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"The Sleepover" Part 2

Rose was getting a bit horny again so she leant over and kissed Laura very passionately on her soft pouty lips with her tongue inside of Laura’s mouth exploring her mouth, and playing around with her tongue.
Just after 3 minutes of her passionately kissing Laura, Laura woke up surprised to find that Rose’s tongue was in her mouth, but Rose had her eyes close savoring the moment, the incredible feeling, the love, she did no see Laura’s eyes open.
Laura was awake for a minutes thinking of what is happening then pushed Roses lips away from her own, Rose very embarrassed had nothing to say except “please don’t hate me, it just happened”. Laura just sat there thinking then grabbed Rose’s ass towards her opening her mouth and kissed Rose, they both explored each other’s mouths with their tongue.
Rose took off her friends shirt slowly to enjoy the moment, staring at Laura’s breasts, she took off her bra then cupped her friends breasts, feeling them.
Rose ran her hand down Laura’s waist onto her hips and took off her shorts along with the beautiful thong Laura was wearing, her hand rubbing Laura’s hips and then feeling Laura’s smooth ass with one hand and joyfully fondling with her breasts.
Laura leaned forward and started to suckle on Rose’s large breasts, flicking her hard, erected nipple with her tongue. This was making them both horny.
Laura pulled back and ran her finger slowly down Rose’s stomach down to her pubic bush which was nicely smooth from the shave earlier on the day. It was 11:50.
Laura was feeling her friend’s smooth pubic area.
“Uh Rose, I’ve never had an orgasm before, would you show me how to masturbate?” Confessing Laura, “wow seriously? Ok I’ll show you,” Replied back Rose.
Rose told her to turn around, and Laura did Rose came close to Laura, with her breasts against Laura’s back.
Rose placed her hand on Laura’s breasts and told her to put her hand on her own, Laura did this as well.
Rose slowly ran her hand down Laura’s smooth, sexy body down to her pubic, then a bit further down to her pussy.
With her hand she pointed out two fingers then put them slowly into Laura’s throbbing pussy, Laura had straightened her back at the feeling, Rose slowly pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy so she could get use to it.
It hurt Laura for a couple of minutes then she got use to it, and she loved the great feeling, she lay her head back onto Rose’s shoulder, just relaxing.
A few minutes later Laura had her first orgasm, it was great to Laura.
Rose had kept going but now she is using her thumb to rub against Laura’s clit while banging her pussy. Laura had thought that you can only have one orgasm then had to wait for a bit to have another one so she told Rose what she thought. Rose replied back saying “no that’s not true, a woman can have more then just one at a time, you can have multiple orgasm,” this amazed Laura and told her that that was the best feeling she ever had. “I can make it better you know,” replied Rose.
With that Rose pulled out her fingers then placed her hands on both Laura’s knees, raised them and then spread them wide so that she had a good clear view of her pussy.
She pulled her toward the end of her bed and kneeled down in front of her on the floor.
Rose placing one hands on Laura’s hips and the other on her knee to keep it spread. Then she moved closer and closer towards Laura’s pink pouting pussy lips, then opened her mouth and slid her tongue deep inside Laura’s wet pussy.
Rose started pushing her tongue in and out gradually going faster and harder making Laura moan louder each time, “ooooohhhhhhh yaaaaa, Rose, Rose keep going. Oh yaaaaaa, mmmmmmmm ooooooooooh,” Laura was moaning this between hard breaths, she kept whimpering “ooohhh Rose yes, yes.”
Laura finally came over the edge with 5 thrusts of two fingers in her ass, which Laura did quite like very much.
Rose kept going but this time she suckled and circled her clit with her tongue making Laura a bit exhausted from the incredible orgasms. The last orgasm she somewhat cumed in Rose’s mouth. But after a few minutes suckling Laura’s clit made her have a huge orgasm, the best one yet, after Laura orgasm, her juices flowed all over Rose’s face and down on and in between her breasts, Rose had to stop or Laura’s pussy would be sore for a week.
Laura couldn’t return the pleasure for she was very tired; she could only passionately kiss rose for about 30 minutes.
Time passed and it is now 12:30, Laura stopped kissing Rose and slid her fingers down into Rose’s ass, doing what she did for the first orgasm, Laura could tell that Rose almost came so she stopped, “please don’t stop… mmmm… please keep going,” whimpered Rose.
Laura had stopped and spread Rose’s legs wide open so she could see her plump, throbbing wet pussy. Rose was crying for her to keep going. Laura had started to bang her friend but this time she banged both her ass and her crying pink pussy lips, she also used her thumb to rub Rose’s clit.
After a couple minutes Rose cumed on all over her friends fingers, Laura put her fingers into Rose’s mouth for her to suck on her own juice, which she liked to her surprise.
Laura suckled and circled Rose’s clit like she had done with her tongue, but this time Laura had banged her pussy as well. Rose moaned loudly, begging Laura to keep going faster, and harder, Rose came hugely, she had cumed a huge load of steamy juice right into Laura’s mouth and all over her face because Laura couldn’t take it all in her mouth. Laura enjoyed the taste of her friends cum so she kept sucking on Rose’s pussy still she cumed again just a minute after.
They were both exhausted so Laura came up beside Rose they both lay there holding each other in their arms, Laura had one hand on Rose’s ass and Rose had two fingers inside of Laura’s ass while the other holding her ass.
They lay there passionately kissing each other till they fell asleep dreaming of each other, the best orgasms they ever had and will have for the rest of their lives, and the best time ever, hoping that this will continue every night. (Which it did)

They became passionate lovers for the rest of their lives, and in University they had sex about 6 times a week and still after that, they spent the rest of their lives together having hot, passionate, steamy sex every night.

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