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Moving In

Jay and his wife Tammy had just moved into their own home.The couple had only been married for a couple of years.One night at about six o’clock in the evening they heard a knock at the door,Jay got up and answered it.When he opened the door it was Mrs.Hill.Jay told Mrs.Hill to come on in.Mrs.Hill was a housewife who was about 5’5 about 120 pounds,with long blonde hair and green eyes.Jay and Tammy asked where Mr.Hill was and she said that he was always out of town on business trips.Tammy then asked Mrs.Hill if she wanted something to drink and she said i’ll take some water.It was a very hot day and Jay said i’ll take one to honey.Tammy came back with the waters.Mrs.Hill then asked the couple if they had ever been in a threesome and they both said no.Mrs.Hill was sitting directly across from Jay,she crossed her legs showing Jay her freshly shaved pussy,Jay started to get turned on.Mrs.Hill wasn’t wearing any panties,Tammy got up and started kissing Mrs.Hill,that got Jay even harder.Tammy then took off her short shorts and her halter top and was just in her bra and panties.Mrs.Hill began licking on tammy’s hard nipples while Jay took off tammy’s panties and began to eat her wet pussy.Tammy was going crazy she had never done this before and she is likeing ever minute of it,Jay continued to eat Tammy’s swollen mound as she was moaning and groaning so loud until she couldn’t take no more and exploded her tasty juices in Jay’s mouth.Jay then got up and was facing Mrs.Hill with his big bulge staring her right in the face,Mrs.Hill then unzipped Jay’s pants unleashing his 8 inch cock before her eyes, she began to lick the tip of his dick with her tongue,she then took his cock all the way in until the head of his dick was tickling the back of her throat.You could tell that she was a pro at sucking cock,just as she was sucking his hard member,she felt the hot steamy come from him him,but Mrs.Hill did not not budge,she took all of the hot come from Jay down her throat with a little bit of a gag,but she controlled herself.Tammy who had been sitting there then went up to Mrs.Hill and Jay and started to take off Mrs.Hill skirt and her blouse.She did not have any bra or panties on.Now all she was wearing was a pair of high heels.Tammy began licking her wet pussy,this started making Jay hard again,he then went behind Mrs.Hill and put his cock in her ass,Mrs.Hill let out a deep moan,she then felt all of Jay in her ass,Tammy continued sucking Mrs.Hill wet pussy lips,Jay kept going in and out of her.Mrs.Hill could’t take the excitement she let all of her come go into Tammy sweet little mouth.Jay pulled out of her ass,then Mrs.Hill turned around and Jay put his large cock into her puffy mound.Tammy seemed to enjoy watching Jay with another women.Tammy then took two of her fingers and stuck them between her tan legs as Jay fucked Mrs.Hill.Jay continued driving his rod in and out of Mrs.Hill,she was moaning and groaning,she was screaming “oh god fuck me harder”,Jay did not hesitate he rammed it harder and deeper inside that nice and wet pussy.Jay could handle no more he then let his load go inside her as Mrs.Hill and Tammy all came at once.Mrs.Hill then got dressed,looked at Tammy and Jay and said welcome to the neighborhood.

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