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Final School Project

I had just turned eighteen and I was in my last year of highschool (to my delight). Seniors had to do a final school project to finish off school. By the way my name is Kate. I go to all girl school. We have to wear uniforms (which is why I hate my highschool so much). A pleaded, black skirt, a startch, white shirt, an a black neck tie. Worst part is we have to wear our uniforms during our final project. I hope to have a career in law, so I arranged for an nternship at a law office. My first couple of days I did random tasks. Ten I started to learn about how a law office is run. I met “the Boss” as everyone called him. Jack Cross. He was a stunning man in his late twenties. Short, brown hair, built chest, and an ass I get wet just thinking about. He and I exchanged conversations. One day after work we a long conversation about what I wanted to do in law. He askedwhat college I planned on going to and what kind of law I was interested in. After that I was really starting to like Jack. I had fantasies about him. He would take me in his arms and fuck me until I wsas unconscius. But that was just fantasy I knew Jack would never do nything like that. I’m too shy anyway. One day I got up got ready for the last dsay of my internship. I lookd at myself in the mirror. Large, round breasts, long brown hair, brown, soft skin, and a tight ass. I wondered if Jack would be surprised I’m a virgin. I put on a black corset tied up the front. Then I put a black string bikini. I put on my uniform. I guess I hoped Jack would notice, even though I knew he wouldn’t. I got to the office and the day went as it usually did. Everyone had a small going away party for me aty lunch. Then the day ended. Everyone left, but I was filling out some forms. “Hey, Kate” I haerd down the hall. It was coming from Jack’s office. I walked in and saw him sitting behind his desk. “Would you close the door a minute?” Jack asked. I obeyed. “I just want to say the from the amount of effort you put into your work here I know will beable to do whatever you want in your future,” He praied. “Thank you, sir,” I said. “Call me Jack,” he said as he got up from his chair and mmoved to me. He looked at me and with his right hand locked the door.Then he garb arms and kissed me lightly on my lips. Then we both wanted each other. We kissed each other again. Probing the other’s mouth with our tongues. We continued to kissed as he moved me over to his desk. He lifted me and sat me down on the desk. He untied my tie and unbottoned my shirt while I undid his shirt. Looked at my corset as if he were impressed. My corset was tied only three-quarters of the way because my breasts were so large. He quickly untied my corset and cupped my breasts. He squeezed them gently and then pinched my niples. The pain was searing, but the ppleasure was enough to make me buck and gasp. He lowered his head onto my swolen niples and gently played with them. The pleasure was running through my body. I had never been so aroused in my life. He lick between my breasts and all over them. Sucking on each part of my skin. He licked was down my chest my skirt. He unzipped it an again was impeassed with my string bikinni. He quickly cleared the desk and I laid down on the open space. Jack spread my legs and lightly pulled the string bikini off of me. Then looked my cunt. He moved slowly toward it. Then inserted his tongue. He let it prob deep into me. Jack used his tongue to massage the walls of my sunt driving me mad. “Jack, oh Jack,” I moaned as my breathe quickened. This only made him use more force. My climax was building. He sensed tis. He moved up to my clit. Let his tongue grazez over it. He did this again teasing me. He then fullly encircled my clit. ucking on it lightly. I climaxed and he quickly sucked in my juices and let them run down his neck. He dipped his finger in my overflowing juices. He moved up to me and iinserted it into my mouth. I sucked on his finger, tasting my sweet juices. He undid his pants and dropped his underwear. He lifted me up and leaned me over so my hands were on the edge of the desk supporting me and my ass faced him. He felt my round ass. Then he raised his and brought it down on my ass. I squeeled as the paingul pleasurer ran down my spine. Jack grabbed my hips and I felt his cock at the edge of my ass. He spread my ass apart. He pulled back and jerked his cock deep into my ass. I screamed as the incredible pain turned to incredible pleasure. My virgin ass stretching to the inormous length and width of Jack’s giant cock. He let my ass adjust. Then he swiftly pulled back and then jammed his cock back into me. I moaned and screamed as the pain and pleasure renewed itself. He pumped his cock in and out of me with increasing speed. He grabed my hair in a clanched fist and held my head back. Again and again he rammed me until his throbbing cock shot its cum deep inside me. He removed his cock. He quickly turned me around and I kneeled in fronty of him. Then I realized he had stuffed a 11″long, 6″ aroundcock into me. I took his cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down. His cock soon became stiff again. While I rubbed his cock, I massaged his balls softly. Then I open my mouth and lick from the head of hhis cock down to his balls. I started by sucing on the head. Slowly I edged his cock deeper into my throat. His cock was now deep in my throat. I moved up and down on his giant cock. Then without warnig he jerked his cock out and rubbed it a little. His cum shot all over my face and down my chest. I let some of it drible down my body and tasted some of his cum. He again lifted me on to the desk. I laid down on my back so my cunt was facing him. He rubbed his cock making it stiff. He then guided it into my cunt slowly. His cock was only hlaf covered when he reached the end of me. He pulled his cock and then jabbed nto me. I screamed. He stratched my cunt further and further, wider and wider. He pumped his cock into me. I moaned in pleasure as his stiff cock pushed into e again and again. My virgin cunt stretched to his size. He rammed me gain and again till his cum shot into me and I climaxed and blacked out. Jack was tired. He left his cock in me and laid down on me.

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