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Nurse Nadine

Keith just came home from a hard day’s work. He was tired from dealing with a bunch of demanding clients all day. “How was your day?” Nadine asked. “Lousy. I’m not even hungry. I just want to lay down for awhile, and get rid of this headache.” Nadine told him to get undressed and go to bed, and she would bring him something to relieve him.
      Keith did as he was told, and expected Nadine to bring him some pill or something. So imagine his shock when he looked up to find her standing in the doorway to the bathroom. Silhouetted with the light behind her, she looked like an angel, standing there wearing nothing but a nurse’s cap, white thigh-high nylons held up by a white garter belt, and a stethoscope around her neck. Dangling between her two gorgeous mounds. Nipples hard and taut.
      “So how’s my patient?” she asked. Keith couldn’t believe his eyes. Of all days, she wanted to play, and HE had a headache. She walked slowly to the edge of the bed. When she reached the edge of the bed, he looked up into her freshly shaved pussy. She was gorgeous. No doubt about it. He wanted to bury his face in her.
      As he started to get up, she pushed him back down on the bed. “Not so fast. We have to take your temperature.” Nadine placed a thermometer in his mouth and told him to keep his mouth closed. She bent over him to listen to his heart with her stethoscope. As she did, one of her breasts grazed past his mouth. He started to open his mouth to catch it. “Ah-ah-ah,” she said.   “Keep that thermometer in your mouth, or I’ll have to stick it some place else.” He obeyed.
      “Your heart is beating rather fast. I think I need to massage it.” With that, she climbed on the bed, and straddled him. Took the thermometer and read it. “Temperature normal.” She began giving him a slow, sensual massage with one hand. With the other hand, she began massaging her own twat. Her fingers rubbing outside. Slowly she inserted her finger. Moaning. She closed her eyes. Her finger going in and out. He watched her. Oh, how he wanted to bury his face in her. Taste her.   He grabbed her bottom and started pulling her toward him.
        She moved so she was now straddling his face. “Lick me, baby. Let me feel that magic tongue of yours.” She smothered his face with her pussy. He licked her clit. All around it. She spread it open with her fingers so he could see the pink inside. As his tongue plunged inside, she moaned. Closed her eyes, as her head tilted back. “Yes! YES!” she screamed. She loved it. Couldn’t get enough of it. She shoved her pussy so hard into his face. He could hardly breathe. She was pumping her pussy on his face. Fucking his face. He felt her shudder. Felt the warmth on his tongue, as she came all over it.
      “How’s your headache?” Nadine asked. “I have a different kind of pain, now.” He answered. Nadine looked down at his stiff rod. “I guess I’ll have to take care of that new pain for you.” She took hold of his stiff rod. Licked around the head. Down the side. Over his balls. Sucked one into her mouth, as she gently massaged the other one. Wrapped her fingers around his rod. Pumping it. Sucking him. She took him all into her mouth. Licking. Sucking. He was ready to come.
      He rolled her over on her back and was on top of her. He started pumping his shaft just inches from her mouth. Nadine opened her mouth as his juices began flowing into it. She licked her lips. Tasting him. Swallowing him. As his cum kept coming. Then she took him in her mouth and sucked every last drop out of him.
      “How’s my patient doing?” she asked. “Great. Now I’m famished. Let’s go eat”. Keith told her. Nadine looked at him with that devilish grin and said, “But I thought that’s what we just did, darling.”

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