Ernesto And Bernadette: The Girls Recruit Carol For The Club

Ernesto the 50 year old, 6’ tall banker and his liberated beautiful, petite, 25 year old lover, and, Medical Laboratory manager are very much in love.

Bernadette or Bernie as she prefers with Joan and Lydia are on their lunch time helping another employee. Her name is Carol. She was supposed to get married. She got carried away at her bachelorette party and fucked the male stripper with an audience watching. The groom cancelled the wedding when he saw the pictures. She was at her lowest point in life when The Girls befriended her. They got her back to being happy again. She knows the Girls are happy and they are divorced. Carol wants what they have. The Girls tell her about The Club. She wants to join. Bernie calls the professors at The Club. Professor John said bring her to The Club Thursday at 5:30pm.

Bernie brings Carol Thursday evening. She introduces her to Professors Mark and John. They shake her hand and welcome her. Carol is impressed with the beautiful Victorian home. She gets a tour of the first floor with John. Bernie takes Carol to the basement. In the hallway leading to the basement Carol sees the photos of Bernie and “Bahama Tyrone.” She was surprised and amazed that it was Bernie in the photos.

Carol was given a key for her locker. The girls put their clothes in a locker and personal items.

Bernie introduced Carol to the girls. They welcomed her, kissed and hugged her. She felt accepted. She met brown Carol. The girls laughed and hugged as they had the same first name.

The Girls walk up to the first floor naked. Professors John and Mark welcome everyone and have the new girl, Carol step into a spotlight, and Mark introduced her to the professors. He asked her to turn around for everyone to see how beautiful she is. Slightly embarrassed she turns. The guys applaud her and cheer. John announces, let the festivities begin. Carol has an instant gathering with her. She loves the attention. She leads the men to a fuck bed. They kiss her, hug and rub her breasts before she lays down. She will be constantly stimulated for 2 hours or more.

After 2 hours of sucking, fucking, and being squirted with cum the girls shower. While showering Patti tells Bernie she needs to talk privately before she goes home.

Showers are over the girls are given a little brown envelope as they leave. Carol says to Bernie, what is that for? Carol says there is over $200 dollars here. Bernie says it’s a love thank you from the professors. Carol said she had so much love from the guys she never expected this gift. Bernie said all of the girls are equally loved.

Bernie said the Girls Go To Pere’s Pizza after the Club. She asked Carol if she wanted to go? Carol said she thought she had enough money. Yes. The girls laughed.

After Pizza Bernie took Carol home and drove to Patties apartment. Patti and Bernie sat in the kitchen and talked. Patti told Bernie she needs her approval for what Randolph wants to do. She said Randolph wants to have a French film production company film the three of them being intimate. He is paying to produce the film for European Movie sales. He also wanted an Art table book published in France for sales distribution in Europe and other countries. Not USA for their privacy sake. There would be four leather bound books for the three of them and one for Ernesto. Randolph is paying John and Mark for use of the Club for a day. John and Mark also approved Framed pictures from Bernie,Patti and himself from the Art pictures. The sales of the Art Books and film sales, use of the film when shown the three of them would share equally in profits. The film and books would be in French. Bernie simply replied yes. Patti hugged her and kissed her. The possibility of wealth was tremendous.

Two weeks on Sunday morning Randolph, Patti and Bernie with the film crew made an avant-garde erotic film at the club. It was fun, but it was a long day. Sixty days after shooting the production and editing, the film was released to the public in France. The table book sales of erotic photos sold out. The film was an instant success. The girls saw their bank accounts being flooded with large deposits of money. Bernie took Patti to invest her money in NYC.

Bernie and Patti decide to take a vacation together as Ernesto can’t go at this time. Bernie called Chantal in the Bahamas. She told Bernie to come on baby. Bernie told Chantal her friend Patti would be coming with her. Chantal told Tyrone Bernie was coming with her girl friend for 5 days. He said come on down, stay at my place.

The girl’s plane landed at the airport at 2pm. Chantal picked them up with Tyrone’s car. Bernie introduced Chantal to Patti. Chantal drove to Tyrone’s home. The girls brought their luggage in the house and Chantal had them use the second bedroom. The girls changed to something comfortable. Both girls put on short shorts and short sleeve blouses. No bras and no panties of course. Chantal made them an island drink with lots of ice as the weather was hot. Chantal put the air conditioning on. The girls relaxed, talked and laughed. They were all relaxed from their rum drinks.

At 4pm Tyrone called and asked Chantal to come get him. Bernie and Pattie went along to surprise Tyrone. He was at the EuroXXXTheater. He owns it since Bernie was there last time. Chantal arrived at the theater in a few minutes. The girls got out of the car. Tyrone hugged and kissed Bernie he was happy to see her. Bernie introduced him to Patti. He hugged and kissed her. He was happy they were staying with him. The theater was quiet as it was dinner time. He gave them a tour of the theater. Tyrone said Business was good especially with a new erotic movie he bought from France. It’s called, Bernie and Patti said together it’s called,”Ménage a Trois Chambre” Tyrone said how did you know? The girls laughed and laughed. Tyrone was puzzled why the were laughing? Even Chantal was wondering? Tyrone thought a minute. He said you two look like the women in the movie. Bernie said look again at the movie. He ran the movie for a few minutes. He stopped when both appeared. He looked at Bernie and Patti his response was,”oh my God.” “It’s you.” Tyrone said how? He said it was made in France and they spoke French very well. The movie is beautifully made and you spoke perfect French. Bernie said they would tell him before they leave. He whispered to Bernie and Patti they were beautiful in the movie as they are now.

Bernie said she was buying dinner. She asked Tyrone to take them to a good place to eat. After dinner he took them to his home.

At Tyrone’s home they all relaxed. Chantal made drinks and they all sat outside on his deck. They talked for awhile. At 11PM he told the ladies he had to go to bed as he had businesses to run. He said goodnight. Chantal said good night and she would see the girls in the afternoon tomorrow and they would go shopping. She went home accrossed the street. Bernie and Patti talked. Both agreed they were horny. They took their clothes off and joined Tyrone in bed. He was surprised and happy. Both girls kissed him and pulled his cock. Bernie and Patti licked, sucked his cock and balls. The girls took turns doing deep throat on his cock. They licked his body. Tyrone said it was just like the movie they made. The girls said they wanted to fuck him. He said, who is first?

Bernie said to Patti, go for it. Patti didn’t hesitate. She lowered her pussy on his long and wrist sized cock. She never encountered a cock this big in her life. Her pussy felt totally stuffed fullfilling her needs. Tyrone had Bernie sit on his face where he could lick, suck, and finger her pussy. He also sucked her breasts and nipples. Both girls were moaning, panting uttering, words of joy and love for Tyrone. Both girls were orgasming and Tyrone said he was cumming. He squirted Patti ‘s pussy. So much that she yelled OMG as she had a powerful orgasm. She shook and squealed like a school girl. She was panting and sweating from this experience. After calming down she pulled herself off of Tyrone’s cock. The girls licked, sucked, his cock and balls clean. Bernie got a spoon and fed Tyrone’s essence from Patti’s body to her.

The girl’s continued stimulating Tyrone’s cock unitil his cock was erect again. He had Bernie get on all fours and he stuffed her pussy with his big cock. Patti positioned herself with her legs on both sides of Bernie. Bernie would eat,suck and finger Patti’s pussy while she was being fucked. Both girls were orgasming and Tyrone started squirting Bernie’s pussy stimulating her for more orgasms. Bernie used her fingers and hand to bring intense orgasms to Patti. They were finally satisfied. The girls licked, sucked, Tyrone’s cock and balls clean. Patti spooned Tyrone’s cum to Bernie. Sometimes she would have some herself as she learned to love a man’s essence. Tyrone fell asleep. The girls showered together. They went and layed with Tyrone and fell asleep

On Tuesday through Friday the girls went to the beach, shopping, sightseeing and blissful nights with Tyrone. Friday night Tyrone took the girls to a private club for drinks and dancing. The girls were introduced to local professional brown men who were reputable in the community. The Club had an upstairs room where there were fuck beds like the Club in their town. The girls danced and had a great time. Chantal came with them and she had a lot of attention from the men. Bernie and Patti were asked about their wearing queen of spade rings. They explained their accepting black men as lovers. Bernie because she is white wearing the ring got extra attention. The girls were invited upstairs. They went upstairs with most of the men following them. 100 men were lined up for the gangbang girls. Tyrone was first in line for Bernie. Just like the clubs they were familiar with, there would be 2 men each side of the table bed getting blowjobs and their cocks jerked. In the front V of the table is for fucking. Bernie, Patti and Chantal would be busy for three hours of love,stimulation,orgasming and great fucking. Both pussy and ass fucking. The guys even came back for more. The fixation was on Bernie as she was white, beautiful and looked like a school girl. Not only did they fuck her, they love her.

The orgy was over and the girls showered. They dressed. When they came downstairs the men stood and applauded them. Envelopes were handed to the girls. They hugged and kissed the girls. There was love offering to the 3 girls of $1000 each.

Tyrone took them to dinner. The girls had a good time. They would leave the Island Saturday at noon. Bernie and Patti would get Tyrone’s cock one more time before they leave. Maybe 2 more times if they’re lucky. They would never forget the fun they had. They had the best fucking of their lives.

Ernesto And Bernadette With Patti Back Home The Fun Continues..

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