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Mr Zaldua

Michael Zaldua what a fine ass an sexy dempals nice small ass and the body of a god.Me i’m a sexy little white girl named Belinda nice big tits an nice shaved pussy and a sexy figuer

A student at westview middle and i had the hots for this man so one day i wore this tight ass little skirt to school to get his atention and it worked.The teacher told me to go to see Mr Zaldua so i did and he gave me a dention i was so happy!!!!

It was 3:30 when dention started and i still had on my little outfit i knew what he wanted so i just sat with my legs open wide so he could see my thong i wore a see threw shirt no bra and my double D’s were hanging a thight short minny skirt and black thongs.He told me to write a page full of what i was wearing was wrong i told him that i needed a pencil so i walked up to him with a sway in my hips and i could see him getting hard.

he sat down right away and i bent down to expose my breast a little and i reached in his desk and pulled out a pencil and said thank you and sat down with my legs open is was 4:30 and time to go he told the other people to leave and me to stay.He said that he needed to talk to me.He said “does your mother know that you were wearing this to school today”i said no he said”i’ gonna have to tell her”with me being scared of her i begged him not to i told him that i would do anything.So he said meet me here tommrrow here early so i agreed.

The next day i dressed a little better school uniform and he told me if i wanted to not get in trouble i had to suck his 11inch cock like a teacher named Mrs Tranior did i was more than happy but he told me to wait until after school he would take me to his house cause his wife wasn’t gonna be home.So at 3:30 i waited for him and he took me to his house and you wouldn’t believe what happened………….

wait until wensday to find out the rest

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