Ernesto And Bernadette With Her New Following Of Lovers

It’s another Monday in Intown upstate NY. Ernesto is hard at work as the Bank President. He’s 50 years old, 6’, and a handsome Puerto Rican American man. His cute, beautiful, large breasted, petite, 5’2”, long haired brunette, hazel eyes,and beautiful live in lover girlfriend is Bernadette. She prefers “Bernie.” She is hard at work as laboratory manager at the hospital. She looks like a high school girl, however she has a masters degree in science.

Bernie loves and adores Ernesto. However, she has an overactive libido. She craves for the next cock. One man is not enough. It’s the 1970’s, women are assertive and aggressive about their sexual needs.

A young lady Carol at work is getting married and is having a bachelorette party. She invited a lot of the girls from the hospital. Including Bernie, Joan, Lydia, the Ganngbang Girls. The girls were told there would be male strippers. The gangbang girls will be going to the Hotel together Friday night to have a “ball.”

It’s Friday Night Bachelorette Partaaaaay! Bernie, Joan and Lydia meet in the lobby of the Hotel. The girls are beautifully dressed. Bernie wore her black miniskirt with a side slit showing her upper leg with her thigh high stockings. White long sleeve shirt with choker. She wore her body jewelry. She wore her new ring brown Randolph gave her and her friend brown Patti at the Gentlemen’s Club With Friends. The ring is gold with black onyx with a large letter “Q” and a playing card symbol ♠️ spade.The Q represents the queen or woman and the black man is represented by the spade. It’s a message the woman wearing the symbol means she (The Queen) loves and embraces black men. To the black men they own her.

The bachelorette dinner is excellent. There was fun, laughter and Champagne toasts. This is the last night the bride can fuck guys. After marriage it becomes guy.

The alcoholic drinks for the show are sangria. No one is feeling pain now. The music starts and the male strippers are doing their act. The concentration is on the bachelorette bride. The strippers danced around Bernie, Lydia and Joan. The guys took off their G strings and flipped and rubbed their cocks on the girls. The girls laughed and pulled their cocks. The Bride had a young handsome Latino man straddling her on the couch and kissing her. He was French kissing Carol, then she was sucking his cock. The girls were chanting,”Suck that Cock.” The bride had gulped down her sangrias. The young man picked her up in his arms and layed her on the pool table with a cushion for her head. She was drunk. She pulled her skirt and panties off and the stripper ate her pussy for all to see. The other strippers stood by her. She sucked their cocks. People were taking pictures of everything. The young Latino man asked Carol if he could fuck her one last time before she gets married? She said yes. He said condom or bareback? She said, oh what the hell? She shouts bareback. He turns her on her stomach and pulls her backward on her knees and now she is on her hands and he fucks her pussy for all to see and photograph. The women go wild yelling “fuck that pussy.” He went deep in her pussy and squirted her vaginal walls. She was orgasming. Instead of squirting outside of her body he knew her husband to be would know a Latino man got her pregnant. She would remember the best fucking of her life and who the Popi really is. Afterwards the stripper carried her to a bathroom behind the stage and some of her friends went to help her clean up.

Bernie, Lydia and Joan were horny after that activity.. The strippers continued dancing around. One of the strippers, brown William, hung around Bernie. He saw the Queen of Spades ring she had on. He sat next to her on the couch and they talked. He asked her about the ring and if she knew what it meant? She said yes baby and she kissed him. He kissed her. She pulled his cock. She said she wanted to fuck him but not with an audience. He said come with me. The company rented rooms for the act. He had one with the only key. He was naked. She took off her clothes and this 6’6” beautiful brown man held her and they kissed. She got on her knees and asked William if she may suck his cock as she looked into his eyes? He never had this happen before. He said yes. She put her hands behind her. She licked and sucked his balls. She asked him to slowly throat fuck her. He lowered his body and raised his body as he throat fucked her. He thought throat fucking was like pussy fucking but it felt awesome. He told her he was cumming. She moved his cock from her throat by pulling away and still holding the cock in her mouth caught his essence. He is young and very potent. She showed him his essence in her mouth as she swallowed it.

He asked her where she learned how to pleasure a man when she got on her knees? He said the whole experience was different. New for him. She said she had sex slave training as a child. She was taught that the man is master in the bedroom. He took her to the bed. He had her lay down as he kissed her lips and French kissed her. He fondled,licked, sucked her nipples and breasts. He saw her gold chains around her breasts and a gold chain fastened to her nipples. He saw her bellybutton diamond, her clit ring and the words on her mound “Te Amo”. He asked her what the words meant? She said “I love you.” He licked and sucked her pussy, clit. He used his fingers and hand in her pussy to stimulate her. She was moaning and orgasming. She changed position with William and used her tongue piercing with a jewel to stimulate his cock. He told her his cock felt good. She showed him her piercing. She said it was her job to satisfy the man. He said he wanted to fuck her pussy bareback. She said are you free of infections and diseases? He said he was tested by the company. He said yes. She said her body was his.

He fucked her as his balls slapped her pussy. Bernie put her arms around his neck and kissed him as he fucked her. She whispered in his ear she loved him. He kissed her and drove his cock harder and deeper in her pussy. He said he was cumming. She pulled him deeper with her legs around him to get all of his essence. When he squirted her pussy she had multiple orgasms. She squealed like a school girl and was panting. They both lay still for a few minutes resting and kissing. When he rolled off of her she kissed him and proceeded to lick, suck, his cock and balls clean of cum. She had a plastic spoon and asked him to feed her his cum from her body. She pushed the cum from her pussy. William never had a woman ask him to do this. She said now you are a part of me forever. She showed him that she swallowed all of his essence.

They showered together, washing each other, kissing, and he finger fucked her pussy to orgasm. She kissed him while she orgasmed. They finally towel dried and Bernie dressed. Bernie wanted to tip him. He said no. He said she was accepted into the black man’s world. She loves them. William rejoined the dancers bouncing his erect cock for more entertainment. She joined the girls. They asked her where she went? She said she got some cock. The girls said they wished they did. Bernie said do you? Joan and Lydia said yes. Bernie motioned for William to come over where she was seated. He did and she told him they want to fuck. She said, can he get some guys? He told the girls to choose the one they want. They did. He went and told the guys and they smiled. They came right over to the girls. Lydia picked a Latino man. Joan picked a light brown man. The couples went to the room Bernie and William used. About over an hour later the girls came back smiling. They thanked Bernie for her help.

Monday at lunch at the hospital Carol the bachelorette bride had been crying as she sat alone. Bernie, Joan, and Lydia sat with her. Carol said her husband to be cancelled the wedding when he heard about her actions at the party and half the town has pictures of Carol at the party. He was shown them. Carol returned the wedding gifts. Bernie, Joan, and Lydia assured Carol that it was poor judgment on her part, however not the end of the world. They invited her to sit with them at lunch time everyday they work. They also told her there is a way of partying the way she did without repercussions. She stopped sobbing and asked how? Bernie said in time the girls will tell her.

Ernesto And Bernadette With The Girls Recruit Carol For The Club…

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