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"Sexx With A Voice"

This Story is Fantasy. None of the people in this story are real.


It was a warm afternoon when Sexx, a 27 year-old RN at St. Paul Medical Center , in Minn. got off work. It had been a long day and all she wanted to do was go home to her two-bedroom town house, and slide into a hot bubble bath. When her cell phone rung… The man on the other line said”,Can I eat your pussy?”, Sexx laughed, and said,” Of course you can as long as I can suck your dick!!”. Eric, the man on the other end, was breathing heavily into the phone. And, Sexx was turned on beyond reason. Even, while walking to her car the sound of his sexy voice made her pussy wet with excitment! As she slide into the driver’s seat, of her Lexus X20 convertible, she felt the moisture of her excitment on the leather seat. She told Eric”, I’m so wet! That I could touch myself “. Eric said”, Why don’t you?”. At this request she slide her fingers between the lips of her already exposed pussy[for she never wore panties]. She rubbed her swollen clit until she came with such firy emotion that the people walking by on this bright spring day stopped on the street and stared without shame.
Eric, who was listing to the encounter said,” Was it as good for you as it was for me?”. Sexx, started to laugh, as she asked” Were you beating your cock also? Why you bad boy!” “I had no idea you were so nasty”, said, Eric. “Well, I’ve never passed up the chance for a good cum from anyone”, she repiled. “Eric, I have to get home now, because I’m going out tonight with a friend, I’ll talk to you later.” “O.K, I have to get to a meeting anyway. So call me at home whenever you get in”, he said.
On, her way home Sexx, stopped at the mall to get a new outfit. She decided on a black halter dress with a thigh high slit. She picked it out in case she ever met Eric in person she would look her best. It had been four months since she had called his ad in the newspaper personals, and had yet to met him. She was so scared that he wouldn’t like her that she had refused all of his requests to meet him. And, she knew that if she ever did meet him that she would not be able to resist the urge fuck the shit out of him.
As, she pulled into the driveway, Sexx, saw a car in her driveway that she had never seen before. She got out of the car and went into the trunk of her car to get her stun-gun. As she entered the house, on first glance she saw her favorite pink&white roses everywhere. She put the bag she was carring down on the hall table and went in search of the inturder. As she turned into her bedroom door she see’s a very handsome man on her bed, completly naked! Sexx speaks first by asking,” How the hell are you ?,” The man says ,” Hello sweetheart, are you surprised to see me ?” Sexx, looks at him like he’s crazy, Who the fuck are you ?” “It’s me!” he says, ERIC!!!! ” How the fuck did you get into my house?” Ask Sexx. “Your key under the stoneby the steps”. Sexx was really sceared now and knew she had to find another place to hide her exter key. “So what do You think you are doing laying in my bed naked looking so dam sexy”? All Sexx wanted to do was run and jump Eric and fuck the hell out of him. But she knew she had to take it slow and easy for this was the very frist time they had saw one another in person. Sexx looked at Eric and knew that He liked what he saw as well as she did. “Now You know I tolded you that I was meeting with a friend tonight” Sexx said. Eric told her “Well call them and tell them youan not make it something has come up.” Eric said with a smile knowing his cock was hard as a rock from seeing the sexies black haired blown eyes lady . Sexx did not even have3 to think about it for she knew that was just what she would do. She went over to the phone and called Clay. When Clay picked up the phone Sexx siad “Hello There, I had to call to let you know I could not make it something has come up.” Sexx looked over at Eric with a very big smile. Clay ask her if there was anyway she could fix it so they could meet. “No my sweet firend there is no way I can do that”. “Ok I am so sorry you don’t know what You will be missing” Said Clay. “I will have to make it up to you later ok?” Sexx saids with a evil grin. Not letting Eric se her grining. When she hangs up the phone after telling Clay goodbye she looks over at Eric and tells him ” I need a bath so bad that mybody acks”. Eric tells her “Your bath is waiting for you my lady already.” Sexx smiles to Eric and lays over and go’s to give him a quick kiss. Eric pulls her to him and the kiss go’s into a deeper one than Sexx first ment for it to be. “Hold on there you hot sexy thing I still need my bath you know.” Eric takes her by the hand and leads her into the bathroom were he has placed candles all over the side of the tub and on the floor. Sexx just lays back into his arms and smiles up at him with a thanks very much. Eric take off Sexx’s clothes and tell her to “Get in and just relex let me take care of this ok?” All Sexx can do is lay back and enjoy the feeling of having a man give her a bath. Sexx jumps a little when she feels the water move not knowing that Eric has gotton into the tub with her. ” Slide up just a little so i can sit behind you nad give you the bath you have been talking so much about.” Sexx slides up and lets Eric in behind her. When he slides in behind her she lays back into his chest and closes her eyes. She has not felt this good in a long time. “You know this just might get You into touble doing this. I just might want this everynight when I come home.” Eric reaches for the sponge to give Sexx her bath knowing that his cock it still rock hard. Sexx can also feel it. wiggling a little to let him know that she knows it is still hard. Eric takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly saying ” If you keep doing that you can forget your bath missy. I will take you wet and fuck you like you have never been fucked before.” Sexx stops long enough for Eric to bath her. Just the feeling of his hands all over her was driving her crazy. Eric could also feel the want in Sexx and did not want to rush it at all. He went as slow and as long bathing her as he could. Sexx took all she could take gabbing the sponge from His hands she turned around and took his face in her hands and said. “Are You trying to drive me nuts? Becuase if You are that is just what you are doing. Now lets get out of here and get dryed off.” Eric smiled at her and told her to hop out that he had other plands for her in the bedroom. Getting out of the tub Eric took the towle and dries her and himself off real slowy. Knowing it was about to make her go mad. He lead her back into the bedroom and told her to sit down on the bed. She dose as was told with out saying a word. He takes out her oils and lotions telling her to lay down on the bed face down. He knew she was kind of sceared not knowing what was about to happend . He reaches down and very lightly kisses her on the lips telling her it will be ok. Sexx turns over and lays face down on the bed with her eyes closed. Eric gets on the bed on top of her naked body and gets ready to give her the massage of her life. He ask her “Oil or lotion dear?” All Sexx can do is moan for she is in Heaven with just the feel of his body seating on top of hers. Eric knows she can not talk for enjoying the feeling of it all. He takes the oil and starts to rub it into her shoulders very lightly. He hears a low soft moan come from Sexx’s mouth.” Sounds like you are enjoying this very much my dear.” He knew he did not have to ask her a thing. Just the sound of her moans told him she was loving it. Eric moves down to her lower back and rubs the oil in very slowly. He knows just how for to push her and how much she can take before she losses it. Still rubbing the oil into her lower back very deeply and slowly he starts talking to her. “My sexy lady you sound like you are enjoying your self , Do I need to stop doing this are keep it up for a little while?” Sexx scearmed out ” Oh My God please don’t stop Baby it feel so good. ” Eric leans down right by her ear and tells her “You hot sexy thing I have something for you that will make you feel alot better you know.” Sexx rolls over and looks into Eric’s sweet sexy blue eyes with a smile that would melt any man heart. “Oh You do, do you, ? Why don’t You come here and show me you big boy.”, That was all Eric needed to hear. He slides down Sexx’s body with his lips kissing her tummy the hold time driving her crazy. She knows were he is going and can not waite much longer to feel him eatting out her hot wet pussy. Eric knows just how bad Sexx is wanting him to get to licking and sucking on her pussy lips and her clit. When he does reach the spot she cries out ” Oh God yes Please don’t stop eatting my pussy.”, Eric just smiles up to her and saids ” I have no attentions of leaving you unfullfilled my sexy, hot; horny lady what so ever.” He then moves in deeper as he is licking all around her clit. He knows just the minute he touched her there she would cum all over his face. Eric want to drag this out al long as he could. He had waited way to long to rush it. Sexx was still begging him to make her cum. Eric told her in time baby I will. Just let me enjoy myself a little bit. Sexx could not just lay there any longer and do nothing. She turns around into a 69 and tells Eric ” Oh You want to drive me crazy do you? Well baby that can work two ways.”, Sexx takes Eric’s cock into her hands looking up at him smiling very evilless to him. She starts kissing his cock and hearing him moan too. Then she licks the underside of it with out putting it into her mouth. She slide her tougne all over it all but the head of it. Eric knows the minute she puts it into her mouth he will shoot his load. Sexx knows the same thing and she is not about to let him cum that fast. Eric is eatting Sexx’s pussy out as hard and deep as he can go. Sexx moans down to him ” I knew I could get you to doing it my way baby.” Eric slides a finger into Sexx’s cunt in and out just a little to feel how she would reacked to it. Sexx’a starts to move up and down on Eric’s finger. ” Oh so you like this do you?, I think we might need another finger in this hot,wet,juciy; pussy of yours don’t we? She scearms out ” OH GOD
ALL OF THEM IN ME NOW PLEASE.” Eric just smiles and slides in another finger knowing she wants all of him in her. He is making her beg for everyone she gets. That is when Sexx takes Eric’s cock down all of the way till it can not go anymore. Eric scearms out while he cums into her mouth for the first time of many that night. Sexx feels Eric raming his fingers into her pussy as deep as he can go. She feels him slide in all of his fingers and sceams out ” Oh Yes Baby that is what I have been wanting for months now baby. Give me all you have I can take it.” Eric smiles down to her and tells her to turn over he wants to really make her moan for him. Sexx turns over very slowly knowing what is about to happend to her. She moans out a little cry. Eric hears it and leans down and kisses her cheek of her ass. ” I will not ever hurt you baby, don’t you know that?” Sexx knows he would never hurt her in anyway what so ever. But she also knows that she has never been touch back there what so ever. Eric almost reads her mine and and saids ” I will go very slowly and easy untill you tell me to ok?” Sexx knows she can and does turst Eric. For some reason she just knows it deep down in her heart. Eric takes some of the oil and lubs his fingers up some more knowing her really dose not have to that she has lubed them well her self. He then tells her to relex and close her eyes just go with the feeling it will be a little painful right at first but it will pass in time. He then slides his fingers around the rim of her hole to lub it good so he can slide it into her asshole. That is when he feels her humping on his fingers. He knows she is as ready as she will ever be. He take his finger and slides it in just the tip of it so she would not be sceared. Sexx feels the pain of it being sled into her hole with the pain is alos a new want that she has never felt before. After the pain has pass she start to moan deeply and hump her ass up and down foe Eric to put it in her deeper. Eric knows she has passed the pain pont and he starts sliding it in and out as deep as he can go. Sexx beggs him to put another one in ” Oh my God Eric, Baby I never knew it could feel this fucking hot. Ram them into my ass as hard and deep as you want to baby.” Eric knows he can not do that right now that it will come in time. He also knows that she has to get use to having her asshole felled with something and to be able to get pass the pain. Eric ask ” Baby can you take my big hard 8 1/2 inch cock in your hole?” Sexx go’s still she is toldy freek out now. ” No please no it will wrip me open please do not put it in me.” Eric dose not want to scear her so he holds off just now. He knows it will come in time and is looking foward to it. He keeps sliding his fingers into her asshole the hold time he was talking. Sexx is on the verage of cumming again. He slides up behind her and with his other hand he puts his big cock into her hot wet pussy. It slides in with out any touble what so ever. He slides it all of the way in and holds it there till she gets use to the size of it. Sexx go’s to scearing out ” Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God.” Eric pulls it out as fast as he can thinking he has hurt her. Sexx Scearms “O, NO,NO put it back in God I have never been so felledup that good. I Want it back in me now pleaseeeeeeeeee.” That is all he has to hear. It is like music to his ears. Eric takes his cock and rams it into Sexx’s pussy as hard as she and he both wants. When he hits rock botton they both let go of a scearm that they know everyone around them could hear. But they could cear less if the hold world heard them. Eric let go and shot his load off up in Sexx’s pussy, while at the same time she let go of hers too. Eric pass out on top of Sexx with the biggest smile on his face. He breaches up and kisses her as deeply as he can. Sexx gives him back just as much as she takes. Thier tougens finghting to get into one another mouths. When they brake apart Eric smiles up to Sexx and saids. ” Well would you have had this much fun with your friend?” Sexx smiles down to him and saids ” I guess I will not know if I could or could not have.But who is complanding Baby?” They roll into each others arm and sleeps for the rest of the night.

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