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Kings Cross

Describe room

The room is lit with a harsh red light. On metal coat hangers on the walls there are various costumes, one is a nurse’s uniform another appears to be made of black rubber.
Describe objects
The bed is a large double bed. On the bed there are:
old towels
On a bedside table there are:
Plastic bottles
A roll of packing tape
In the room there is:

Examine Carol

Carol has been logged on to #RL for 09 hrs 34 minutes.

Visible exits are: bathroom

Carol was naked but she didn’t look naked. She looked raw. The harsh red light which was supposed to conceal her age made her look as if she had been flayed alive.

Carol had “victim” written all over her. She also had the words “Professional Submissive” printed on her business cards.

She obviously wanted to tell Terry about something that was worrying her but she knew that would have to wait when he cut some black shiny packing tape and taped it over her mouth. Play first, then talk.

Carol obediently, if somewhat wearily, stood up and put her hands behind her back as Terry closed the handcuffs tightly onto her wrists.

Terry was silent. Carol knew from experience that he would be silent for the next hour of enjoyment. Carol didn’t mind.

Terry’s excitement was already apparent through his jeans. With Carol handcuffed and helpless his cock responded like the cock of a teenager.

Carol thought she was ready for anything which happened. Once the handcuffs were on she had to trust Terry anyway. Her only job was to realise when he wanted her to fight back and how much.

Rose observed Carol. Rose just watched. Rose felt none of Carol’s pain. Rose had come into existence during Carol’s childhood…between Carol’s second and third BDSM sessions with her mother’s lover.

While Carol was naked, gagged and handcuffed on the bed, Terry had gone through the door to the bathroom and turned on the taps. Carol wondered vaguely what he had in mind as he returned to the bed and forced her across his knee. Carol was justly proud of how much spanking she could take. The small room reverberated to the sound of Terry slapping at her…Carol detected that he wanted her to try to escape.

When Carol tried to wriggle free from Terry he seemed to become quite frenzied forcing his thumb inside her anus and holding her down on the bed as his other hand clawed…literally clawed…at her naked breasts…all the time the bath was filling.

Rose began to wonder calmly about the bath overflowing and how Carol would sort things out with the neighbours

Carol decided to struggle more…but not enough to dislodge Terry’s thumb from inside her….Terry turned over Carol’s raw naked body and gripped her ankles to force her legs apart. Handcuffed as she was, she could not resist him. Terry urgently forced his stiff cock inside her and said the one word he ever used for Carol during these sessions,. “Cunt.”

Rose smiled inwardly as she confirmed Terry’s urgency was due to the usual problem – forestalling premature ejaculation.

Terry withdrew from Carol and left his come dripping down her thigh. It was clear he had not finished however. The bath was almost full. Terry put his hands in Carol’s hair and pulled her towards the bathroom. It was time for Carol to kick and struggle and be overcome by him. Terry was continually distracted from subduing Carol by a need to fondle and scratch and punish her naked breasts. Carols struggle grew weaker at such moments…

The light in the bathroom was white and harsh. Carol gave only token wriggles as Terry turned off the taps then launched into a real struggle when it was clear he wanted to get her into the water. What had he got planned?

Terry pushed Carol up against the wall and groped her breasts roughly, amateurishly…what did he want?

Terry became rougher, clawing, fingering. Carol reacted and struggled. Terry smiled.

Terry was clearly excited and aroused as he forced Carol into the water. Struggle as she might she could not prevent this – handcuffed as she was…she could not cry out through the gag. As the water closed over her head Carol was panicking…her naked body twisted and turned in the water; her legs flailed and splashed about desperately as Terry relentlessly forced her head under the water.

Carol was face up in the water with Terry’s hand pushing her face below the surface. She opened her eyes under the water looked up at Terry’s face, distorted as it was through the water. She had stopped struggling altogether and she was trying desperately to think.

There was something she needed to do. She couldn’t think.

Her eyes were open and she looked up though the still water.

She needed to do something to save herself. What did she need to do? Terry was calmly looking down at her. Her lungs were bursting. He still held her down. What did she have to do?

As if someone had whispered in her ear she knew – she had to trust Terry… Carol deliberately blew all the air out of her lungs and watched as it bubbled to the surface. Terry pulled Carol by the hair so that her face broke surface. She gulped air into her lungs before he pushed her down into the bath again.

Carol lost count of how many times this was repeated. Terry’s sexual excitement just seemed to grow and grow as he watched and held Carol’s naked occasionally struggling body under the water. The more she struggled, the more erect and the more powerful he felt. Was this what it was like to kill?

Terry carried a semi-conscious Carol back to the bedroom for a long long session of spanking and sex. Her cold wet naked body seemed like a dead weight. He told her to keep dead still on the bed. He held her ankles and pulled her towards the edge. Terry lifted Carol’s legs holding the ankles together.

Terry’s pushed his cock inside Carol’s cold wet cunt. Carol’s legs were against his chest. The cold of her flesh against his was a new experience…an exciting experience.

“Cold be hand and heart and bone

And cold be sleep under stone.”

Terry recited the half-forgotten words as if to himself and thrust his cock inside Carol’s cold cunt in time with the poetry. He held both her ankles tight together in one hand, a few trickles of water remained.

Rose watched and listened to the old poem which sounded like the barrow wight’s song from the Lord of the Rings …she thought idly of the story of the barrow wights and their endless time in the darkness, comfortable among the corpses of the slain.

Terry pulled his cock out of Carol before he came and left her lying on the bed while he put on the heater and the music. Inevitably it was Madonna’s “hanky panky” that he played.

Carol was slightly warmer as he pulled her over his lap and started enthusiastically spanking her damp naked bottom.

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