brown straight hair that is just slightly below my shoulders, almond-shaped brown eyes and big tits. I am 16 and I am trim and athletic. My statistics are 38DD, 28, 39. My body is drop-dead gorgeous. Many guys my age have the hots for me. But I have an immense crush on one 18 yr old guy in my college. His name is Darryl. He has broad shoulders and a muscular body. Today, after school ends, I had to go for my badminton activity. Because of my class, today I wore a white miniskirt 3 inches above my knee with a daring slit up to my thigh, a v-necked white blouse with no sleeves and an almost transparent set of white bra and thong. After my badminton class ended, I went to the toilet to clean up. As I stepped out of the toilet, Darryl met me at the door. His seductive, low husky voice said “Chloe, come to my house for some drinks?” He leant against the wall, anticipating my answer. I replied yes and locked my brown eyes on his darker ones.

He led me to his car, a silver BMW and opened the door. I got inside and sat on the plush black seat. He got in and drove to his house. He lived in a two-story terrace, on 201 Larkspur Lane. He invited my inside, and then poured two glasses of lemonade, one for him, the other for me. As I made myself comfortable on the couch, I made sure my legs were femininely crossed. He sat on the other end of the couch. As the neck of my blouse was quite low, I leant towards Darryl, giving him a good view of my breasts and rested my hand on his inner thigh, moving closer until we were touching each other.

He looked me straight in the eye and I gazed passionately into his. He pulled me forward and planted a kiss on my lips. I responded, hugging him tightly and kissing him back forcefully full on the lips. Darryl picked me up and walked in to his bedroom. No one was in. Darryl closed the door and laid me on his double bed. The air conditioning was on. After that passionate kiss, I was hot and wet. He sat beside me and whispered, “Wanna fuck?” I nodded and he tugged my blouse upwards. I lifted my arms to help him. I stripped his shirt off his body. He slid my skirt down, me his pants.

We sat facing each other in our underwear. Darryl, in his green silk boxers, was staring at my breasts, pussy and all my curves. I could see his cock rising. Before he could strip me any further, I whispered “I m a virgin” He said “so am I” He unclasped my bra and tugged my thong down, exposing my full naked body. He stood up and I slid down his boxers. His cock stood up, fully erect. About 10 inches! Again, my mouth met his and we had a short session of erotic French-kissing. I started sucking his monstrous cock and he explored my body and tweaked my nipples. A shudder went through both our bodies. Darryl moaned. He shouted “I’m gonna CUMMMMM!!!!!!! CHLOEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!” His white cum shot into my mouth. I gulped it down.

Now was his turn to pleasure me. He nibbled my left nipple and cupped my breasts. I clutched the bedspread. He moved south and licked my clit. He inserted one, then two fingers into me. He nibbled my clit and sucked it hungrily. He withdrew his fingers and darted his long tongue into me. I screamed then orgasmed three times. Darryl’s face was wet with my juices.

Now for the finale. Darryl maneuvered his cock into me slowly, both of us were very nervous. As he broke my hymen, I gave a small yelp and bled a little. He slowly eased into me and when his balls slapped against my outer pussy, I knew he was fully in. I loved the searing pain mixed with pleasure. Once Darryl was inside of me, we both cummed at the same time. He slid in and out of me, faster and faster. The he stopped, tired. There was still more to come. He slid out of me and inserted his third finger into my sopping wet hole. He the circled his finger round my asshole and inside. He was going to ass-fuck me!

Once my asshole was lubed up, he positioned hiss cock. He then slowly moved inner and inner. I screamed as I felt his enter me, stretched my ass and deflowered me. But once all ten inches of him were in, I felt a feeling of fullness. I loved that feeling. I said “DARRYL I LUV YOU!!” He replied tenderly “I love you too” He withdrew his cock out of me and we kissed yet again.

He lay beside me and we both fell asleep. When I woke up, Darryl was still sleeping soundly gazed at his handsome face and planted a soft, moist kiss on his lips. On a piece of paper, I wrote my number and left a message: “Look for me in school tomorrow” and signed my name: “Chloe”. I tucked it into his left hand and clasped his fingers round it. Then I opened the door quietly and left.

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