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The Naughty Professor

My name is Sonya and I am a 20-year-old college student from Denmark. White blonde hair to my mid back, bright green eyes, and a great looking body that get me stares wherever I go. Currently I live with my Auntie Lena and Uncle Jake, but the sad part is my Uncle Jake is also my Professor at school. They told me I did not have to call them Auntie and Uncle any longer so I will refer to them as Lena and Jake.

I was having a terrible time in my English Lit class, and a guess who was my Professor? Yes, good ole Jake the tight ass bastard he can be. I think he was harder on me, because he married my mother’s sister making me family. Not seeing him as family he is too much a stiff collar for my liking. Not that Jake is bad good looking. My God he is a hot looking man with a nice tight butt, a sensual mouth and a twinkle in his bright blue eyes. His hair is sandy blonde cut into a conservative “Professor” kind of looks.

I notice how all the girls attempt to tease him all the time. Laughing about it under my breath, because he gets so flustered at the way they act. One of the girls in my class has failed most of his tests. I walked in on her bending low beside him asking if he would tutor her. Her full breast hanging out right in his face, then she turns *accidentally* dropping her books. When she bent over my Lord, you could everything and I mean everything. She had on a G-string leaving nothing to the imagination. Her full labia were right out there for him to touch if he wanted, but such a stiff neck would never do such a thing. That is when a thought occurred to me I was to pass this class come hell or high water and ole Uncle Jake was going to do it without a word.

Lena and I have been close for years. She has always been my favorite in the family. Lena is a free spirit who enjoys life to the fullest. That is why I do not understand her being with Jake. She said he was a good lay, kept her happy enough. As of late she has grown tired of him and confided in me she took a lover. So, my mind gets a little giddy thinking poor Jake has not had any kind of nookie for at least two months. He must be ready to bust.

Friday night Jake is late coming home, because he said he had to grade some papers. I went up to Lena’s room and I told her how I was failing his class begging her to help me out. She shook her head telling me I had to do it on my own, but she would mention something to Jake about it. Asking where she was off too so late and she winked at me. Knowing it meant her lover was in for a hell of a night. I asked Lena when she would be back since she was packing a bag. She said sometime late Monday night, but not to breathe a word of it to Jake. He thought she was going on a business trip. I agreed and she left leaving me to think of what I was going to do about my grades.

My dirty little mind was full of thoughts. I went to Lena’s drawer and pulled out one of her white baby doll nighties hiding it in my room. Quickly I ran downstairs and ordered Chinese food since it was Jake’s favorite. I made him a drink of Canadian Club making sure there were little ice, but a lot of CC in it. I sat and waited, knowing my devious plan would work not to mention I would get a hell of a good time out of it.

Jake came in muttering something under his breath, “Sonya when is Lena due back?”

I looked him straight in the eye without a pause “She said she would be in late tonight.”

He stopped to turn to look at me and smiled “So my wife had a change of heart and is coming in tonight?”

I smiled back at him, “Yes she is Jake, said she couldn’t wait to spend time with you tonight.”

Jake started acting a little strange even for him. He ran took a shower, dressed in some tight jeans and a T-shirt. When he returned to the table I said, “Hey you look nice, why don’t you dress like that more often?” He mumbled something I couldn’t catch and began eating dinner. We finished quickly, he started to help me clean up and I handed him his drink and told him to go relax until Lena came home.

He smiled, “Hey you are not trying to butter me up because I gave you a D on that last paper are you?” Jake did not wait for me to respond but left the room laughing. I thought what a royal dick he can be, a good-looking dick but a dick nonetheless.

I finished cleaning joining him in the living room to watch some TV. Jake seemed really antsy tonight and I wondered why, but really didn’t care. My plan was to get this man drunk. I refilled his glass three times by the end of the third one he was feeling really good. Jake spoke to me “Sonya, did I ever tell you how much you resemble Lena?” I shook my head no, “Well Sweetie you do, both of you have the same hair, features and build. It is almost like you two are sisters.”

I laughed telling him, “Well she is only ten years older than I am. I am sure she would take that as a compliment, because I know I do.”

With a bit of a slur he returned, “Yes, my Lena is one hot woman. She has not changed in the five years we have been married.” I got up and refilled his drink one last time. He slowly nursed it and kept checking his watch. Damn I wish he would go to bed already. At 11:30 he told me he was going to go lay down until Lena came in, “Please make sure I am awake when she comes in sweetie.” He planted a kiss on my forehead and went upstairs. I was hot inside knowing this was going to be a night he remembered for sure.

As I took my shower using all of Lena’s scents, I thought back on how I had attempted a couple times to torment my poor uncle the “Professor from hell.” When Lena wasn’t around, I would leave my door open enough so he could watch me using my dildo, masturbating or simply caressing my body and moaning. I never locked the bathroom door so he was always walking in on me nude. Knowing I have some effect on him, because the last time he stood there a little longer than needed. I could see the bulge in his pants knowing his lust was rising. Although he never made a move on me I know if he wasn’t married to Lena he would have.

I put on Lena’s white baby doll I snatched from her drawer earlier. Going to Jake’s room I heard him softly snoring so I pushed the door open a bit to see he was sleeping. The covers had fallen off of him leaving him naked in all his magnificent glory on his side facing the door. Walking over to the lamp on the bedside I switched it off bringing the room into total darkness. Waiting a few moments for my eyes to adjust I went to Lena’s side of the bed and slid in. Wearing no undies, as I know Auntie doesn’t like to wear them.

I scooted back until I could feel Jake’s body against mine snuggling my ass tight against his naked manhood. My God did the hot throbbing feel good against my ass. I pulled the gown up a little to feel more of him. Just the touch of him against my skin started to make me moist. He stirred slightly and throwing his arm around me pulled me close, “Ohhhh Baby, you are finally home I missed you so fucking much.” With the slight slur I could tell he thought it was Lena. In response I moaned slightly pushing my ass against him harder.

“Mmmmm, my baby wants to finally play with her naughty Professor huh?” I could feel his smile against my back as his lips began kissing my neck and shoulder. His hand slipped down to my ass pushing my right leg forward slightly. Sliding his hand against my moistened pussy. “Oh yes, you are nice and wet for me aren’t you’re my little vixen?” I felt him harden against me now it was pushing higher on my ass. He continued his exploration of my pussy, sliding a finger up and down my slit ever slowly tormenting me to death. I moaned at his touch as he slid his finger into my wetness to find my swollen clit running circles with his wonderful finger. Jake began nibbling hard on my collarbone in my ear he said, “I know telling you about those little bitches at school coming onto me turns you on. Do you want me to tell you about some now my sweet little fuck kitten?”

“Ah huh, Mmmmm” I murmured so he did not realize it wasn’t Lena he was fondling so ardently. He rolled me over on my back and I thought to myself oh shit he is going to realize it am his niece and not his wife. Luckily it was still dark in the room, the alcohol prevented him from seeing very clearly. Even he said it early Lena and I are nearly the same in every aspect. He pulled my gown off and tossed it on the floor, sucklings of my hard nipples.

“Oh Lena, your tits feel so firm. “It has been far too long since we have fucked.” Jake not looking at my face but concentrating on my tits. He pushed them together sliding his hot cock between them. I do not know if it was instinct or what but each time that glorious head came up I opened my mouth to lick him. “That’s it, be the slutty little co-ed and suck your naughty Professors cock.”. I moaned loudly at the taste of his pre-cum. This went on for ten minutes while my pussy was getting hotter and wanting to feel him in me. This man who I thought was a cold fish was the hottest man I had ever had.

“I got things ready for you my baby.” He pulled out a jelly dildo about the same size of his cock, nice and thick. Jake began rubbing it all over my body sending little waves of tingles throughout me. My clit was throbbing so hard wanting him to touch, caress or even nibble it. It seems as though he enjoyed prolonging the pleasure even more.

“Now you want your naughty Professor to tell you what the little bitches have been teasing me with lately? I know you do!” he was kneeling next to me his eyes transfixed on my pussy. “Oh baby, you finally shaved like I asked. I knew you would come around,” bending down he kissed my mons flicking his tongue in to flick my throbbing clit. He kept staring at it as if it would talk to him. Jake took the pink soft dildo rubbing it up and down my slit. Teasing me, oh my God how long could I keep this up? I sure as hell was not going to stop him.

“All week long I have seen these young girls’ snatches in my face, rubbing their tits against my shoulders and back. It was driving me nuts. All I wanted to do was to throw them up on my desk and fuck them until they screamed for more. Today if your little slut of a niece had not been there I just might have done of done it with this one who had the prettiest hot looking box I have seen in a long time.” His sex talk was making me hotter making my hips to the rhythm of the dildo that he was now sliding in and out of my hot hole.

As I turned to look, I noticed he was jacking off while talking to me. I reached over and grabbed his throbbing manhood in my hand slowly teasing pulling him closer to my mouth. I felt like a hungry kitten needing to taste his milk and started licking then sucking on his rock hardness. The faster he pumped the dildo in and out the faster Jake pumped in and out of my mouth.

“Oh yes, that’s it my nasty little bitch suck the Professors cock and he will give you all you ever dreamed of.” His hand held the back of my head pushing down harder on his aching dick. “Never make me wait this long again to take pleasure in your wonderful body, and heavenly lips” as he thrust in deeper nearly chocking me. I smiled to myself knowing he is in for a rude awakening when he realized it was his niece. Although we are not blood related, it still had this nasty perverseness about it that excited me.

“Have I told you about the thoughts I had of your niece? She is such a cock tease baby. I watched her finger fucking herself many times when you were not here. I think she wanted me to see her. I stand outside her door watching as her back arches, her legs wide open letting me see her pink little pussy in need of a good fuck. I stand there and jack off blowing my wad in my hand wishing it was buried in that little hot box of hers. Would you like to see that baby, Me fucking your niece, pounding into her like she knows she wants it? When she showers, she leaves the door unlocked so I can watch her. It has been driving me insane.” I smiled even more; good I was getting to him. The thought that he was jacking off made even more worth the effort.

I moaned loudly as I felt my orgasm begin to wash over me teetering on the edge of sanity and ecstasy. Jake realizes this and stops. I mean he stops pumping my box. “Not yet my sweet, you have made me wait now I will make you wait, until you learn not to do that again to me.” Things ran through my mind swiftly why did Lena need a lover, this man has got to be the most erotic horny man on the earth. I would never get another man if this were what I had laid next to me every night.

He slowly caressed my body telling me how beautiful I was, how much he loved me, wanted me. Pulling his rock hardness out of my mouth, I whimpered wanting to taste his cum. He flipped me over quickly so my ass was high in the air. Uncle Jake was behind me stroking my lips, snaking his finger around my love hole. He inserted one, two, three fingers. ” Damn baby you are so tight. This is going to be a good night I can feel it already. Seems talking of your niece made you really hot. If she only knew how much you wanted to lick her pretty little cunt.” I moaned even more loudly.
I think ole Uncle Jake pretty much had enough foreplay and wanted into my box. The thoughts were running through my head now if I should even tell him whom I am. This way I could sneak in anytime I wanted. I was thinking quickly, hey if I do tell him I could blackmail him for sex and for a good grade. Have him at my feet whenever I wanted screwed then sail through his English Lit class. What a lovely lesson this will be.

Without a thought he buried himself deep inside me. Feeling his urgency in slow deliberate strokes attempting to make it last as long as he could. Surprising me he reached around and rubbed my clit as he pounded deep inside me. I was about ready to burst and needed to say something so I could enjoy the ride. Holding in all this tension was too much for me.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard my naughty Professor. Fuck your niece like you have always wanted to,” I spoke to him in my most raunchy tone needing to reach my orgasm before my freaking head blew off. He stopped pumping me almost as if he was confused, he knew, he knew it was I and not Lena.

With his hard throbbing cock buried deep inside me he spoke slowly, “Sonya? What the fuck are you doing?” he did not sound so angrier as he was confused.

“Well, Professor I don’t have a degree or education like you do. But I would say you are fucking your niece, and doing a hell of a job at it so don’t stop now.” Half afraid and still hot.

Jake began pumping into me harder now rubbing my clit more vigorously, “You like it you little bitch? Is this how you want it?”
I screamed, “Yes, yes fuck me, fuck me, make me squirt all over that hot meat,” He was pumping so hard I felt his balls slapping hard against my pussy lips. “I am gonna cum all over you!” hitting my peak I started to feel wave after wave of pleasure. He was still rubbing my clit as he inserted a finger in my little virgin ass. I started peaking harder, higher yelling “That’s it my naughty Professor, you are so fucking good.” This is when he pulled his cock out of my pussy and rammed it into my ass. The pain lasted on a few moments, but it sent me beyond heights I could have ever imagined.

He was near ready to cum, “So, the little cunt likes it up her ass too, huh? I knew you would, oh, oh I am going to cum in your tight ass you little fucking bitch.” I felt him unleash the built up a load like liquid fire sending my mind reeling. When finished he did not pull out of me. Instead he left his meat stuffed deep inside laying on my back. I felt his chest hair against my smooth skin. After a few minutes he moved off the bed and turned the light on.

“Sonya, you mind telling me what that was all about?” he did not seem angry at all.

“I want to pass my English Lit class Jake, and after you started I had to take it to the end. You are the best lover I have ever had.” He smiled at that comment, but looked puzzled. I knew I had him where I wanted him.

“Well, well little girl. You got your naughty Professor to fuck you the way you want. Now if you expect me to keep this little secret of ours you will do two things. First you will quit whining about your grade and do better work. Second, now I can fuck you whenever, wherever I want.”

With his last comment I knew he turned the tables on me. If Lana found out she would kick me out unless I held her boyfriend over her head. I thought long and hard about what to do. I looked at him and said “OK, deal.”

He grabbed my hand pulling me off the bed “So, when is Lana due to return?” he smiled a little strangely.

“Monday night late Uncle Jake,” I held my head down, because my plan didn’t work.

“Good then we have plenty of time for us to shower, then play some more.” He grabbed me up kissing me passionately.

“Only if you promise to be my naughty Professor anytime I want.” I smiled into his open mouth.

The uncle naughty Professor Jake scooped me up carrying me to the shower, where I had my first lesson in shower sex.

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