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Upon His Return

She was sitting at her desk talking to the people in her favorite chat. Things were starting to quiet down. She glanced at the clock, 3am, and knew she was meant to be in bed hours ago but it wasn’t like He would know. Afterall, He was gone for the week and she still had 3 more days left until He returned. As each person in chat must have glanced at their clocks too they started saying good night until she was the last one remaning. Sighing loudly she wrote a few emails and then she logged off and went to shower.
She undressed and let the clothes fall into a heap on the floor. She stepped into the shower and let her mind wander to Friday before He left. She was upset because He had to go on a week long business trip and she hated being away from Him. He had given her special instructions to be followed closely in His absence.To her, the instructions seemed they were because He knew she would end up in trouble without Him watching over her but to Him, they were to give her some peace of mind. He knew how she needed Him to give her guidelines. He believed she could very well do each of the things He had instructed her to do but He knew she needed that security of someone looking after her, someone caring enough about her. And He wanted to give her something to keep her focused on what she was to do and not do rather than spending all her time worrying about Him not being there.
She dried off and prepared for bed and stood staring at her reflection in the mirror. Her mind drifted back again to the night He left. Before He left, He had turned her over his knee, bared her bottom and spanked her soundly. Not because she had misbehaved, but to remind her to be good while He was away. That spanking enabled her to have a good cry and rid herself of much of the fear and anxiety she was feeling because she knew He was going. Her bottom spanked, He held her on His lap, in His arms and cuddled her close, letting her cry, reassuring her that she would be just fine.
She slipped into her nightclothes and cuddled up with her favorite teddy bear, one He had bought her when He was away on another trip and He sent it to her through the mail as a surprise. She lay there in bed for a long time before she was able to finally fall asleep.
The first two nights she did fairly well, even though she was late to bed and hadn’t eaten properly and she got into some mischief in chat, arguing with someone that she had been told before to apologize too and then she left and came back in., pretending to be her Dom/husband to try to trick the person she was fighting with. The next two days she got more careless as she started thinking, “He wont know” rather than “I know what to do and not do.” She could almost hear Him saying “Alright young lady, it’s time to get ready for bed” or “Make sure you eat .” But it was kind of like that saying, “When the cats away, the mouse will play,”
She woke up the next morning and shut off the alarm. After showering and dressing she did a few chores. She knew she was meant to do then all before turning on her computer but He was gone and she was bored and that was the only excuse she needed. She wrote a few emails and had been in chat for almost 3 hours when her power went out. She cussed and waited to see if it was coming back on. It didn’t. She went to investigate and saw the power truck in front of the house and went out to ask the man when the power would be restored. He informed her, not until she paid the bill. She blanced as she realized Mike had given her the money last week to pay it when He found out they sent a shut off notice and He sternly warned her to make sure she got it out right away. He had spanked her that night as a reminder not to let the bills get to the point of shut off notices. He gave her the money in plenty of time. She knew He would be furious with her if He found out, especially after warning her already.
She asked the man if she could pay it now and have it restored and he agreed but told her there was a $82.00 reconnection fee* She groaned and agreed. Running back inside she wrote out a check and handed it to the man and he in return, turned the power back on. ” FUCK FUCK FUCK” now how was she going to explain this? She plopped down and sulked and could almost here Him scolding her. Telling her she had acted irresponsibly once again. She rubbed her bottom, knowing if He found out, it would be coming out of her hide. She shook herself and vowed that He wouldn’t find out and then went back to chat.
Hours passed and someone in chat mentioned food and she realized she had not eaten yet that day so she went and grabbed a yogurt, feeling a little pang of guilt as she knew she was not doing her best. That was one thing He was strict about, her doing her best. Angrily she threw the yogurt against the wall and yelled to no one “Well then You should fuckin be here with me then!” Groaning at the mess she turned her back on it and walked away.
She started missing Him real bad now. Angry that He wasn’t there, angry at His job for keep pulling Him away from her, angry at herself for being careless over the bills. She turned and punched the wall. The pain shot through her hand like a bolt of lightening but she didn’t care. She was on the verge of tears but she wasn’t going to give in. She punched the wall again and quickly grabbed her hand with her other hand and whimpered.
Not wanting to make matters worse she went and cleaned up the yogurt mess and decided to take a walk. She needed to get out, to get away. Taking two apples she popped them in her pockets and then she walked the road leading from where they lived, her hand throbbing as she walked. She walked slowly, not in any rush to get back. She kicked stones in her path, picked up acorns and hurled them against the ground and continued along her way until she came to the two horses that she liked to visit. One was grazing, a big white mare, her coat was matted with prickers. The other, a brown stallion was laying down, soaking up the heat from the sun. His mane was also covered with prickers. She talked to them and coaxed them closer and handed each an apple. They would not let her pull the prickers from them so she just talked to them.
After a few minutes she sat on the ground and thought back to her childhood and how many times she had sat alone under trees and on curbs and on railroad tracks. How no one ever played with her because either they weren’t allowed or because she wouldn’t let them. She found her mind wandering to the men in her life, the men before Mike. The ones who used her and scarred her forever inside. It brought back a stabbing pain in her chest, made her stomach churn. She picked up a small stick and started rubbing it against her skin. Back and forth, back and forth, harder and harder. She felt the burning, she saw it eating away at her skin, making a raw spot. She rubbed harder still and then threw the stick and hugged her knees to herself and rocked back and forth. Feeling the rage and the pain that she felt so often. Knowing if she had been good none of what had happened would have happened.
She stood and started walking back to the house. Walking blindly, half in the road, not caring, hoping a car would come speeding by and make it all go away. She hated being alone! She hated having time to think! Some how she made it back to the house, the walk back, a blur as she pushed everything from her head. Coming back in, her stomach growled and reminded her that she hadn’t eaten but she wouldn’t now. Not yet.
She turned on the television and scanned the channels, settling on a program about wildlife. She had her eyes on the screen but she mind was off taking a walk of its own. She closed her eyes to a throbbing head ache, massaging her temples, trying to stay in the present but what was here for her? He wasn’t here and she needed Him to be. She had no one to talk to. Not really talk to. She needed someone that understood her, loved her, cared about her. She wanted someone who made her feel good and made her laugh and smile.
Opening her eyes she looked around her and the quiet closed in around her. She hurled the remote against the wall and saw it pop open, the battery falling from its chamber. Sighing loudly she got up and went into their bedroom and sat on the bed. The very bed where they made love, where He often spanked her, where they snuggled and slept in each others arms.
She got off the bed and placed a pillow in the center and then slowly lowered her jeans and removed them. She slide down her panties and lay over the pillow, her bottom high and closed her eyes and tried to feel Him under her. She couldn’t. Frustrated she sat up and then walked to the corner and stood there with her nose to the wall, trying to hear Him telling her she was going to be spanked for not following His instructions. Yes, she could hear Him. She didn’t stand there long, only a few minutes before she turned and opened the cabinet that held His implements and stood gazing at them. She ran her hand over the length of the flogger, thinking it had been so long since they played. She picked up the wooden paddle and felt its smooth surface, finding the grain of wood pretty but remembering how it felt when applied to her bare bottom. Setting it back down, she lifted the wooden hairbrush and shuttered also remembering how it felt when she was bad and He meant to teach her better. Last she lifted the rubber paddle and held it against her chest as she felt this would be what He would punish her with if she was to be punished.
Taking it back to the bed with her she lay once again over the pillow and gave her bare bottom 20 hard hand spanks before lifting the paddle and applying it to her upturned ass. She remembered the bite of this paddle well and spanked until the burn was uncomfortable and lay it down, knowing she would not get off that easy if He were using it. That didn’t matter now, she closed her eyes and with her bottom stinging and raised over the pillow she could almost feel Him there. Was that His hand resting on her bottom that she was feeling? Focusing hard she could hear His voice and He was saying “He spanked her because He loved her and wasn’t going to let her be bad.” She felt the hot tears spill from her closed eyes and wiped them away immediately and remained laying there, trying to keep Him with her. Eventually she dozed off in a restless sleep, tossing and turning clear through until morning.
Upon waking up she lay there, not wanting to get up and face another day. Already she could feel tears stinging her eyes but she would not let them fall. She didn’t want to be missing Him all day. She didn’t want to be reaching for Him and not be cuddled by Him. Again the tears filled her eyes and threatened to spill but she angrily wiped them away.She hurled the teddy against the wall and kicked all the bedding to the floor. She made herself get up and put the paddle back in its proper place. Then she got dressed, not bothering to shower. She went staright to her computer and prayed there would be something there from Him but her heart fell in her chest when she logged on and again there was nothing from Him to greet her. She pounded her keyboard. DAMN DAMN DAMN!
She went to chat and there was no one there, obviousley because it was still to early. Wandering chatroom to chatroom she read parts of left behind conversations and then left.
The rest of the day was a blur to her. She made it through Friday, the day He was to return. She hadn’t showered for days nor she had she eaten. The house was somewhat in a disarray as she felt like doing nothing. She wandered through the empty rooms as if she was searching for something she had lost. She kept watching the clock, not quite knowing when to expect Him. Hours passed, feeling like days. She could not take it anymore and went and found her razor and brought it back to the palor. Sitting on the floor she rolled up her sleeves and placed the sharp blade against her forearm and pressed down when she heard the key in the door.
Quickly her eyes bolted to the door just as He stepped in. Shoving the razor under the sofa she jumped to her feet and ran to Him, so desperately needing Him. She ran straight into His open arms and threw her arms around His neck as His arms circled around her, holding her close. “There there baby. It’s ok, I am home now” He cooed to her. She held Him tight, not wanting to ever have Him release His hold on her. They hugged for several minutes. He gently pried her arms from around His neck and held her back a bit, looking in her eyes and brushing her hair back from her face. Smiling at her, He told her He loved her and had missed her and they were going to have a lot of time to spend together.
Taking her hand He led her to the sofa and sat down, pulling her into His lap. He knew she needed Him right now, needed to feel close to Him and so He wrapped His arms around her and let her rest against Him. While they snuggled He looked around at the unkempt rooms and by the looks of her, she hadn’t taken the best care of herself either. He had many questions for her and He was sure He wasn’t going to like some of the answers but for now He only had one question. Turning her face toward Him and looking into her eyes He asked “Have you eaten today?” The way she looked away gave Him, His answer but He asked again “HAVE you eaten today?” *Slowly she shook her head no but she would not meet His eyes.”Then I think what you need to do is go eat, don’t you?” He asked. When He saw she was about to protest he looked at her sternly, and firmly said “Now young lady.” Nodding she stood up and softly said “Yes Sir,” and then made her way to the kitchen. Was that relief He saw on her face?
In the kitchen she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a black raspberry yogurt and brought it into the living room where He was. “You eat while I unpack.” He said when she sat down. This disappointed her, all she wanted was Him near her. She didn’t give a damn about Him unpacking, or this yogurt but she quietly ate and didn’t protest. When He left the room she got on the floor and fished the razor from under the sofa, wrapped it in a tissue and deposited it in the trash can bedside the end table.
Mike entered the bedroom and His eyes went wide as He saw the bedding on the floor in a heap. Shaking His head and wondering what went on He picked up the bedding, finished stripping the bed and deposited it all in the laundry hamper. Taking out fresh sheets and pillowcases and a clean comforter He remade the bed and unpacked HIs bag. He walked to the dresser to put a few things away and noticed the check book on the dresser along with a receipt for the reinstated power and His temper flared as they had just been over this last week. Sighing He turned to go back into where He left her and noticed His implement cabinet slightly ajar. Pulling it open He saw everything was in its proper place. He pushed the doors shut and went back into the living room.
Diane looked up when she heard Him coming back out and He looked upset enough that she sat up straight. Sitting beside her and noticing her yogurt was finished He took it from her hand and pulled her to her feet. She watched Him take a deep breath and then looking in her eyes He spoke. ” I want you to go have a shower and then when you are nice and clean and refreshed, we will talk, now go.” Biting her lip hard she turned to go when He gently turned her back to face Him and kissed her just as gently and talking softly to her ” It’s ok my baby, go take care of yourself and then come back here to me.” Nodding she quietly went and did as she was told.
When Mike heard the shower water running He sat and wondered how her week had been. He hated leaving her alone as He knew she had a hard time but it was out of His hands. It was business related and He had no choice. Diane showered and dried herself off and slipped into a pale blue pantsuit, brushed her teeth and hair and stepped out of the bathroom and saw Mike looking up at her as He patted the sofa for her to join Him. She walked to Him and sat down as He hugged her close and she melted against Him. He knew how she was feeling, He always knew and as much as He wanted to hold her and love her He felt there were other things that needed addressing as well.
Things that He knew if they were put off or left unattended that they would never get past this week. Standing her up and then pulling her into His lap He spoke quietly to her. “I want you to tell me about your week.” He said, “I left you instructions to eat properly, go to bed ontme, email me at the end of each day with anything you felt I should know.So I want you to tell me if you were to bed on time and if not, why not, how late you were and how many times. I want to know if you ate 3xs a day as I instructed you to and if not, why and how many meals you missed. I want to know about the check to the power company and anything else you know I would want to know about.” He frowned slightly as He noticed her face redden at the mention of the power company.
Squirming uneasily in His lap she looked to the floor not wanting to tell him anything but knowing He would MAKE her and stalling would only make it worse. She took a deep breath and looked at Him but quickly looked away again and clamped her mouth shut. “Come on baby” He coaxed, ” It is going to be ok, I have a feeling somebody is in for a good spanking but then all will be well again.” She searched her mind, trying to remember what happened on what days. He told her to go look over what she emailed Him and refresh her memory, and so she did.
She sat down at the desk and opened her sent mail and skimmed through them gathering the information He sent her to find and as she did, He tosses a load of laundry in the washing machine and bagged up the garbage and took it out.Rereading the emails she had sent Him told her she was in trouble, there was no doubt about that. After making notes she went to find Him and held out the slip of paper to Him.
He took it from her and glanced at it, scowling as He did so. Taking her hand He walked to the straight back chair and sat down and moved her so she was standing between His legs. Looking up into her eyes He spoke softly but firmly to her as He slid her pants to the floor “I am sure you know I am not pleased with what I am seeing here, Before I left I gave you rules to follow and you delibertly disobeyed me.” He instructed her to step out of the pants and He set them aside. Still looking into her eyes, He held her by her hips and spoke again. “I want you to go into the bedroom and stand yourself in the corner until I call you to me. You know how I expect you to be in the corner and I do so hope I do not find you any other way.
She knew better than to argue with Him so she nodded in silent agreement and turned and walked into the bedroom and directly to the corner. Standing straight she placed her hands on her head and her nose to the wall. Taking a deep breath she stood quietly, knowing what would follow. She knew she was in trouble and that she had a spanking coming but how bad or what implement He was to use she did not know. Maybe He would just give her a very hard hand spanking and maybe some additional cornertime. She growled low in her throat, she hated the corner but she had learned from previous times that if she protested she would be there longer and most likely with a spanking for not cooperating in addition to her regular spanking.
Leaving her in the corner, He went to the computer and also opened His mail. Carefully reading what she had sent Him and He noticed the incident about the power company was excluded and wondered what “mischiief” it was that she did in chat that she also didn’t tell Him in her emails. Making a few notes of His own He decieded it was time to get to the bottom of things.
Mike walked into the room and smiled as He found her as she should be. She stood straighter when she heard Him enter the room. Walking up behind her, He gave her bottom two hard swats and instructed her to stand straighter and then He turned and opened the doors to the implement cabinet wide. He then went and sat on the bed.
She stiffened when she heard Him open the cabinet, there went her hope that she would get out of this with just a hand spanking. Listening she heard Him walk to the bed and sit down but she hadn’t heard Him remove anything from the cabinet. Mike sat watching her a few more moments before He spoke.
At last He instructed her to turn and face Him and she did. “Now I want you to go to the cabinet and bring me a scarf, the rubber paddle, the hairbrush and a third implement of your choice, and don’t hesitate.”Her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open but a sharp “NOW” from Him made her move. Walking to the cabinet she lifted the paddle fron its hook, picked up the hairbrush and the scarf and after taking a deep breath, she lifted the tawse from its hook as well and brought them to Him.
Taking them from her, He set then aside and pointed to the floor directly in front of Him for her to stand and told her to remove her top and press her palms together and hold them out to Him. She did as He wanted and He bound her hands with the scarf. “What are you doing that for?” she asked. ” That is to keep your hands out of the way. And do you know what happens now, young lady?” Nodding she answered, her voice a whisper. “You are going to punish me.” Taking her hands, He eased her over HIs lap and rested His hand on her bottom. “Yes I am going to punish you, and how am I going to punish you?” Squirming ,she replied ” You are going to spank me”
He knew how much she hated this. She would rather hurry and get it over with but He knew this made her reflect on what she had done and what was going to happen. Sliding her panties down to her knees and hearing her gasp He asked ” And how am I going to spank you young lady and don’t forget to address me properly” Her voiced cracked this time as she said ” You are going to spank me over your lap on my bare bottom Sir.” Nodding He agreed with her. “Yes, young lady I am, and when I get done with you, you will remember this spanking for a long time to come.”
With that, He got a firm grip on her waist and proceeded to spank her bare bottom with the flat of His hand. He spanked her, alternating the spanks between her unprotected cheeks as she squirmed and begged Him to stop but He told her to save her breath because she was going to be here a long tme. He spanked her for several minutes untl her bottom was completly pink and still He continued. Fianally He stopped and rested His hand on her bottom and felt her relax under Him.
“Tell me why you are being spanked young lady” He asked her. When she hesitated He gave her four hard spanks, making her howl and then He repeated the question. In a low voice came her reply “because I disobeyed You Sir.” ” You acted like a naughty little girl didn’t you?” He asked. She nodded but that wasn’t what He wanted, He wanted to make this as unpleasant as possible so she would know better in the future. “Don’t nod your head to me, tell me you acted like a naughty little girl and tell me what happens when little girls misbehave!” He barked. Crying she said ” I acted like a naughty little girl Sir and little girls that misbehave get a spanking on their bare bottoms Sir.”
He picked up the wooden hairbrush and locked His legs over her legs as this was going to be extremely hard on her poor bottom and He knew she would be struggling a great deal. Laying there, knowing her spanking was about to continue made her squirm and before she had another thought the sharp bite of the hairbrush striking her upturned bottom made her howl. She tried to kick free but was unable to, she tried to pull her hands free to cover her bottom but they were bound securely and she couldn’t. There was nothing to do but lay there and take it. She burst out crying and begged Him to stop. “: OWWWW OWWWWWWWW please OWWW please Sir, I’ll be good OWWWWWWWWW OWWWWWW OWWWWWWW”
Ignoring her cries He spanked her very red bottom well. He took all the meals she missed and timed it by 7 as that was how many days He was gone and the minutes she was late to bed and added them together and that determined how many times the brush would strike her tender red bottom.He could feel her becoming frantic as He spread her cheeks and spanked up and down the tender area between them, knowing this would stay with her for quite a while. He spanked the area where her upper thighs and bottom met. The spanks were hard and she felt like she would die with just one more but He continued to pepper her bottom relentlessly as she squirmed and cried loud. “Owwww OWWWWWW OWWWWWWWWW I’ll be good! I’ll be good! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”
At last the spanks came to a halt and she collapsed over His lap crying loud and hard as He set the brush aside and left her to cry. Her bottom hurting worse than she could remember in a long long time. He released her legs and rested His land on her lower back. She continued to cry and she squirmed as she so despertly wanted her hands free to rub her bottom.
After several minutes her cries quieted some. He helped her to her feet and led her to the sofa and gently pushed her over the arm, her red bottom high in the air. He knew how much she hated not having the comfort of His lap. How she hated being open and exposed like this “Please, no more, I will be good! I will always obey You! I can’t take no more, please Sir she begged. ” I know you will be good but we still are not finished here, What you just got was for not eating and sleeping properly and not taking care of yourself while I was away but now we have the matter of the power bill to address.”He told her.
Picking up the leather tawse He brought it down across her bottom sharply, causing her to jump and yell out. “OWWWWWWWWW.” Again the leather made contact with her tender bottom.”OWWWWWWWWWWWW please.” He laced her bright red bottom over and over as she struggled and cried, begging Him to stop, swearing she would behave. “We *SPANK* already *SPANK*went *SPANK* through *SPANK* this *SPANK* just *SPANK* last *SPANK* week *SPANK* young *SPANK*lady *SPANK* and *SPANK* all *SPANK* your *SPANK*begging *SPANK* and *SPANK* promising *SPANK* to *SPANK*do *SPANK* better *SPANK* didn’t *SPANK* amount *SPANK* to *SPANK* anything *SPANK*. She struggled harder, trying to push herself up with her hands but He held her in place with is hand firmly on her lower back. Her legs kicked, she pleaded with Him, her cries grew louder and louder and she sounded very sincere. He then told her she had to count the remaining spanks from the tawse, again knowing how much she hated this. He gave her twenty seven more, making it a even 50 and she counted each and every one. Pausing He asked ” Now are we going to be having this talk again young lady?” “No Sir.” she cried as she shook her head no and she knew they wouldn’t be.
Pulling her to her feet He led her back to the bed and lay her over HIs lap once more. She was already crying quite hard and He knew her bottom was hurting alot but there was still more to come. He let her cry over His lap until she was calm enough to talk to. He spoke to her firmly, leaving no room in her mind that He meant to finish the job He started. “Now then, I usually do not get upset with you over what you do in chat unless you were rude or mean to someone but as you knew it was wrong and you thought I would be upset over it and you chose to do it anyway I want to know what was it you did in chat that you were so sure I would be upset about? ” She squirmed and whimpered, knowing her spanking wasn’t over yet and she begged once more. “Oh God, please, please no more, I will be good Sir, I promise I will be good.” “Tell me!” He barked at her. Crying all over again she sobbed out her story. Telling Him that she never apologized to that girl He told her she had to apologize to before. And that they argued all the time including that day. And there was one Dom and two subs besides her and the girl and to test her she had left chat and came back as Him, seeing if the girl would PM Him. The others knew it was her as she had Pmed them and told them what she was up to before she did it.
“WHAT! YOU INPERSONATED ME?!” He yelled. She flinched as she felt Him reach for the rubber paddle and without another word He spanked her fast and hard, the burning and sting more than she could stand* She sobbed loud, kicking her legs and struggling frantically,trying to pull her hands free, trying to kick off His lap but she was not lucky enough to escape the stinging bite of the paddle as it set her already red and sore bottom on fire. She was trying to beg for mercy, to plead with Him to stop but He spanked her steadily, so much so that she could not talk. She collapsed at last over his lap, having not a bit of energy left to fight or struggle. Her bottom a burning mass of pain.
When He felt her give in, to fianally stop resisting, He gave her another 10 spanks and then lay the paddle down and let her cry. She seemed to cry forever but He quietly let her have this time. When she quieted quite a bit He sat her up and hugged her close to Him, kissing her face, drying her eyes,untying her hands and rocking her. Speaking softly He said “It’s ok baby, your spanking is over but in a minute you are going to go sit yourself at the desk on your sore, bare bottom and you are going to write me a letter explaining what you did wrong, how you were punished and a apology to me and you are banned from chat for a week . After I read it we are going to get something to eat and then it is straight to bed for that understood?” She didn’t want to write, she didn’t want to eat she didnt want to be banned from chat and she surely didn’t want to go to bed but she knew better than to argue or to hesitate as she would find herself over his lap again and that was the last thing she wanted right now.
She nodded her agreement thru fresh tears and sniffles and then He instructed her to go do as she was told. She flinched as her tender bottom made contact with the hard wood chair and her eyes begged Him for a pillow but He shook His head no as He read her mind. Through much squirming and sobbing she wrote the letter and brought it to Him, standing before Him as He read it and nodded His approval. “I take it you have learned your lesson” He asked. “Yes Sir.” came her meek reply.
He stood and hugged her close as He led her to the kitchen,placing a pillow on the chair for her, He made them a light meal of soup and a sandwich and she did her best to eat. When they finished He stood her up and kissed her and sent her off to bed, telling her He would be in shortly to say good night. She didn’t want to go but she did and His heart went out to her. He wanted to hold her and hug her and baby her but He also wanted this to stick with her and so He let her go.
She sobbed as she undressed and slipped into a light nightie and climbed into bed, laying on her belly as it was to uncomfortable otherwise. Her tears made her pillow wet and she was definetly very sorry for what she did and didn’t do as well as well spanked. She loved Mike, she respected Him and she trusted Him to always do HIs best for her and she knew He loved and respected her as well.
Her attention was drawn to the bedroom door as He walked in, a smile on His face as He saw her in the bed and on her belly. Her still red and sore bottom in the air. Sitting beside her He smiled again as He kissed her. Reaching in His pocket He pulled a bottle of aloe out and whispered “I have something for you baby.” She smiled back as he flipped the top open and squeezed a generous amout of the aloe onto her hot bottom and now the hands that had felt like steel when they spanked her, now felt soft and kind as He massaged the cool lotion into her red swollen cheeks.
She whimpered and squirmed but He leaned close and kissed her face softly as His hands worked their magic. “You are my good girl again baby, everything is ok again.” He cooed into her ear. She closed her eyes and that was the last thing she heard as she nodded off to sleep.
Mike sat watching her sleep for quite a while, occasionally hearing her sniffle. He lightly brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her cheek. Getting up quietly He left her to sleep, knowing she would be out until morning and He went and tidied up the house and watched some tv. He worked on His notes as He partially watched the television and just before midnight, He locked up, showered and slipped into bed beside her.

A cold breeze blew in from the open window, waking her. The first thing she was aware of upon opening her eyes was that she was snuggled into His arms, her head resting on His chest. She smiled and thought of how lucky she was to have Him. There was no doubt in her mind that He loved her, nor any in her mind that she loved Him.
When she moved ever so slightly, she was rudely reminded of her spanking the night before and she whimpered and winced as she was sore still. Running her hand over her bottom she felt the tenderness there and knew it was going to be hell sitting. Moaning with discomfort she slipped from the bed and closed the window to the cold fall air. She tip toed from the room and made her way downstairs and realized Mike had tidied up the house as she slept and a pang of guilt washed over her.
Her eyes filled with tears as her bottom made contact with the hard kitchen chair.”You don’t deserve Him you idiot!” she thought to herself. “You deserved every bit that He gave you!” She silently scolded herself, knowing what she was thinking was true but also knowing those kind of thoughts would land her in trouble if she wasn’t careful. Clearing her head she went to the bathroom and lifted her nightie, turning her back to the mirror and felt her lip pucker out as her bottom still showed signs that she had recieved a proper spanking recently. “Looks like somebodys going to be remembering to be a good girl for a while.” she heard Him say. Letting her nightie drop she whirled around, embarrassed that He had caught her looking over the damage. Lowering her eyes she whispered “Yes Sir”. “Good girl” He replied as He pulled her close into His strong arms and kissed her, His hand lifting her nightie and gently carressing her sore botom.
She melted against Him and felt herself growing wet as He flashed her a knowing smile. Closing her eyes she moaned as His hands moved over her bottom and then He gave her bottom a sharp swat and smiled as He asked. “How about some breakfast baby?” Pouting and rubbing her tender ass cheek she nodded and moved toward the kitchen.
Pulling her robe around her against the chill in the house she moved to the stove as He caught her arm and pulled her onto His lap. He noticed her wince as her bottom landed on Him and He cooed. “Are you real sore baby? Let me make breakfast for us.ok?” She leaned against Him as she thought of how He had already cleaned up the house and she shook her head no. I will fix You something, and thank You for cleaning up.” pausing a minute she added ” And yes I am sore but I deserved it Sir.” He smiled because she was fianally beginning to accept responsibility for her actionsa little better now. “You are welcome and yes you deserved it but it is all over now and we can put it behind us once and for all.” Kissing His face she stood and moved to the stove once again and made Him a nice breakfast of waffles, sausage, eggs, cantalope, and coffee.
She made herself a slice of toast and spread some peanut butter on it to eat as He ate. It was something they were working on, her eating habits and He expected her to eat 3xs a day as she was in the habit of skipping meals. They talked quietly throughout breakfast and when they finished He helped her to clean up. They moved into the palor where she snuggled up to Him, thankful it was Saturday and they could be lazy all day if they wanted to. Smiling up at Him she slid her hand into His boxers as He watched tv and when she saw Him frown she stopped and asked. ” May I Sir?” He didn’t take His eyes from the tv as He shook His head no. Sighing loudly she moved to the opposite end of the sofa and pouted.
He watched her from the corner of His eye and smiled, careful not to let her see. “Is my little girl pouting?” He asked. When she didn’t answer He leaned over and swiftly pulled her over His lap and when He had her in place where she couldn’t see His face,He smiled again. He lifted her nightie, exposing two bare and visibly sore cheeks. “No, no , no, I’ll be good.” she pleaded as He rested His hand on her ass. Gently caressing her bottom, he teased ” It would be a shame to have to give you another spanking so soon but you know how I feel about pouting when you can’t have your own way young lady.” Squirming and reaching her hand back to protect herself she apologized. ” I am sorry Sir, I just wanted to play.” He held her firmly across His lap and talked softly as He began very gently spanking her bare bottom. ” I to want to play my pet and play we will.”
Realizing she was in no trouble she relaxed and He smiled as He felt her releif. He lightly patted her bare bottom and told her what a naughty girl she was. He knew when she wasn’t in trouble that she loved for Him to call her naughty and to describe in detail what He was going to do to her as well as what her bottom looked like and so, playtime began.
He parted her legs slightly and was pleased to see she was wet. Continuing to spank her softly He spoke in a low voice to her “It seems my little girl has been naughty, wouldn’t you say?” Playfully she disagreed, “no, I have been a good girl Sir.” Smiling He shook His head, “no you have been naughty, and that is why you are over my lap with your bare bottom exposed and getting a spanking.” Feeling her squirm and knowing it wasn’t from discomfort He parted her ass cheeks and very lightly ran His fingers up and down her crack, feeling her push her bottom out to Him, He gave her a hard spank and reached between her legs, rubbing her already swollen clit and hearing her moan. Smiling again He stood her up and smiled a broader smile as He saw her dissappointment and the puzzled look on her face.Saying nothing he stood and walked from the room.
She plopped down on the sofa and let her hand travel to her wet mound. Slipping a finger between her slit she found her clit right away and started rubbing. He appeared in the doorway and seeing what she was doing He commanded her to stop. “Stop it! Stop it right now! You will not cum until I say you can, IF I say you can.” With that He came to her and pulled her to her feet. When she protested He responded with a swift swat to her barely covered bottom and led her from the room.
He took her to their shower room and room it was. He had had it specially made for their play. It was a shower that took up a whole room, inside were showerheads positioned at different heights,a thick padded waterproof chair and sofa, mirrors, wall restraints. In a attached room was a room with a huge bathtub. that resembled a small pool, with seats along one side of it. They had played in these two rooms many times and she had been punished in these two rooms many times as well.
Sometimes when she was bad He liked to have her bathe and then she would find herself over His lap on the sofa in the shower room getting her poor bottom spanked soundly. How He managed to hold onto her all naked and wet she would never know but He always seemed to manage with no problem.
“Take off your nightie Diane.” He instructed her, bringing her back to the present. She pulled her nightie up and over her head and tossed it aside. He instructed her to stand with her back to the wall and He turned on the shower and lifted the hand held nozzle from its cradle.
She walked to the shower wall and backed up, feeling the cold tile against her skin. Adjusting the water to warm and on a fine mist He stepped closer to her and held the nozzle so the water came down on her head like a warm rainshower, slowly soaking her hair. He smiled as her hair fell into her face and she brushed it back. He maneuvered the nozzle so the mist covered her from head to toe. Increasing the water pressure slightly He aimed for her breasts, playfully causing the water to strike her nipples and He was not disappointed to see her nipples perk. She ran her hands over her breasts, squeezing and caressing as the stream of water flicked her nipples. “Place your hands above your head, I do not want you to do anything unless I tell you to, Is that understood?” He said. Raising her hands abover her head she nodded and smiled because she knew what He meant to do. He was going to seduce her with the water.
He directed the water further down, across her belly, against her pussy and up and down her legs. He made it tickle her toes and He smiled as He saw the smile on her face as she curled them up. “Turn around my baby and place your hands on the shower wall” He instructed her and she obeyed. He smiled as her ass came into view as she turned. Directing the water up and down her back He watched her push her bottom out to Him but He delibertly kept the water directed on her back. Increasing the water pressure more He lowered the water stream so it pelted against her bare bottom, making it play up and down her crack, making it strike her butt cheeks like many little hands, spanking her and turning them pink. SHe moaned and squirmed and He smiled as He was well aware of what this was doing to her.
“Come and have a seat on the sofa baby and spread your legs for me” He told her and again, she obeyed. She liked how the material felt against her bare wet skin, so slick and slippery. Sitting down she deliberetly slid back and forth and then she looked Him in the eyes as she spread her legs. “Wider my pet.” He cooed and she spread them wide. Taking the nozzle He turned the water to a fine mist once again and sprayed her face and neck, sprayed her breasts and her nippples that were perked up very nicely. He let the water make contact with her pussy and she closed her legs slightly as she bit her lip. “Keep your legs open.” He commanded. Increasing the water pressure He played the stream up and down her slit, noting her biting her lip harder as the water kissed her pussy lips, flicked her clit, pelted against her asshole.
Moaning and twisting her body to try to keep her legs open was exciting Him as well and He could feel His cock grow hard. “Stand up and lay over the sofa arm for me baby” He told her. She hesitated as she was very aroused by now and she let her hand find her clit and stroke it. ” Oh please ” she whinned. He flew to her in a instant and pulled her to her feet. Positioning her over the sofa arm He started spanking her bare wet bottom hard as she squealed and apologized. “OW OW OW OWWWW I’m sorry Sir OWWWWWWW I’ll be good OWWWWWWW ” He spanked her until her bottom was very red and then stopped. She lay limply over the arm as He stepped back a bit. Speaking softly to her He said, “Now I have a good mind to just send you to bed right now young lady for disobeying me but I may give you one more chance.” Whimpering she asked “May I get up now Sir?” and her answer came in a series of hot hard spanks to her already stinging bottom.”OWWWWWWWWW please stop OWWWWWWWW”she cried out.
“STAY THERE until I tell you to move “He said as He crossed the room and had a seat in the chair. She stayed still but felt her face flush as red as her bottom was as she knew He could see all from where He sat. He left her there like that for several minutes and then picking up the nozzle once again He sprayed it over her red ass, up and down her crack between her cheeks, against her pussy and her clit. He watched her begin to squirm once again. He watched as her hips rose and fell against the sofa arm, humping it as if she was being fucked.
He set the nozzle down and stripped His clothes. Walking up behind her He knelt and pushed her further over the sofa arm. Spreading her cheeks He let His tongue travel up and down her crack and she moaned loudly. Leaning closer He kissed her on her clit and the way she rocked her hips He knew she was close. ” Do NOT cum young lady! Is that clear?” Whining she whimpered “Yes Sir” but even as she said it, she didn’t believe she could hold back much longer.
Flicking her clit with His tongue He slipped His fingers into her wet pussy and pushed them in and out. “PLEASEEEEEE SIRRRRR” she begged. Pausing He spoke “dont you dare cum until I say you can.” He continues to lick and suck and probe until she was literally thrashing about, begging for release. When He knew she was in complete sexual torment He asked her “Do you want to cum now baby?” ” OH GOD YES” she replied. Then ask me for permission and mind your manners or I don’t care how bad you want to or how close you are, I will not allow you to. Now ask me baby.” Struggling hard to control herself she asked, her voice pleading “Please Sir, may I please cum now?” She was struggling hard, almost in tears as she needed release so badly.
Standing He stepped close to her and slid His very hard cock into her wet pussy. Slowly He pushed it in and pulled it out almost to the point of withdrawal. “Oh My God! Oh My God, Please Sir” she begged and grabbing her hips and thrusting hard into her He granted her permission. “Yes baby, you may cum now.” He fucked her hard and fast as she could hold back no more and screaming loudly, her body tensing, her eyes squeezed shut tightly she slammed herself back against Him and then forward as she exploded into a very long and intense orgasm, with Him matching her rhythm and shooting His hot load deep inside her.
Once their breathing and heart beats returned to normal He leaned forward and kissed her gently. Withdrawing from her He helped her up and sat down, pulling her into His lap and kissed her breasts and her lips and wrapped His arms around her. ” I love you baby and I am very proud at how well you did, you pleased me emensly”he praised her and smiling she thanked Him and said “I love you to Sir.”
Nudging her off His lap, He stood and took her hand. Turning on the water heads once more He pulled her into the stream with Him as He shampooed her hair and washed her body. Paying very special attention to her most intimate parts. Pressing her body tight to Him, closing her eyes and His arms wrapped around her and they swayed to a imvisible tune she again thought of how lucky she was to have Him and how she really did not deserve Him. Seeing her scowl He asked “Penny for your thoughts?” and her answer was a smile and a shake of her head. Squeezing her bottom He smiled back and asked “Your not keeping secrets from me are you young lady?” To which she only smiled and silenced Him with a kiss.

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