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In the Dorm

Despite the efforts of
the two freshman students entering the residence hall to keep quiet, it seemed
like every motion they made resounded with its own reverberating echo.  They
opened the door as slowly as possible, but it creaked loudly with every
movement.  The effortless removal of the key produced a click that sounded to
them like the shot of a starting pistol.  As they made their way to the
elevator, Beth stumbled into a chair in the commons, yelping as she banged her
shin against the back of the classroom style chair. 

Misty laughed at Beth’s
predicament, and Beth laughed back.  In the back of her head, she had attempted
to make a mental note that even things that shouldn’t be funny at all were
hilarious, but even that attempt ended in an eruption of laughter.

“Shhhhh,” Beth tried to
quiet both herself and her roommate.  “If anyone finds us, we’re dead,” she
warned.  Misty’s gales of laughter turned to muted giggles as she covered her
mouth with her hand, and the two of them proceeded up the stairwell to the third
floor.  This time, the door cooperated, not making a sound as Beth cautiously
opened it.  She looked down the hall.  The coast was clear.  Why wouldn’t it be
clear at three o’clock in the morning, though?  Who in their right mind would be
up at this hour?

As if they were in a
James Bond movie, the two of them tried to stealthily tiptoe through the
hallway, but Beth stumbled again, this time nearly tripping over a metal
wastebasket that was sitting outside one of the rooms.  Normally, Misty could
have remained composed, but with the two of them both quite inebriated, this was
no normal situation.  She burst out laughing again.

“Goddammit, Misty!”
Beth said in an angry whisper.  “If you don’t shut up, you’re going to get us
both up the creek!”  Misty subdued herself again, and the two of them continued
towards their room at the end of the hall.  But just then, the door of another
room opened, and peering out of it was Eric, their resident advisor, still
half-asleep, but dutifully investigating the source of the sound.

“What the hell?” he
asked, angry that his sleep was disturbed, worried that something was wrong,
relieved that it was just two girls in the hallway.

Misty stumbled right
into Eric, and he immediately could tell from the odor on her breath that she
had consumed a significant amount of alcohol.  “Have you two been drinking?” he

“Just a little,” Misty
lied, and then giggled again.  Beth just stood there, unable to speak, unable to
believe that her best friend had just betrayed her.  No one was supposed to find
out.  How was she going to explain this to her parents?  What if her
scholarships weren’t renewed?  What if she got kicked out of college?  Her mind
raced with the endless possible consequences of this stupid thing she had done.

“I’m going to have to
write you up for this,” Eric said. 

“Oh, you don’t need to
do that, Eric,” Misty said, moving closer to him.  She gave him a deep,
deliberate, seductive look.

“I’m afraid I do,
Misty,” he replied.  God, if she only knew what she was doing to him!  Her
charms were working on him, and in fact, they had been for most of the school
year.  Eric wouldn’t usually be interested in freshmen, but Misty Donegan, with
her long blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect figure, knew just how to dress to
accentuate her features, and she caught the eye of freshmen, upperclassmen, and
faculty alike.  When he had found out that Misty was living on his floor, he
considered it both a blessing and a curse.  He hadn’t had to write her up in
four months, since that stunt where she had three guys in her room after hours,
and he had thought that she might have steered clear of any further trouble
after that, but apparently, that wasn’t the case.  Damn, he thought to himself. 
I’ll never have a chance with this girl if I have to keep writing her up.

“But if you write me
up, that’ll be the third one this semester!” she exclaimed.  Apparently she
hadn’t been good the entire four months, Eric thought to himself.  He genuinely
felt sorry for Misty.  The third write-up in one semester meant dismissal from
the college.  He was about to write an insignificant piece of paper that would
alter this beautiful girl’s future forever.  He started to feel guilty, but then
reminded himself that he had not chosen the course of action which led to these
consequences.  “May I see your ID’s please, ladies?”

Beth was already in
tears as she handed hers over to Eric, who copied the ID numbers down onto the
pink incident form.  Misty was still pleading as she then handed hers to Eric as
well.  “Please, Eric, they’ll kick me out!  I don’t know what I’m going to do,”
she sobbed.

Eric stood there
looking at Misty, his heart disagreeing with his head on what should happen
next.  Misty, the goddess of the freshman class, was going to be leaving the
college if this in fact, was her third write-up for the semester.  He knew what
he wanted to do, and he knew what he had to do.  His mind wrestled with this
paradox, and as he started to think about the possible consequences, he
immediately put them out of his mind, deciding that he would risk his own
college career to save hers. 

“Ok, here’s the deal. 
I don’t have a choice.  I have to write you up,” he began, as Misty went
crestfallen and Beth began openly sobbing.  “But, I’d hate to see you get kicked
out, Misty, and so I’m going to make you an alternative offer.”

“Anything!” she

“It’s not quite that
simple.  You both have to agree to it,” Eric explained.  “If you both agree to
what I’m about to present, I will tear up this incident report and no one will
ever know it was here.  If either of you does not agree to what I’m going to
suggest as an alternative, that’s fine, and I’ll just turn the report in as
written, and let the Residential Life Office deal with it the way they see fit.

By now, Beth was
listening intently.  She was fairly certain of what Eric had in mind.  And it
won’t be so bad, she thought to herself.  Several times throughout the year she
had fantasized about what it would be like to make love to Eric.  So this is
what it would come down to.  She would fuck Eric and he would make the problem
go away.  Maybe she could just go down on him, she reasoned with herself, and
perhaps if that were good enough, it would be sufficient.

“Well,” Eric began, “I
think that you both know how serious this college is about drinking on campus
and being drunk on campus.”  The two girls nodded penitently as he continued,
“So I think it’s fitting that there be some kind of punishment for your
infraction, whether it’s from the Residential Life Office or from me.  So, if
you will both agree to a spanking, administered by me, then I will tear up this
incident report.”

Beth couldn’t believe
her ears.  This certainly wasn’t what she had expected.  This was the kind of
thing that other people did.  She had never been spanked by anyone other
than her daddy, and the last time that happened was when she was twelve years
old.  She wasn’t about to let Eric, or anyone else on earth, give her a spanking
at age nineteen.  She felt her face flush with embarrassment and anger all at
the same time.

“I’m not agreeing to
that!” she snapped, and ran into her room, slamming the door behind her.

Misty said, “I’ll talk
to her.” 

“You’ve got twenty-four
hours, Misty,” Eric informed her.  “After that, I’m turning it in,” he smiled
and went back into his room and shut the door.  Misty stood outside, a million
thoughts going in and out of her head.  As she considered what might actually
happen, she felt simultaneously frightened and exhilarated.  How would she
convince her roommate that this was the best course of action?

After what seemed like
an eternity, but was in reality only about twenty seconds after Beth had slammed
the door, she heard it open, and in walked Misty.  Neither roommate spoke for a
long time, but they each sat on their beds, looking at each other, then looking
away, then looking at each other again.

“Beth, I –” she began.

“No!” Beth cut her
off.  “I am absolutely not going to do that.  I’ve got half a mind to go report
him to the RLO.

“You can’t do that,”
her roommate replied, almost pleading.  You and I are going to be in so much
trouble.  We can’t let him turn that incident report in.”

Beth’s thoughts turned
back to the consequences of their actions.  True, she wouldn’t get kicked out
like Misty would, but there would still be consequences.   Her parents would
know that she had let them down.  And word would travel through the student body
that she had been caught drinking.  It was one thing to go out and get drunk. 
It was quite another thing to get caught on campus drunk. 

Her thoughts wandered
back to the last time she had gotten a spanking.  She didn’t even remember what
it was for, but she very much remembered her daddy throwing her effortlessly
over his lap, saying that he hoped this would be the last spanking she would
ever need.  And up until tonight, she had thought that it would be.

She knew that she had
it in her power to save both Misty’s school career and to protect her own.  The
compassionate nature of Beth forced her to say something that shocked even her
as the words came out of her mouth:

“OK, I’ll do it,” she

Misty almost pounced on
Beth with a big hug of gratitude. “Thank you!” she exclaimed, genuinely relieved
that she was still going to be enrolled in school the next day.  She started out
the door.  “Are you coming?” she asked here roommate?

“Now?” Beth asked.

“We may as well get it
over with, don’t you think?” Misty reasoned with her.

Beth shrugged.  “I
guess so,” she replied, and in the dead of night the two of them started down
the hallway to the Resident Advisor’s Apartment.  They nervously exchanged
glances and then Misty knocked timidly on the door.  Almost immediately, Eric
opened it and ushered them in. 

“I guess you’ve made
your decision then?” he asked.

They nodded.

“And you’re going to
take the spanking from me?”

“We are,” Misty
answered.  Beth just stood there, staring at her feet, not really believing what
was transpiring. 

“I think that’s a very
reasonable decision,” Eric said, as he sat down on his overstuffed sofa.  “Who’s
going to be first?”

Beth’s heart was
pounding hard.   She managed to glance at Misty who was looking back at her. 
Immediately, almost instinctively, Misty said, “I am,” looking at Eric for
direction, wondering what to do next. 

He motioned for her to
come over and stand by him.  He looked at her for a moment.  She looked stunning
with her long blonde hair, as it fell against the back of her white knit tank
top.  As he reached up and placed his hand on her back, he gently guided her
across his lap.  He lifted the hem of her skirt and tucked it inside itself,
revealing a pair of pink panties.

He stuck two fingers
inside the elastic waistband and was about to tug when Misty stood up and backed
away from him.  “You can’t take those off!” she exclaimed as she untucked her
skirt hem and let it fall back into its original position.

“A good spanking is
always delivered to a bare bottom,” Eric replied.  “Of course, we can end this
right now and go through the RLO if you’d like.”

Misty looked at Beth,
who still seemed to be staring into space as if she were oblivious to what was
happening before her.  Then she looked back at Eric.  A calm came over her as
she resigned herself to her fate.  Without a word, she unbuttoned her skirt and
let it fall to the floor.  Eric noticed that her panties were quite soaked in
the front, and was somewhat relieved to see that this excited her as much as it
did him.  Misty timidly stepped out of her panties and walked back over to
Eric.  Unassisted, she bent over his lap, and returned to the position she had
been in moments ago.

“This,” said Eric, “is
for being drunk on campus.”  He raised his arm.  Misty braced for the blow, but
as it fell she shrieked, both from the surprise and the sting of it.  She tried
to stand up, but Eric’s hand against the small of her back held her in place. 
Almost instinctively, Misty threw her hands behind her in an effort to both
protect her backside from further swats, and to rub the skin where it had been
stung by Eric’s hand.

“You must keep your
arms in front of you at all times, Misty,” admonished Eric.  Misty threw her
arms forward of her and grabbed the armrest of the sofa.  Eric’s hand came down
a second time, and even Beth jumped as the impact of flesh against flesh
resounded along with Misty’s yelp.  A third time, Eric’s hand swiftly met its
target, and a faint pink impression was left where the contact was made.

Misty began to sob as
Eric struck her a fourth and a fifth time.  After the fifth swat, she stopped
counting, tears rolling from her eyes to the rhythm of Eric’s hand as it hit
her.  She jumped once when he missed her cheek and instead struck her upper left
thigh.  She couldn’t tell if he had done that by accident or on purpose. 

Beth watched in horror,
knowing that she was next.  She wanted to run back to her dorm room and lock the
door, but she wasn’t able to move her feet, nor was she able to tear her eyes
away from the spectacle before her. 

As Misty’s spanking
continued, she noticed that the sharp stings were no longer as sharp as they
were in the beginning.  In fact, they were now more like dull thuds.  Her whole
backside was on fire now, and a warm tingling sensation began to creep through
her, making her even more wet than she had been before.  She couldn’t believe
it, but now the spanking was giving her pleasure rather than pain.  She dared
not give any indication of this, though, because she was supposed to be being
punished, and she did not want to let on to Eric for a moment that it was
anything but painful.  Yet each continued blow from Eric made her writhe, not
only from pain, but from ecstasy as well.

And then, without
warning, Eric stopped, the rhythm of his right hand striking Misty suddenly
suspended.  Eric removed his hold on her and allowed her to stand up, and
immediately her hands went behind her to rub her spanked bottom.

“And now, Beth, I
believe you’re next,” Eric began.

Beth could take it no
longer.  She shook her head furiously, and sputtered out, “I’m sorry.  I can’t
do it.”  She spun around and ran out of the room.

Eric turned again and
looked at Misty, who was already re-buttoning her skirt.  “I’ll talk to her,”
she said in a simple reply.  She opened his door and stepping out into the
hallway, closed it just as quickly and silently as she had opened it.  She
walked down to the end of the hall, to the last door on the right. 

Inside, she found Beth
sitting on the edge of her bed, sobbing.  “I…j-j-just can’t do it,” she
stammered in between sobs.  Her roommate sat down on the bed opposite her,
staring at the floor.  Silently, each of their thoughts consumed them as they
pondered their predicament.

Finally, Misty spoke. 
“If you don’t go through with this, then I did all that for nothing.”

“That’s not true,” Beth
retorted.  “You took your punishment.”

“It’s not that simple,”
Misty explained.  “We made the agreement that we would both go through with it. 
If we don’t both finish, it’s as if none of it ever happened, and we’ll both
wind up in the Residential Life Office tomorrow.”

Beth stared at Misty as
if she had just delivered news of a death in the family.  “Oh, my God!” she
exclaimed in disbelief.  While she had resigned herself to the fate of the RLO
and possibly even being suspended or expelled, her sense of duty and friendship
wrested at her, obliging her to do the only sensible thing, the one thing she
hated and feared.  She wasn’t about to let her friend, who by now was
practically her sister, get kicked out of college because of her fear and

She gulped, and then
whispered a question, her voice so soft as it quivered that Misty didn’t hear
her the first time.  “What?” she asked?

“Will it hurt?” Beth

Full of compassion for
her roommate, Misty jumped up and walked over to the other side of the room, and
sat down on Beth’s bed next to her.  She put her arms around her, embracing her
with a hug.  Then she sat up and looked directly into Beth’s eyes.  “Yes, it
does hurt,” she said, “in the beginning.  But after awhile, it gets numb and
then it tingles, and it’s even kind of exciting.”

“Oh, my God!” Beth
exclaimed.  “You can’t be serious.  Are you telling me that a spanking turns you

“‘Fraid so,” she said
and managed a wink at her roommate.

“I don’t know,” Beth
told Misty.  “I don’t know if I could ever get into it like that.  But I’ll go
through with it if that’s what it takes to keep you from getting kicked out.”

Misty smiled at her
roommate.  “Thank you, Beth.  And I really mean that.”  She picked up the phone
and dialed the four digits that connected her to the RA’s apartment.  After a
pause, she began talking.  Beth could only hear the end of the conversation
which originated in her room.

“Hi, Eric, it’s
Misty….yes, I talked to her….yes, she is….ok….yes….ok, I’ll tell her.”  She hung
up the phone.

“What?” Beth asked.

“He said tomorrow night
after the basketball game.  He wants us to meet him outside the gym.”

“You’re going to be
there, too?”

“If you want me to,

This time it was Beth
who embraced Misty.  “Thank you,” she said.

All through English
Literature and World History class, Beth could not concentrate on her studies. 
Her mind kept racing ahead to what would transpire after the basketball game. 
Would he do the same thing he did with Misty?  Would she bend over his knees
while he sat on his sofa?  How badly would it hurt?  Would it really be numb? 
Was there a chance she might find it arousing like her roommate did?

After dinner, Beth went
up to her room.  She decided to put on a pair of denim jeans and a black
T-shirt.  She donned her Kansas City Chiefs jacket and headed over to the
Gymnasium.  She nearly decided to turn around and go back to her room, but she
saw Misty waiting for her at the entrance to the Gymnasium.  Beth smiled weakly
at her roommate and the two of them went inside.

The game was riveting. 
Their school was playing their archrivals, and it was anyone’s game up until the
middle of the second half, when the school’s star power forward fouled out.  The
other team pulled away, leaving the home team behind with never a chance to
catch up.  When the final buzzer rang, the score was 60-54.

Beth sat in her spot in
the bleachers, as if she was frozen and unable to move, lost in thought.  Then a
familiar voice jolted her back into reality.

“Good evening, ladies,”
their RA greeted them. “Are we ready to go.”

Beth couldn’t make any
sound with her voice, but she nodded, and Misty took her hand and the three of
them walked outside.  Eric unlocked the back door of his 1994 Olds Cutlass and
the two of them slid in.  “Where are we going?” Beth asked.  Eric just smiled,
and got into the drivers’ seat, turning on the ignition and driving out of the
parking lot and into the street.  He drove several blocks down to the main road
that went through town.  Beth’s heart was pounding as Eric made a right hand
turn and headed out of town.

None of the three of
them said a word for the next three miles, and then they made another left hand
turn onto a gravel road that wound through some fields of corn.  After they had
wound around several turns, Eric pulled the car over and turned off the

In an instant, Beth
understood.  They had come out here so that she couldn’t run away.  There was
nowhere to run to in this maze of cornfields.  She swallowed the lump in her
throat as she realized the impending reality of what was about to happen.  In
her mind, she had rationalized that this was going to happen, but as her senses
drank in the fact that it was actually happening now, the adrenaline began to

Eric got out of the car
and placed the keys in his jacket pocket.  He walked around the front of the car
over to the passenger side, and opened the right back door.  He didn’t say a
word, but somehow the two passengers in the backseat knew they were supposed to
get out.  Misty climbed out of the car while Beth hesitated for a moment before
following her roommate.

Eric opened the front
passenger door and sat down on the front seat.  He motioned for Beth to come
over to him.  She didn’t think she could move, but somehow her subconscious
picked up one foot, and then the other, and as if in a dream, she slowly moved
over towards him.

“I think you should
probably take off your jacket,” he admonished.  “We don’t want it to get in the
way.”  Again, as if being controlled by an external force, she slowly undid each
snap on her Kansas City Chiefs jacket.  When the last one had been undone, she
slid it off and tossed it in the back seat.

“Good girl,” Eric
said.  “Now, take down your jeans and lay yourself across my lap.”

Beth turned and looked
at Misty, as if her roommate could somehow say or do something to stop this from
happening.  Misty bit her lip and nodded, and Beth slowly reached down and
unbuttoned her black Levis, sliding them over her hips and letting them fall
down around her ankles.  Throwing her arms out in front of her, she leaned over
across his lap.  No sooner had she finished positioning herself, that she felt
herself gasp as he tugged at her panties, pulling them down to her ankles
alongside her jeans.  She felt embarrassed, humiliated in front of Eric and

Eric bent down and
whispered into Beth’s ear, “Don’t worry, we’ll be done with this before you know
it.”  He straightened back up and said, “This is for being drunk on campus,” he
announced, just as he had the day before to her roommate.

Without warning the
first blow struck.  Beth shrieked as the sting of flesh hitting flesh registered
in her brain.  Instinctively, she threw her hands back and covered herself,
trying in vain to protect herself from the next smack.  Eric laughed gently, not
in ridicule, but more in a reassuring, understanding way.  “That won’t work at
all, Beth,” he admonished.  “You’ll have to keep your hands above your head
until we finish.  Otherwise we have to start all over.”

As if fighting an
internal war, Beth struggled to place her hands back up above her head on the
driver’s seat.  Misty sensed her roommates struggles and walked around to the
drivers side of the car.  She placed her hands on Beth’s wrists, to hold her
arms in place so she would be spared having to start over again.

His hand came down and
made contact with her again.  She gasped, but this time she was able to suppress
her shriek.  The sting once again seared through her like an electric shock. 
Again he struck her.  And again.  And again.  Each time it stung, but with each
time, it also seemed less of a shock.  She began to feel numb from her waist
down to her thigh, and instead of stinging, the swats made her tingle.  She
began to understand.  She couldn’t put it into words, but she understood why
Misty found this to be a turn-on.  She could feel herself getting wet between
her legs as Eric continued to spank her.  Just as with her roommate before her,
the sharp stings turned into dull thuds, but each time contract was made between
his hand and her ass, her pink and purple skin sent electric chills straight to
her brain.  It definitely hurt when he struck her, and yet a part of her prayed
that this erotic experience would never stop.  Beth’s emotions ran away with
her, and she began to uncontrollably cry, and she didn’t even know why.

Beth wasn’t even aware
that Eric had stopped spanking her until about 30 seconds afterwards.  She had
completely forgotten the shame and humiliation of being naked from the waist
down, and could only think about the ecstasy of simultaneous pain and pleasure
that she had experienced.  She had crossed over a threshold.  She wasn’t sure
into what she had crossed, but she was aware that she had passed a milestone in
the journey of life.

Remembering the
conversations she had with her roommate, she scooted back as Misty let go of her
wrists.  She became acutely aware of the bulge in Eric’s pants.  She crossed her
right arm over his lap and tugged at his zipper.  She looked up and simply
asked, “May I?”

He nodded.  She pulled
down his zipper, but then tried in vain to unbutton his jeans.  After several
attempts, without saying a word, he reached down and undid them for her, then
she moved the flaps of his jeans so that she could also tug at his boxers.  At
that, she had freed his cock from its confines, and licked it from top to bottom
before taking it into her mouth.  What she lacked in experience she made up for
in enthusiasm, and before long she felt the hot steam of his load shooting into
her mouth.  It was a unique taste, not bad, but not describable with any other
word either.

She stood up and wiped
her mouth off, then without a word, pulled up her panties and her jeans,
although gingerly, as it hurt when the denim touched the part of her skin that
was so sensitive.  Misty came around to her side of the car and opened the back
door, retrieving Beth’s Kansas City Chiefs jacket and handing it to her.  She
slid it on, but didn’t bother to snap it closed.  Beth carefully climbed into
the seat, still in a silent daze, and Misty followed.  Eric drove them back to
the residence hall where they each walked inside to the elevator.  They got to
their room, closed the door, and fell on their beds.  A few minutes later, both
were asleep, exhausted from the ordeal which had just transpired.

The next day, Beth was
reminded of her experience every time she tried to sit in class.  At lunchtime,
she went to the campus post office and opened her box.  Inside was an RLO
discipline referral form with her name on it, torn in two.  She smiled as she
ripped both pieces into little shreds and threw them away.

Later that evening, in
their room, the two roommates both heaved a sigh of relief that this was over. 
“We’ve got to make sure we never get into that predicament again,” Beth said.

“Yeah,” replied Misty,
“In fact, if I ever try to come back drunk again, you should just spank me
yourself and get it over with right away,” she said as she rolled over to go to

Beth didn’t say a word,
but she didn’t fall asleep for hours, as she churned her roommate’s last comment
around in her head over and over again.  And as she drifted off to sleep, Misty
hoped that her roommate knew that she was only halfway kidding.

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