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Dreams Can Come True

Dreams Do Come True

It was a lovely day out, it was warm and seeing him made it even warmer for her (Sabrina) to take. He (Jason) was her best friend and he had know clue that Sabrina was in love with him and would do anything to be with him. One day they were out together shopping like they always did, when they went into the bra department to scope out some new stuff for Sabrina. When they came across this really sexy purple nighty it was so hot that Jason started to invision Sabrina wearing it but was to afraid of telling her. Jason told Sabrina that he thought that it would look perfect on her, so she bought it. On there way home Sabrina asked Jason if he would like to come over tonight for dinner, and he said sure would love to. In his mind he was hoping to get to see Sabrina wearing that beautiful nighty, if he only knew thats was the same thing that Sabrina was thinking. O.K. Jason come over by 8:00 and dinner will be ready. Jason said great i’ll be there.

Jason went home, and jumped in the shower and the thought of Sabrina in that nighty was getting him all worked up. So he started stoking his cock making it grow and get really hard, he was thinking of how good it would feel to make love to her. He has been in love with her for so long that he just couldn’t take it anymore, tonight was going to be the night he was going to tell her how he felt even if it meant she didn’t like him like that. Boy was he in far a huge surprise.

Back at Sabrina’s place she is making herself ready for him. She has make chicken parmasan, spagetti and a salad. She also picked up some wine for there dinner. The table is set perfect with everything u would need for a romantic dinner. Now she goes to take her shower, now that the other things are ready. The hot water is running down her body when she closes her eyes and invisions Jason standing before her slowly removing her clothes, peice by peice. Then something makes her come back to reality it’s almost time she had to hurry or things wern’t going to work. But little did she know things were going to work out great and she would be surprised herself.

Well it’s 8:00 now and Jason is right on time. Sabrina greets him in this beautiful sexy hot looking black dress that blew him away. He smiles and hands her the flowers he stoped to pick up on his way there. You look so beautiful tonight. Thank you Jason and those are beautiful flowers and they smell great to, here let me put them in some water dinner will be right out make your self at home. Well he always did make himself at home in her place cause they were always together and tonight they were going to find out how they felt about each other. They were both going to be in shock which one will make there move first.

Jason lite’s the candles on the table as Sabrina brings out the dinner. He pulls out her chair and seats her and takes his and they begin to eat the awesome dinner that she cooked for them. They made small talk as they were eating talking about everything and anything but the way they felt about each other. After they were done Jason helped Sabrina clear the table and do the dishes. After everything was done they went in to watch a movie. Thats when Jason was about to make his move. They were sitting on the couch and at the same moment Sabrina turned to Jason and he turned to her and stared into each other’s eyes. Jason spoke first thanking her for a wonderful dinner and she replied, well i made it for you and i have another surprise for you to. Then they sat there watching the movie, she laid down with her head in his lap and that is when he knew for the first time how she felt.

He was afraid that he would mess something up. She contuined to lay there and he was stroking her hair lightly back off her face. Jason finally spoke, Sabrina i want to tell you something and she said i need to tell you something to. Well you can go first Jason, well Sabrina i want to tell you that i love you and i think of you all the time. By then she was in shock because she was just going to tell him the same thing. Finally she spoke up and said Jason how did u know I was going to tell u the same thing. He just looked at her and smiled and leaned forward and kissed her and she kissed him back.

Then something else happened they got so carried away that there hot kisses turned into alot more then just that. He slowly unzipped her sexy black dress revealing her new nighty that he loved from the first time he saw it in the store. Oh Sabrina you are so sexy i want you so bad, well Jason i want you to. Oh they were so caught up in the moment that they just kept going removing more and more clothes until they were both naked. Sabrina took him to the bedroom where he gentlely laid her down, climbing between her thick thighs lightly kissing up and down them making her squrem underneath him. She was loving his touch it felt so good to feel him finally. Then his kisses reached the beautiful pink folds of her pussy, she sighed at his touch it felt so wonderful. He slowly licked and sucked on her pussy lips and clit making her scream with delight. OMG Jason that feels so good, and he kept going. He was grabbing at her her huge tit’s pinching on the nipples as he was licking her and she just kept squrming and getting wetter by the lick. His cock was getting so hard he thought that he would bust before she got the chance to touch him. As he was making her cumm she was finally was able to touch his cock and it just throbbed under her touch. It was huge the biggest cock she had ever seen, it was like 10 inchs long and 5 inchs around her eyes got really wide when she saw it. Finally she begged him to lay next to her so she could get a good look at it. She was so wet and so amazed that as soon as he laided back she opened her hot wet mouth and swallowed his cock deep in her throat. Oh my God Sabrina no one has ever done that before, she said what took you deep like that. Yes like that. OMG please don’t stop that feels so good, I won’t Jason. He was getting to close thow so he had to make her stop. He looked deep into her eyes and asked her if she really wanted him to slide his cock inside her pussy, she replyied OMG yes. It mit hurt baby, oh baby I don’t care I want you to fill me with your cock. And with those words he postioned himself between her thighs and slowly tried to slide his cock inside of her now very wet pussy. The first couple of trys he couldn’t get more then the head in and the whole time she kept groaning louder and louder with each thurst knowing he had to streach her pussy. He asked if she was ok and she repliyed OH YESSSSSSS, so I’m not hurting you. No, it feels really good please don’t stop. And after she said that he shoved deep inside her, she screamed in pleasure so loud that she came really hard and he could feel it on his cock. He started to move in and out of her tight hole making her cummm with each movement. Deeper and harder he was really pounding her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer into him trying to put all of his cock into her. I want you from behind Sabrina, so she rolled over and got on her knees and he slide his cock back inside her and to her delight she was cumming again and again. Jason i want you to cumm for me, and his pace grew. I want you to cumm on my ass and she kept talking dirty to him he started to groan louder he was so deep he just had to let go. OMG Sabrina i’m going to explode, as he keeps pounding his huge cock inside her. Finally he pulls it out and squirts his load all over her ass and pussy lips. They lay there for a long time not moving trying to caught there breath. They roll close to each other kissing some more and exploring more of each other and drift off to sleep.


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