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Wife And Stranger Meet

My wife is 5ft two, 65 years old, great firm petite body and looks as if she is 50.

She dropped me in front of the airport and headed home.  I watched as she left and walked back to a waiting taxi and said, “Ok Frank, lets do this.”

The beacon in her car showed she was heading onto Tropicana blvd where she parked and we were only a minute behind, so we observed her enter the hotel.

I am a master of disguise, so I followed her inside watching as her ass swayed provocatively under the flimsy dress she wore.  Without missing a step, she reached the elevator and pushed the button.  It stopped on the fifth floor and a call came through saying room 516.  I had set this up to witness her being fucked by other men, all large men with huge cocks.  They all were aware of the plan and would hold off until I was in place.

I sat in the adjoining room looking thru a two way mirror with my movie camera in place and pushed a button on my phone letting them know I was ready.  I saw my lovely wife, still fully clothed standing there among 15 people, drinking, talking, and laughing.  I watched as she had four drinks and knew that she would be getting aroused.  A man about six feet six, maybe 280 lbs, full beard approach her with another strong drink, hold it up to her mouth and she gulped it down and laughed.  Instantly he pulled her to him and started dancing, her head against his broad chest and he suddenly bent down and kissed her neck, face and lips.  She responded by arching her back and pulling his head down to her lips again and pressed her vagina against his manhood which began to show a huge bulge.

All of the people had left except the two of them and four other men who were watching them grind each other.  The large man was now sucking her 36d tits and had his hand between her legs.  Her ass was bucking against his hand as  his large finger found her love hole and he went in and out rapidly.  Two more moved in and began feeling her tits; one lifted her dress and pulled out a giant cock and inserted it from behind, 12 inches up her gaping cunt.  He withdrew and began rubbing her asshole, took pussy juice and greased up her ass and slid his very stiff cock inside while the big man inserted another 12 incher in her pussy.  She moaned and groaned and slapped her hips forward and backwards bringing the three of them to shattering climaxes.  They rolled over unplugging from her, watching the cum draining from her holes.  Instantly the other two rammed their cocks in her and soon they shot their wads deep inside her.  It was unbelievable the amount of cum that was emptied in her and the number of times she cried out in ecstasy as wave after wave of sheer joy would make her cunt contract as she climaxed time and time again.

When the night was over she had slept two hours although she felt a cock pumping into her at times.  She got up, showered and mouthwashed the taste of cum from her mouth and throat.  Her pussy felt used but tingly and she savored the past events and would remember those cocks and knew they would be there for her whenever she wanted them and with that, walked over and kissed each lover and played with their limp cocks.  One man however pulled her back down and pulled her mouth to his stiff cock and held her there until she swallowed his thick cum.

She left the hotel and drove herself back home, stopping at a Maverick for coffee.  A tall lanky man walked past her and spoke.

“Good morning,” he said, “that was quite a party last night.  I remember you being with some men and then you were gone.  Must have been fun.  Wish I would have gone along with all of you.  I know your husband is out of town and will probably run into him sometime soon, think you and I could talk?”

“Look mister, I know what you are talking about but truthfully I have absolutely no desire right now.  You are going to blackmail me so what exactly do you want to keep quite?”

“Well,” he said, “I could name some outlandish amount of money, but truthfully, I want some of that pussy like you gave all those other guys, so guess I will follow you home for a quickie now and tell you when you are to give me more.  Go home, leave the door open, get those clothes off and I will be there soon.”

She obeyed and suddenly there he was.  She watched as his clothes came off and his long cock swung against his knees and she gasped.  In an instant he mounted her from behind, the long cock slid easily into the well lubed pussy and she cried out once again as his hot liquid shot into her depths causing her to convulse and explode in the best climax ever.

He pulled on his clothes as she looked at him and smilingly said, “Call me when you want me,” and she floated off to sleep.

65 yr old male with limitd experience in writing stories, but feel it will help out if i did try

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