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Over the last couple weeks, my ex-boyfriend and I have been chatting online, catching each other up on what has happened in our lives since we broke up and moved away frome each other some time last year. I am 23, and he is 21, he works at the local Walmart where we used to hang out. He also told me he just got engaged. Last week he gave me his work schedule and told me I should meet him there cuz he wanted to see me. I was home on break from college, so I figured it would be a great idea.
That day I met him in the parking lot 20 minutes before his shift ended. He’s 6’2″ and Im only 5’0″ so when I give him hugs I stand in the opening of my car door. I was so happy to see him, but at the same time I couldnt believe I was about to say what I had been thinking for the past couple weeks. When I wrapped my arms around his neck, before I pulled away, I whispered in his ear…”I want you to fuck me”! he was shocked! He looked at me in bewilderment as I jumped down. His mouth was open as he started side stepping away, not knowing what else to do. Well, I got in my car as he turned around. But before I started it up, I saw him stop, then he walked back towards my car, hesitatingly. I rolled down my window. “I want you inside me…Nobody will know” as I reached and touched his face. He thought about it…”but I’ll know”. He stood up and almost backed away. He was silent for about 2 minutes. Before he turned to go back to work he says “meet me here in 20 minutes”, he gave me directions to the place he wanted to meet me. I drove off.
I parked my car in the driveway and headed for the door, looking around. “wow…what a dump. but hey” I thought to myself “Im only here to fuck him, not to get back with him”. The door to the trailer was unlocked, I walked inside and looked around. Not too long after, Ryan came up the drive. I met him at the door. I kissed him hungrily, longingly. Grabbing his hand I lead him to the neatest bedroom and told him to strip off his clothes. He did as I said, but kept his boxers on. I told him to lay on the bed quietly as I handcuff each of his hands to the bedposts. I took off my clothes, with the exception of my panties. Sitting on the bed next to him, I kissed him hard and long, almost having to force my tongue into his mouth. After that, I decided to outline his 6’2″ body with two of my fingers. His toned biceps, his hairless chest, his 6pack abs. Oh how I wanted him! I took off my silver-blue panties and tossed them on his face with a little giggle. Straddling his stomach, I wanted to tease him so I played with his nipples. sucking, licking, biting. Having a little fun.
“How bad do you want it, Ry? Or should I get up and go home now?” “please, stop teasing me” he said almost breathlessly. I got up, hungrily kissed him again then teased his VERY VERY rock hard 9inch cock with the opening of my pussy. He tried moving his hips up, but I was too fast. One last time I slowly made my way up to his ear, nibbling on it, “lets get it on. Im gonna ride the daylights out of you”. Still nibbling on his ear, my hand made it down to his cock, guiding it up inside me. I shudder with pleasure!! Slowly at first, then faster and faster, harder and harder! “OH RYAN, DONT STOP, FUCK ME YOU ANIMAL!” Minutes later I cum, then again and again! He came a short time after, “oh fuck!” he said both in sheer pleasure and in disgust. He lay there breathless, helpless. “no, no, what’d I just do..” “oh baby, trust me, it aint over” I said with a smirk.
I took an extra pair of handcuffs out of my bag at the end of the bed. Straddling his chest this time I uncuffed one of his hands, cuffing it to the other post. I got off him in order to uncuff the other hand, so I was on the side of the bed. When I uncuffed the other hand, he got loose and grabbed my hair, throwing me on the pillow in front of him, face up. With the hand that was cuffed, he grabbed my hair, with the other he fondled my breasts and harshly kissed me, sucking the life out of me with that kiss. I could feel his tongue in the back of my throat. With his free hand he started inching his way down my small naked body, stopping briefly at my belly button to play with my navel ring then he lingered on to play with my bush. He found my opening, first one finger, then slowly two. I have never had more than two fingers up inside me before because I was so small and tight, but he wasnt stopping there. I winced as he quickly drew the third finger. I wimpered, but the sound was muffled because he was still on top of me, inside me with his tongue. Before I knew it he was fisting me. Oh the pain, it was blinding, yet it felt so right, having him fuck me this way. After I came, he took his fist out of me. I lay there for a few moments before I realize I was supposed to handcuff his other hand to the other bed post.
“Ryan, I have you on your stomach because I want to admire you from behind” I said as I slowly caressed his firm, tanned ass. moments later, I told him to shift up on his knees so I could get under him. At first he resisted, but soon gave in and let me under him. “okay, now fuck me as HAARRD as you want, fuck me til I bleed!” I yelled. but he didnt shift himself ontop of me. Feeling frustrated, I started talking dirty about his fiance, Amy. he got pissed and actually tried to get away. “fuck you Kori!!” He yelled. “im done with your games, now let me go!” I grabbed for his rock hard cock again as he tried squirming away. Before I could have him enter me, he got out of reach, so I wrapped my legs around his body and pushed him inside me. For a second he thought about just laying there, not moving. But the longer he did, the more I enjoyed it and the less he liked it. He started fucking me hard!! With every pump, his balls hit my ass with even harder force than before. Ryan grabbed the bed post and started bucking wildly. Oh wow it felt soo good to have him inside of me!! “Amy is a fucking whore, she let my BROTHER fuck her in the ass…Fuck me Ryan, ooooooooooooooohhh That fucking feels fucking great!!” I yelled breathlessly, pumping harder than before as I saw Ryans face brighten with anger. “FUCK YOU–K-Kori” he yelled back. I could feel myself start to rip open, but at the same time it felt so wonderful. I was high, dazed, all in one. As we came together, his body became motionless, he just lay on top of me with his limp dick still inside me. Our juices mixing togeher. This time I passionately kiss him and tell him he was a great fuck. He says nothing until after I put on my panties and bra and uncuff his hands. He kneels on the floor, kneeling back on his toes and motions for me. I look at him strangely as he grabs me and pulls me onto his waist. Saying nothing he wraps his arms tightly around me and buries his head between my breasts. I dare not ask as he dares not speak. Minutes later we are both dressed and he leads me to the door. As I swing open the door I turn around and say, “if you ever want a threesome…You know where I am” He grabs my hand before I leave….”I love you”… I walk out the door before I tell him…”call me…”

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