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Slave Girl part 2

Jon slowly inserted his huge cock into her pussy, working it in all the way so it nearly disappeared in the young girl’s body. He jerked it in and out as Serena’s hands grasped the sheets on the bed. She was slowly being brought to an orgasm, and had one too- a slow, easy feeling through her whole body. Jonathan wasn’t even started yet- he started going faster, and faster, and Serena’s tan stomach clenched and her taut ass coiled as Jonathan went faster, harder, and deeper. Serena had never felt so good- this was the best feeling she’s ever had. Jon’s hands gripped the rim of her ass, wriggling a finger or two in her virgin ass. Serena gasped at the unknown contact and allowed Jon to roll her body over and straddle her back. He quickly thrust his cock into her anus. It was the best he’d ever had- she was certainly the best fuck. He rammed it in slowly, having to exert all of his brute strength to conquer the tightness that prevented easy access. He finally conquered- his cock slammed all the way into the tiny girl.
Serena gasped and her beautiful eyes closed. It hurt so bad, but at the same time the idea of being screwed up the ass was such a turn-on that she came right then. The pain ebbed through her body but she chose to ignore it- her future was at stake.

Jon was about to come so he placed his cock back into her swollen pussy. He came after a few short thrusts and came all over her body and pussy. He just laid there, Serena in his arms. She couldn’t barely move- she decided she would just stay the night and leave when she felt better.

Morning came, and Jon handed her the clothes of a Freedwoman regretfully. He wanted her to stay, but his word was his word, and he had never broken a promise. Serena accepted them with very little enthusiasm, as no other man has pleased her as this one. She put on the clothes and walked out of his room. Jon was just about to take a shower when he heard a knock on the door. Almost knowing who it was, he opened it and saw Serena. She spoke, her big, sensual lips forming beautiful as she spoke. “I don’t think only one night is a fair price.”

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