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Subliminal Messages


As you know, I design sex toys for both men and women. In designing any kind of product, you need to do some research and while working on the design of a toy, I found some interesting stuff about subliminal messages in marketing. Advertisements had always used some sort of subliminal messaging to connect you with the product. You really don’t need the last gadget on the market, but somehow the ads convince you to buy it – that is the power of subliminal messages.

About two years ago, I decided to use some subliminal messages techniques I read on a 1960’s marketing manual into some instrumental music to see their effect. Just for fun, I inserted a masked hypnotist session into an electronic music mix I prepared. The hypnotist was using a general routine to make people fall in trance when they supposedly would be under total control of the hypnotist. I played the part of the hypnotist because the manual explained that you could not hypnotize yourself. The mix resulted great because I knew my voice was there, but I could not distinguish it from the beat of the music. The next step was trying it with unsuspecting subjects.

To my luck, a pair of Japanese college students moved across the street and one of them knocked at my door asking for some help in changing a burned breaker. They were sisters and were studying in the neighboring college campus. Erika was the youngest one and she was 21. Her body was the common Japanese girl body – skinny, with small breasts, an ass that was barely noticeable and hips that looked like the ones from a teenager. She had two huge redeeming qualities: her face was beautiful, like a doll, and the second her personality. She exuded sweetness and innocence with her long black hair in a pony tail.

On the other hand her older sister, Yari, was kind of rough at the edges. Yari had also a skinny body, but her breasts and ass were more noticeable. For whatever weird reason, she had her hair bleached completely white and had a haircut that was shy of a tomboy. She talked with authority and demanded to be heard. While Erika was wearing a flower dress, Yari was dressed in punk clothes – black t-shirt with camouflage pants. Still, her face was very similar to her younger sister and her smile was frank and sexy. She was studying Accounting to establish a business later on with her sister. When I said I was a product designer, Erika commented that she would be bothering me a lot, since that was an area she was interested. I said that they would never bother me and created some confidence.

The next day, Yari invited me to have dinner with them to thank me for my help. I accepted and decided to make them my test subjects. What was the worst that could happen?

In the evening, I knocked at their door with a bottle of wine and a few CDs I had prepared with the subliminal messages. I did not know what music they liked, so I had the electronic music version and three other versions with rock, jazz, and salsa (Japanese are big fans of salsa music). Erika said she wanted to hear the jazz one, while Yari wanted the electronic, needing a coin toss to pick the first one to play. Personally I did not care because if everything resulted like mentioned in the manual, they would be hypnotized by half of the first disc.

The jazz CD won the coin toss and we listened to the soothing music while eating noodles and drinking the wine. Just to be sure the CDs were working, we listened both before I tried anything. By then, both had glassy eyes and I decided to test the subliminal control I “had” over them.

I said the trance word and both slumped at the same time on their chairs. It worked! But I did not know what to do with them! I was not ready for a working message, but I was not going to throw this away. Of course the brain in my smaller head thought about something. I suggested under hypnosis that when I snapped my fingers, they would not have any type of sexual inhibitions. I snapped my fingers and soon saw a change in their eyes.

The cool and innocent eyes of these sisters were now full of lust. Yari was the first one to act, taking my face and planting a wet, hard kiss in my mouth. As soon as she broke the kiss, she stood up and told me to follow her to the living room because she was going to give me the blowjob of the century. We all went to the living and right away Yari undressed without any sign of shame. Erika was following her example, leaving me the only dressed person in the house. Soon that problem was solved and there I was naked with my erection pulsating next to two young Japanese sisters that were hungry sex beasts.

We sat on the sofa – Yari to my right and Erika to the left. Yari took my erection and began to masturbate me with a painfully slow pace. The bitch wanted to tease me and make me suffer… and I was game! My cock got hard as granite and Yari moved her hand faster and got closer to my tool, passing the tip all over her wet, thin lips. I wanted to feel her mouth eating my meat stick, so I grabbed her short white hair and pushed her head down so she got it inside… which she did with one of those pure lust grunts that sounded inhumanly sexy.

At my left, the angelical Erika was busy. She had been masturbating frantically observing the scene next to her. Yari was busy with my cock, so I got busy with her younger sister. I turned a little bit and kissed her mouth with desire, biting her lips, licking and pinching her nipples, driving her crazy with my tongue. I pushed things farther and took one of her nipples into my mouth to suck it mercilessly while removing her hand from her pussy, substituting it with my own hand. Poor Erika was melting if we consider the quantity of fluid coming out of her wet pussy.

Yari was inclined over my lap, so her ass was in perfect position to play with it. Somehow, I took one finger on my right hand and swiped it all along her back until I reached the crack of her ass. She arched her back like a cat and continued sucking harder on my meat.

It felt great, but I wanted to fuck these two girls. I asked them to go in all fours and the view of these two small assess was poetry in motion. I moistened my fingers and with each hand fingered their soaking pussies from behind. From their pussies, my fingers went to massage their assholes, feeling how both reacted to my fingers. The moans were music and their faces were masterpieces. Yari had her eyes closed, with her mouth completely open like a fish out of water. Erika also had her eyes closed, but her lips were just ajar and her face was flushed red with excitement. Definitively, a masterpiece.

I asked if they had been buttfucked and Yari answered that she had, Erika had not. I placed myself behind Yari and fucked both her orifices with my fingers while with the other hand, I grabbed her pointy breasts, bigger than her sisters rounded ones. Without missing a beat, I replaced the finger in her pussy with my cock. She reacted by giving a small cry and pushing herself back, introducing my cock deeper into her cunt. I kept a slow motion and continued fingering her asshole for a few long minutes when without warning, I removed my cock from her dripping pussy and rammed it hard inside her ass. She screamed, this time louder and began cursing at me. The curses changed soon to moans, and later to requests of more, faster, harder, and deeper. I complied grabbing her shoulders to impale her tiny ass as deep as I could. I was destroying Yari’s ass when she had such a powerful orgasm that her body shook as if having an epileptic attack. My cock followed suit and erupted inside her ass, filling her with my cum.

All this time, Erika had gone back to masturbating and she was close to her orgasm. Before she could reach it by herself, I knelt between her legs and ate her pussy, taking her swollen clitoris and sucking it like my life depended on it. Erika grabbed my head and pushed me deeper, I responded with fingering her asshole and torturing her pussy with my tongue. She was shrieking just like in the Japanese porn movies when I felt her body buckling and convulsing with pleasure.

By then, my soldier was ready for battle. I was going to take her anal virginity, but before that, my rod got wet in her pussy. My pacing was slow and delicate and as soon my cock was red hot, I went for her virgin asshole. I raised her legs and penetrated her little doughnut without hurry while looking straight to her angelical doll face. Her eyes went blank and her shriek was a long one. Unlike her sister, Erika took the pain like a trooper and soon was whispering me to go deeper. Both were enjoying this deflowering when Yari came back from the dead and began to caress her sister’s face, kissing her cheeks, and encouraging me to take my time fucking her sister. Without a warning she began masturbating her sister at the same speed I was nailing her. Erika looked like a serpent, twisting on the sofa with her eyes closed and her mouth barely open, giving long moans of pleasure that were taking me to the edge.

Then something unexpected happened. Yari left her sister and reclined on my back. She was kissing my neck, my back and passing the tip of her fingers all over my back. It felt incredible when she started to massage my ass, reaching by balls from behind and giving them a small tug. I was walking on clouds, when suddenly I felt something inside my ass and a lightning bolt hit my prostate. The surprise was so big, I basically fell over Erika, ramming by cock into her ass, going balls-deep. Erika apparently loved that because her orgasm exploded, screaming below my body. I felt a second bolt on my prostate and began cumming like a possessed, feeling my balls pumping drums of semen inside Erika’s ass.

When I heard Yari’s laugh, I realized what the bitch had done… she had milked my prostate by fingering my asshole. She took revenge on me because of the way I fucked her ass before.

The three of us were exhausted after hours of sex, and the girls needed to wake from the hypnosis. We took a shower together, dressed back and sitting at the sofa, I repeated the trance word. They again slumped on their seat. This time I told them that when they woke up, they would remember having sex with me, feeling liberated from any taboo or guilt. They would remember having enjoyed the experience, which was their idea. I woke them from their trance and Erika was the first one to hug me while kissing my lips with the most delicate kiss I had experienced ever. Yari smiled and also kissed me saying we better repeat that in the future.

Believe it or not, I spent a whole year fucking both sisters – sometimes one of them, at others, both. I never used hypnosis again on them or anyone else, the possibilities are too dangerous… but I still have those CDs just in case.



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