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Film at Eleven – Part 2

I felt like a real strumpet as I left the conference room following Peter. I was stark naked, except for a pair of trashy high-heel pumps, walking along the corridor behind him, with his cum dribbling down my legs. I felt about as hot as a ten dollar pistol in a Mexican bar.

“That was nice, Di,” said Peter over his shoulder. “You like getting fucked. Now let’s see how you do in front of the camera.”

He pushed open a swinging door with a bare light bulb sticking out of the wall above it and I followed him into another room, about the same size as the conference room, but very different. The ceiling panels had been removed to show just the framework of a drop ceiling, and a dozen or more industrial looking lights, in various shapes and sizes had been hung on beams in the cavernous space. The walls were painted off-white and the floor was painted dark gray. A couple of big, heavy tripods stood in one corner and a step ladder in another. The only furniture in the room was a shabby armchair upholstered in dark brown vinyl sitting on a fake Oriental rug.

“Screen test!” Peter shouted as he held the door for me. “Who’s on deck?”

I looked around and I noticed a window set into one of the side walls and a couple of surprised faces looking through the glass at me.

“This is a sound stage,” explained Peter, waving his hands at the lights and the window. “We do some of our interiors and a lot of our close up work in here. And out screen tests, as well.”

He grinned at me and I smiled back. I had a good idea what was going to happen next.

“Anybody in there!” he shouted again turning to the window.

A speaker in the corner of the room hummed and a voice came through it. I could see a young man with glasses through the window speaking into a microphone.

“Yeah, I’m here, Pete. Me and Joey. What’s up?”

“We need a screen test, Mike. New talent. Her name’s Di — say hello to Di, gentlemen. She’s very hot.”

“Hey, Di!”

“She looks hot!.”

Mike and Joey gave me the once over through the window as Peter started turning on lights from a big panel of switches by the door.

“Any male talent around?” he called over his shoulder, speaking to the air. I figured that there must be a microphone somewhere in the room that allowed the men in the control room to hear him.

“Mackey and Tim are in the Green Room. We have a series of close up scheduled with them, and Big Bob’s on his way in,” the voice from the control room faded in and out as Mike moved around, flipping switches and turning dials I couldn’t see.

“Get ’em in here, and get me a camera. The Sony’ll do. It’s just a screen test.”

Peter spent a few more minutes with the lights. The door we had come through opened and Mike came in with a small camera which he mounted on one of the tripods.

“Di, we’re going to film you with a couple of our regulars, ” explained Peter. “They’re both professionals, and I want to see how you work with them. This is just a screen test, so we’re not going to spend a lot of time on setting up a scene, I’m just going to have them fuck you a couple of times each and we’ll get the best shots we can.

“Try to look like you’re enjoying it. That’s what the audience wants to see. If you’re having fun, they’re going to like watching you. I’m going to run the camera and I’ll be giving all three of you directions as we go.


I nodded, suddenly a bit nervous. The nice fucking he’d just given me in the conference room had been fun and I wanted some more, but this was all business and technology. Not very hot so far. I wondered if I’d screw up.

Mike had finished setting up the small camera and he plugged a cable into the back of it. He checked the lights that Peter had turned on and tweaked a couple of them. They shone directly on the big armchair in the middle of the room.

He left the room, which was getting noticeably warmer from the powerful lights, and two other men came in. These guys were hunks! My pulse picked up a bit. Peter introduced them. Mackey was about six foot tall with fair hair and blue eyes. He was slender but he obvioulsy worked out. Tim was slightly taller but much more powerful with a deep chest and dark exotic looks. They looked me over in turn and both of them nodded in approval.

“You’re a hottie,” said Mackey. “This’ll be fun. We came in for some cock sucking and guess what — you get to do the sucking, honey.”

Peter stood behind the camera and looked at the side screen. He adjusted something and then he waved me into the middle of the room.

“Sit in the chair, Di,” he said. “That’s right, lean a little to your left. Good. And open your legs, I want to see just a bit of honey to start with. That’s it. Hold that pose for a moment.

“Guys, let’s go with Mackey first. Yeah, strip down, we’re not following a script here. Just come into the shot from the left there and walk right up to her. Di, I want you to look surprised and then pleased. When he gets closer show him a little of yourself and then take hold of his dick. Coax him. Play with him. Let him know how much you’d like to suck his cock, and then do it. OK? Any questions? And . . .


I’d been watching Peter while he told me what to do and I hadn’t seen Mackey take his clothes of. When he walked into the pool of light, I was surprised. He was beautiful. A slender angel with a nine inch cock already half erect. I sat up and took notice.

“Oh, my,” I said, and licked my lips. “I like the look of that. Come to mama, boy and let her take a closer look.”

He stepped closer to me and I breathed in, swelling my chest and subtly raising my tits for his inspection. I slid one leg up onto the arm of the chair so he could see more of my pussy and I put my head on one side to expose my neck to him. He grinned at me and I watched his beautiful cock swell with anticpation.

He was close enough now that I could touch him. I swayed forward and smelled his cock, then ran my cheek along the length of his thick shaft, first one side and then the other letting the weight of his prick rest on my face as it scraped across my nose and lips. I inhaled deeply, nuzzling at the base of his tool and then ran my fingertips lightly along the puckered flush underneath his glans.

I looked up at him as I held him lightly and said “Don’t be in a hurry, OK?”

I licked at his glans and all around the shaft, leaving a shiny trail of my spittle to mark where I’d been. I took the head of his prick into my mouth, softly holding him with my lips as I stroked his hips and ran my fingers up to his hard nipples.

He might be a professional, but he liked what was happening, and he didn’t wait for me to set the pace. Now that he was in my mouth he started thrusting with his body, pushing himself into me with short strokes. His excitement added fuel to my own heat and I moved to get me head more securely fixed against the back of the armchair so that when he shoved at me I couldn’t move out of his way.

His cock felt huge in my mouth, and hot. Slippery with my spit and the musky flavor of his first pre-cum. I used my fingers to excite him more, wrapping them slowly around the thick, rubbery shaft as he moved it in and out of me, and rubbing at the base of his glans to maximize his pleasure.

“You’re one fine bitch,” he moaned at me and began to shove at me harder and faster. His cock was slamming as far as it could go into my mouth, making me want to gag, but I was too excited to pay any attention. He grabbed my head to hold me steady as he started to pound me in earnest. It hurt but it felt good too, I was being possessed by a man who wanted to fuck me and it made me feel very much a desirable woman. I liked it. I could feel my pussy getting wet and my own excitement mounting in counterpoint to his.

“Not in the mouth,” I heard Peter say, as if from a distance, and Mackey pulled out of me. I was devastated. I tried to chase his wonderful long cock and get it back into my mouth, but he had hold of my head too tight and I couldn’t move. Instead he stood in front of me, his cock bouncing lazily with a long sticky trail of saliva still connecting him to my lips, and as I watched, he came in my face. I could actually see the convulsion start in his belly and propagate along the thick shaft of his cock, and then a great spurt of hot cum splattered onto my cheek and nose. I shifted a little to get some in my mouth and swallowed it greedily as he finshed himself with his fingers, milking his prick for my pleasure and his own.

“OK, Tim, you’re up,” Pete’s voice came from behind the lights somewhere and a moment later Tim stepped forward.

Where Mackey had been a slender Greek god, Tim was a muscular he-man. He grabbed my hair without any ceremony and rubbed his cock on my face, getting a good bit of Mackey’s cum on it.

“Clean me off,” he growled. And I licked him eagerly. His cock was longer and thicker than Mackey’s. I could barely get him inside my mouth, and he didn’t try to fuck my face as Mackey had. He let me pay a little attention to him with my lips and tongue and then he pulled back, looking down at me. He still had hold of my hair with his left hand, holding me hard against the back of the chair.

“Spread ’em,” he commaned.

My left leg was already over the arm of the chair. I swung my right leg over the other arm and it forced my pussy forward, gaping wide for his inspection. I had one man’s come on my face and another man’s come on my ass and legs. My pussy was running wet with my heat and he looked me over from stem to stern.

“Nice tits,” he said and then he lowered himself onto me, spearing his rock hard cock into my pussy like a tree trunk sliding into soft mud. He sank all the way into me and I swear I came twice before he hit bottom. He was kneeling in the floor between my wide open legs. He had let go of my hair but now he held me in place with his left hand around my throat. It was scarey and it was very hot. He was fully inside me, more than any man had ever been. He was huge in every sense of the word and he was holding me so easily I knew he could break my neck like a twig or strangle me with a single squeeze.

He inspected me as he began to pump that massive cock in and out of me by rocking backwards and forwards on his knees. With his right hand, he began to play with my tits. They were already bruised from Peter’s earlier rough handling, but the pain, as before, was a piercing counterpoint to the pleasure he was giving me and I surrendered to his hard attentions willingly. I even used my own hands to offer him my breasts and nipples for him to pinch. He’d told me he liked my tits and as long as he kept fucking me the way he was he could do anything he liked with them.

He smiled when I touched myself and I played the coquette for him. I licked my lips, I sighed heavily and made little moaning noises when he pinched me hard. He enjoyed my show and picked up the pace of his thrusting. Mackey had come in my mouth very quickly, but Tim was made of sterner stuff. He fucked me for ten maybe fifteen minutes with a steady, pounding rythm that had me almost senseless with pleasure.

At one point he did start to strangle me and it actually intesified my feelings to the point that my whole body was having a long continuous orgasm. And then he was pulling out of me. That was something I was getting used to. I’d been fucked three times in half an hour but no one had come inside me yet. Just as Mackey had, he pulled out at the last moment to unload his cum onto my belly and tits.

I was exhausted. I just lay there, my pussy wide and gaping as he stood up, a puddle of creamy goo on my stomach with hot trickles running down my bruised tits. Peter had taken the camera off the tripod to follow our action and he stood in front of me now videotaping my used body.

“Put your finger tips in the cum and lick it up,” he said.

I did so. Then I lifted my breasts and licked the cum off of them. I scooped a small handful off my tummy and drank it from my palm.

“Good girl,” he said.

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