Teach Me Part Two

The next morning I received a text from Cara  confirming we were on for tonight and inquiring on instructions.  Instructions I gave were to wear a sexy dress and perfume.

Cara arrived that evening wearing a very tight black dress which barely covered her ass. Cara looked at me and said, “Do you think this is sexy enough?”

I smiled and responded, “Very sexy! You move a little I can see your panties!” We sat down on the couch and I said, “We are going to go somewhere fun tonight.”

Cara smiled and began unbuttoning my pants, took my dick out and began massaging it. Then she cupped my balls after licking and sucking them and began sucking up and down my shaft. I laid back on the couch and asked, “Tonight are you up for you first taste of cum?” She nodded her head as she kept sucking and I replied, “You keep saying yes to my instructions and it will be a great night!” She sucked and sucked and I eventually shot my cum in her mouth. Cara swallowed and smiled at me and I said, “Wow, you swallowed a lot! How was it?”

She took a drink of water and answered, “I won’t lie, I was nervous about doing that, but it tasted sweet and it was hot!”

I smiled and cleaned up and grabbed my car keys. Then I reached under her dress and pulled at l her thong and said, “Take it off and leave it here. You won’t need it.”

She said, “If we are going somewhere my ass and pussy might be seen.”

I looked at her and asked, “You aren’t saying no, are you?”

She pulled off her panties and handed them to me and said, “Nope.” We got in the car and drove off.

I had heard of a sex club nearby and knew my wife never would have agreed to visit, but the place intrigued me and I wanted to see how obedient Cara would be. We arrived and I explained this was a sex club and told her we  were going to observe people.  We went in and were given a set of guidelines and rules by the host before sitting down on a small couch. For the next half hour we people watched. Cara immediately caught the attention of several men and I pointed out the guys staring at her. She seemed thrown off at first but then started to relish in the attention. We noticed this one nerdy guy standing off to the side staring at her. I hiked her dress up a little bit and asked her to open her legs a bit. She did and I saw the nerdy guy staring at her visible pussy. We both noticed he had begun tugging on himself.

I whispered, “Look, you are so hot and by flashing your pussy  you are making that guy jerk off.”

We watched him continue to masturbate until he blew and walked away quickly. Cara said she had to go to bathroom and I advised her to not speak to or make eye contact with any guy. If a guy approached her she was to tell them she was here with someone and I was on couch. We had been instructed by the host she couldn’t be approached without my approval cause we were here together. Several men approached me when she was out of site and inquired if she was available for playing which I declined.

I had noticed a well dressed man who was with a woman across the room occasionally look at Cara. When Cara had gone past them to the bathroom he stared. I had gotten a look at the woman he was with when she retrieved something at the bar near us. She was an attractive Latina of average build with shoulder length black hair and big boobs. I motioned the man over. He was well groomed and of Latin decent.

We shook hands and I asked, “Do you like my 19 year old girlfriend?” He nodded softly. I said, “Ya figured by the way you were staring.”

We chuckled and he said, “Well the tight dress and no panties doesn’t hurt to go along with being cute.”

I said, “We have never been here before, both of us are clean, I promise!”

He nodded in acknowledgement and said, “My wife and I have been here once before but didn’t play and we are clean too.”

I said, “Well you are the first guy who looked me in eyes when talking to me, so I believe you,” to which we chuckled. Then I said, “What do you think about a trade off? My girl gives you a blow job while I titty fuck your wife?”

He said, “Sounds good to me. Let me chat with her.”

I said, “Ok, just give me a sign if she agrees and I will tell my girl when she gets back.”

He walked back to his wife as Cara returned and I said, “Did you see that guy smile at you as you passed him? The guy with the Hispanic girl we saw with the big boobs.” Cara nodded and I said, “What do you think if we all went into another room and you sucked his cock?”

Her eyes got big and she paused before answering, “Just head?”

I said, “Yes and play with his wife’s boobs in same room.”

Cara sighed and said, “I agreed to not say no.” I smiled and patted her thighs and looked up to see the man  waving two fingers at me. Then he and his wife got up and walked to a side room and we followed them.

The room was an 8ft square that had a big soft chair and a small bed and long beads as curtains. Cara and I sat down on the bed and the other couple sat on the chair. I tugged at Cara’s dress hiking it up her thighs and said, “Doesn’t she have a sexy little pussy?”

They smiled and nodded. Then the man slid his wife’s dress off her shoulders and down her stomach exposing her large breasts. I whispered in Cara ear, “Just do what you did earlier and it will be good.” She nodded in agreement.

The other girl removed her dress and hung it over the back of the chair. She walked over to me and as I noticed her black silk panties I motioned for Cara to go over to the guy.  Cara turned around in front of him and let him rub her ass for a couple minutes and his wife sat next to me and pushed my head between her tits. Her perfume smelled like cotton candy and I softly licked and sucked her tits. When I lifted my head several minutes later I saw Cara kneeling down and unbuttoning his pants. I stood up and pulled down my pants and boxers as the girl laid in a way on the bed that I could access her tits with my cock. She squished her tits around my cock and I began thrusting slow. Cara pulled his cock out of his pants and hesitated for a second before she proceeded to suck on it and cup his balls.

I continued to thrust my cock between the other girl’s tits and I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. She began fingering her pussy and moaning. Several minutes later I heard the guy moan real loud and turned my head to see him lay back and his body’s motions made me realize he probably came. I was reaching that point and feverishly thrust two more times and cum began shooting out onto the lady’s jugs. She leaned her head up and licked my cock clean.

Everyone got dressed and the guy said, “Your girl gives a great blow job.”

I smiled and nodded in agreement before shaking his hand and saying, “Thanks for the fun. We aren’t leaving yet.”

He responded, “Thanks back at you. We are gonna chill here too for a bit.”

We walked back to the lounge area and Cara and I found a seat together and began talking. I asked her, “So, what did you think? Did you have fun?”

“I am not going to lie, I was nervous at first, and then it didn’t help the fact when I saw his cock was thick. But I closed my eyes and began playing with it in my mouth and his balls and nerves went away. It was a fucking hot experience!” she replied.

I smiled and said, “I am glad you enjoyed yourself and didn’t let nerves get best of you. Did you swallow his load?”

“A little of it at first, but then he pulled back and came in a towel for most of it,” she answered.

“I bet after he saw your sexy pussy he was wishing he could fuck you,” I said.

“You really think so?” she asked.

“Ya, I do. Does that turn you on or something?” I questioned.

Cara replied, “It is kind of a turn on thinking just by flashing him for a minute he would think about wanting to fuck me. I don’t know, his thick cock might hurt though.”

I said, “You never know; it might hurt at first and then it might feel good.”

She said, “Ya, who knows.”

I stated,  “They are sitting over there and every once in awhile they look over here and smile.”

Cara looked in there direction and gave a soft wave. Then I noticed in the corner and pointed out the nerd was back. I got up and went over to him and told him to go purchase a flavored condom and come over to us and she would suck his dick. I went back to Cara and told her what I told the nerd and said I bet you he will bust a load real quick. She laughed and wasn’t opposed to the idea of giving him a blow job at all. He came over to us in a couple minutes and the three of us walked to a room. As we passed the other couple I said, “Don’t leave yet,” to which they smiled and nodded.

Once in the room I sat in the chair and told the nerd to sit on the bed. I slowly unzipped Cara’s dress and slid her bra down with my hands. His eyes immediately gravitated to her breasts. I whispered, “Go take his hand and put it on your boobs and watch how fast he gets an erection.”

Cara giggled and walked over to him and grabbed his hands and put one on each of her boobs. Just as I predicted his eyes got big in about a minute and he looked down at his crotch.

I firmly said, “Put the rubber on.”

He hastily pulled off his pants and tore open the condom and struggled for a moment before getting it on. Cara knelt down and cupped his balls in her hand and slowly stroked his shaft and put his cock in her mouth. He tensed up at first in anticipation but relaxed fast when she began sucking. She sucked for maybe 5 minutes before I saw his body twitch and I knew he came. He feverishly grabbed for paper towels to clean himself before pulling up his pants and darting out the room. Cara walked over to me and I assisted her in putting her dress back on.

She said, “I realized when I was blowing him that I want to see how that guy’s cock would feel inside me.”

I looked at her and said, “Are you sure about that?”

She replied, “Yes, I am cause I thought about it the whole time I sucked that little dick.”

I said, “Well, let’s go see if they are here still and what they think.”





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