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Me and Anna

Anna is such a sexy bitch. I met her about 5 yrs ago. Shes got these big juicy tits and a fat ass. I mean shes T H I C K. So anyway, one day she comes to my house to kick it…just hang. We sipped a few glasses of wine in between frequent tokes on a J. I’d fantasized about Anna on numerous occasions so this one was no different. Tired of keeping my feelings to myself, I decided to just tell her. So I said “You are one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met. Oh, the things I think of doing with you.” She smiled, seemingly delighted. “I could always tell you liked me. I was gonna say something but I’m sort of shy.” I was seated close to her on the couch. My hand slid up her exposed thigh and I began caressing the soft skin between her legs. She opened her legs as she welcomed more of what I had to offer. Anna had on some short shorts and no underwear so when she opened her legs I could see her bare lips peek through. They were already shined up with her sweetness. I let my fingers glide slowly inside her. One at first, then another. Her muscles hugged my fingers so tightly. We kissed, letting our tongues explore each other’s mouth. As I played finger games inside of her, my own wetness started seeping out. I took my fingers out of her and tasted the left over moisture. Our lips touched again, this time sharing her juiciness. I stood up and climbed on to the couch. I lifted up my skirt and positioned my glistening lips over her face. She covered my crotch with her eager mouth sucking and nibbling on my lips. She sucked my clit into her mouth and maneuvered her tongue around it with quick strokes. Her tongue tricks sent me into a frenzy. Pleasure took over my body and before I knew it, I was riding her tongue like it was a stiff dick. Her fingers were toying with her pussy, spreading the lips apart and rubbing her cream on her clit. I felt the sensation building and cum started to ooze out my pussy into Anna’s hungry mouth. Before I reached my orgasm I got off the couch. Anna lied down and spread her legs wide. I lied down the other end, with my legs wide open as well. We slid close to each other until our pussies were touching. Anna grabbed a vibrator from beside the couch and turned it on. At the sound of it, I immediately started to squeeze out more juice. She stuck the vibrator between the two of us. I reached down to open my wet slit so I could get the fullest sensation. When I pushed against the gyrating penis it pressed against Anna’s throbbing clit and she let out these awesome moans. The feelings were so powerful we both pushed in harder on the vibrator, sometimes losing it between our ravenous lips I got up and straddled Anna and the vibrator. I was mashing my clit into it sending waves of sexual energy through out my body. Her hips were swiveling underneath me. My body was humping and rocking back and forth on hers. The vibrations and the movements of our bodies together pushed me over the edge. Cum came gushing out of my hole and onto Anna. I guess the force from my orgasm added to her pleasure and she exploded too. Cum was running out both of our satisfied cunts. I had been starving so much for Anna that I threw her legs up and buried my head between them. Tasting her sweet cum and feeling her swollen clit in my mouth made my whole body tingle. Still sensitive from her orgasm, Anna was overwhelmed with the euphoria caused by my tongue. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her. Her hips rose to meet my lips and my tongue went deeper inside her. I could feel her hole spasming around my tongue as another orgasm approached. This one was way more intense for her. She was trembling and screaming from the pleasure. Her body started to jerk more and more so I backed away. It was too late. The ecstasy already had a hold of her. I played with my own pussy as I watched her body quiver in pure delight. All of a sudden she let out a wild cry as a stream of cum shot out of her pussy. I had never seen a woman come so hard. At the sight of that, I blasted out a flood of cum as well. Those powerful orgasms took all of our energy. There wasn’t anything else we could do besides lay there with each other in a puddle of our love juices.

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