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He came to my door…..

I feel asleep that night tired and lonely. I dreampt of a new person this time. Last time I was married to a beautiful person. But this time, I stay with him until the end….
I wake in the morning desperate and lonely, for in my dream I had met and dated a man named Di. That’s pronounced Die. I never saw him before so he had to be made up. In the dream I had lost him for a while, then found him broken. He had been in an accident of some sort. I layed down beside him and talked until I awoke. I woke up crying and saying, ” I love you Di”! ” I love you Di”! I went through the day wishing it had been real. Every chance I got, I thought of him. I went to friends houses and expressed my distress. I was tore down inside at the fact it was so real, yet it wasn’t at all. Tonight I hope to not have a dream at all. Night comes and I sit at the edge of the bed. I sigh and lay down to sleep. My bed is comfy, my pillow soft, my stomach full, my head clear….
:::Knock Knock::: I awake startled and run for the door. As I look through the peep hole, I realise it is only David, my friend from work. I unlock both locks and open the door. I look up to see a gorgeos black man. He has a muscle shirt that shows his rippled stomach and curvy arms. I hold my breath. I regain breath and ask him what could I do for him, silently thinking of what I really could do. He smiles and says, ” I just moved here and wanted to get to know some people”. My heart jumps. I stammer and tell him my name, ” I’m Melanie, welcome”. We shake hands. When I pull my hand back I shutter. There is something familiar about him. “So, what is there to do around here”? He asks. “Well, there is a small resteraunt down the road, a small theater, a few shops here and there”. I reply. “How about you show me the resteraunt”. He suggests. ” That sounds good”. I am nervous now. “We can walk, it’s not that far”. I explain. He steps back and I walk outside of my apartment. I feel so strange. We walk to the resteraunt for three minutes, and when we get there he opens the door for me. I say thank you and walk in. We sit in a little booth and I ask him what he would like. He says he would pay and what would I like. I tell him I would like a coffee and he signals the waitress. “The lady would like some coffee, and I would like a Carona”. He says and turns to smile at me. “What do you do for fun”? He asks. I tell him a few things and ask him the same. His reply is that he likes clubs, movies and walking through the park. “I don’t believe you told me your name”. I exclaim. “I believe you already know my name Melanie”. I look at him with wide eyes. “Di”? He takes my hand and I start shaking. We ignore our order and walk home. I open the door and we walk in. We lay on the bed together fully clothed and he says, “Someday you’ll find me outside of your dreams. Never give up hope”. And then I really awaken. I look to the ceiling and smile. “I know Di, I know”.

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