Teach Me Part Three

We found the couple and Cara asked the woman to go with her to the bathroom. I sat down and said, “My girl wants you to fuck her.”

His face smiled as he said, “That’s crazy cause my wife and I were taking about similar things.”

I said, “Well, we are up for it. We didn’t discuss rubbers or bareback; do you have a preference?”

He said, “We didn’t get to that either. We can ask the ladies when they return.”

The ladies returned and both agreed to bareback. We found two small separate areas next to each other. Cara kissed my lips and I whispered to her, “Make sure the first thing he sees is your smile and your pretty pussy.” She nodded and went in one area and his wife kissed him and went in the other.

As I entered the area I noticed the girl had begun taking off her dress and was in the process of removing her panties, so I quickly stripped to my boxers. I ran my tongue around her nipples and began sucking on them as she reached in my boxers and stroked my cock. I tugged at her hips and gently turned her around to see her round ass. She bent over the little couch and I ran my tongue around her ass and into her pussy when she spread it open. As I tongued her pussy she began to moan.

She stopped moaning and said, “Papi, lay down so I can ride you.”

I laid down on the bed and she straddled my waist and guided my cock into her pussy. She began to bounce on my cock and I grabbed her tits in each hand as she screamed, “Ahh, papi you are deep. Mmmm, you make me cum.” At the completion of the statement I felt her pussy contract around my cock. She continued to bounce and bounce and orgasmed a few more times till she sensed I was getting close. “Aww, aww. Yes, fill me up!” she encouraged. I blew my load inside her and she laid down on top of me and her boobs almost suffocated my face.

Meanwhile, in the other room Cara had taken my instructions and leaned one foot on the bed and stood with her other foot on the floor and hiked up her dress so her pussy was visible.  When the man came in the room she smiled softly and his eyes noticed her pussy immediately. She rubbed the lips with one finger and he quickly pulled off his shirt and went over to her and slid her dress off of her. He angled her so she was bent against the bed with her ass out and he slowly spread her legs apart and rubbed her pussy with his fingers. Then he parted her pussy lips and ran his finger inside her. Cara moaned softly and enjoyed the movement of his finger inside her and got very wet. She pulled away and turned around and grabbed for his pants.

He took the hint and pulled his pants and boxers off before lifting her up and flipping her onto her knees and saying, “I want to see that sexy ass!”

He spread her legs again and slowly worked his cock inside her wet pussy. Cara winced at first as his thickness stretched her lips, but soon her pussy adjusted to his cock and it didn’t hurt. He held on tight to her hips and began to pump her tight pussy while she moaned loud. She yelled twice when she had two good size orgasms and didn’t stop moaning till he shot his load inside her. Cara felt him pull out of her pussy and wipe his cock on her ass.

When my swapping partner climbed off of me we got dressed and exited the area just as Cara and the guy came out of the other room. Cara smiled at me and walked over to me and we hugged. The man nodded at me and we all walked back to the lounge area. Cara and I went to get something to drink and the other couple said thank you and left.  We sat down to talk and exchanged stories of what took place while we were apart. Cara said it was really invigorating for her. I asked her if her pussy was too sore for more fun and she smiled and said it was all good.

We looked around the room and saw guys staring at her. I asked her, “See anybody here you might  want to play with?”

She scanned the room and pointed at two shy young guys around her age and said, “They are cute!”

I said, “Well you tell me what you want to do and I will orchestrate it and watch.”

She smiled and said, “Surprise me. Don’t care if head or sex.”

I lifted my eyebrows and said, “Ok. But you better not wear yourself out or get too sore cause I am still playing with your ass when we leave here.” She smiled and pushed me in the chest playfully.

I walked over to the two guys she pointed out and they looked at the ground and I said, “I saw you boys staring at my date. What do you think of her?”

One of the guys replied, “She is freaking hot!”

I smiled and said, “You guys want to play with her?”

The other guy looked at me surprised and said, “Are you serious?”

I answered, “Yes, she thinks you are cute and I am up for it as long as you abide by my rules.”

“What are the rules?” one asked.

“Well, first you both better have rubbers. Second, I will be in the room watching and instructing you and her. Third, you both have to be naked in front of each other.” The guys looked blankly at each other and I said, “You two discuss it, but offer expires in 5 minutes.” I walked back over to Cara and vaguely described the situation.

After 5 minutes the guys walked briskly over to us and said it’s a deal. The four of us walked to a room and I sat in a chair facing the bed and I advised the guys to strip to their boxers and sit on the bed. They did and then with my assistance Cara removed her dress and bra. The guys stared at her naked body. I said, “Go sit between them.” She sat between them and I verbalized, “Each of you give her boobs some attention.” Each guy rubbed one of her small boobs with their hand and kissed it. I instructed Cara to rub their crotches which she did with each hand. Both guys were pitching tents in no time and I said, “Wrap up, boys.”

They got up and frantically grabbed the condoms out of their pant pockets and put them on. Next I instructed Cara to lay on the bed and I propped her hips up slightly with a pillow behind her back. I ran my fingers around her pussy and said, “Alright, you first,” and I pointed to one of them. He slowly walked over to her and I said, “If you are hard, fuck that pussy.”

He fumbled at first getting his cock inside and began pumping. She moaned and I heard a noise behind me and looked to see two guys standing peering through the bead curtain trying to watch.

As the first guy pumped I turned to his buddy and said, “You better not go soft cause as soon as your boy is done you are getting in there.”

He began rubbing himself to stay upright and I chuckled softly. After no more than 6 minutes of pumping the guy moaned loud and slowly backed up. I told his buddy, “Go put your cock by her mouth and she will make sure you are good.”

He climbed on bed and knelt with his half hard cock next to her face. I shouted, “Suck that cock!”

Cara turned her head and sucked his cock for no more than two minutes and that boy was stiff as a board. He pulled away and climbed down and began pumping her pussy. I glanced behind me to see three guys watching through the beads and with the heavy breathing knew they were jerking off. The second guy took about as long as his buddy till he came and backed up and cleaned up and got dressed.

I walked over and sat next to Cara on the bed and the 3 onlookers slowly walked away. “How do you feel?” I questioned.

“I feel good. Neither of those two were that big or lasted long enough for me to get sore.”

I smiled and said, “That’s good. You orgasmed once or twice though it appeared.”

She answered, “A couple small ones. Not good ones like I got from the guy earlier and you last night.” I smiled and kissed her forehead. We got up and she got dressed and we headed for the exit and our car.

As we drove back to my place we discussed what we each had enjoyed from  the sex club adventure. She said she enjoyed the attention she got for dressing sexy and realized the power she could have with guys if she wanted. I told her it turned me on to be seen with her and I could tell guys were jealous.

We got to my house and no sooner we had walked in the door from the garage I spanked her ass softly. She turned around and smiled and I said, “For the last time tonight, take that fucking dress off.”

Cara laughed and took it and her bra off and I got naked too. I gently pushed her down to the rug on the living room floor and ran my tongue from her mouth, down her chest, stopping to softly bite nipples, down her stomach, and to her crotch. She began to moan as I pleasured her pussy with my tongue. Her pussy tasted as sweet as I remembered from the night before.

When I felt my cock was rock hard in arousal, I moved her onto her knees and said, “I have been waiting for a chance to fuck your ass.”

She raised her ass up for me and I gently spread her butt cheeks and instructed her to push her ass out. Then I carefully maneuvered my cock into her tight little ass. She winced as my cock entered and stretched her butt hole, but as it closed around my cock she softly moaned. I held onto her hips and slowly pumped. Her cute tight ass was incredible and began to relax and she began to moan in enjoyment. I pumped and pumped till I busted a load inside her ass and with a plop pulled my cock out of her ass and we laid on the floor next to each other.

It was almost 1:30am, so I got some pillows and blankets and made up a bed on the floor. Cara climbed in the blankets and snuggled up to me and said, “Thanks for an amazing and crazy night. You taught me things and I learned things about myself that I like.”

I answered, “Thank you, as well. You never questioned me and you went with things I said and together we fulfilled fantasies I have had. You are very sexy and have an amazing body!”

Cara smiled and reached down my crotch and began stroking my cock. She said, “Are you up for one last fuck before we crash, cause I am.”

I smiled and nodded at her. She stroked my cock and balls with her hand till I was hard and then climbed on top of me saying, “I have always wanted to try cowgirl.” I smiled and said, “Go for it.” She guided my cock into her pussy and began bouncing.

As I held onto her small hips I said, “Shit, I almost forgot how good your sexy pussy feels. Fuck, I am going to miss it after the morning.” She kept riding and said, “Ya we will find time though.” Cara began moaning and I felt her pussy orgasm. She bounced and bounced and I enjoyed all of the 15 minutes before I climaxed. Cara climbed off of me and laid down with her head on my chest and we fell asleep.

The next morning we woke up and I convinced her to join me in the shower. I watched the water bead off her as she rinsed off and I started to get aroused. I wrapped my arms around her waist kissed her neck and pressed my stiffening cock against her ass and said, “You are so beautiful!” Cara smiled and turned around and stroked my cock with her hands before kneeling down in front of me. The water splashed on her back as she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking. She looked up at me with her pretty eyes as she continued to pleasure my cock with her mouth.

Before I could cum she stopped though and said, “I want you inside me one last time.” I quickly shut off the water and we bolted out of the shower. I tossed a towel on the bed and she leaned on it and bent over, spreading her legs and pussy for me. Then I pounded her good and hard for 15 minutes till I came.

As we got dressed and she prepared to leave the house she said, “I know and understand it will be hard for us to find time to meet up and I realize this might have been a one time set of lessons. For the lessons I say thank you and it was an amazing time!”

I nodded and said, “Unfortunately, you are probably right. As much as I would like to say we could do this again I think for both our sake it’s probably over. You gave me an incredible and wild 24 hours that I know I will never forget.”

Cara hugged me and softly kissed my lips and said, “Thanks for teaching me.” Then she was out the door and the lessons were over forever.




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