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My Christine

One day, on the way home from school…hold on. You need some background info. My name is Shaun and I’m 17 years old with a thin muscular build
and 5’10 tall. I drive my car to school everyday. One day, during last period, my friend Christine (whom I have the hots for) approached me and asked if I would mind taking her home. Heck yeah!! I could just imagine sucking her size 36 C cup breasts! So on the way home I asked her if it would be alright if we stopped at my dad’s house first, so I didn’t have to go out of my way. She agreed and asked to come inside. “I’ll be the one to come inside” I thought. She looked around a bit and I hurried her up to my room. Once inside, I asked her, “Christine, do you think I’m attractive?” Instead of answering me, she stood on the tips of her toes (she is only 5’0″) and frenched me. I kissed her back, harder, while feeling her breasts through her clothes. She pulled off her top and bra while I removed my shirt and pants. I she then lay me down and removed my boxers with her teeth. She gasped at my 7″ cock as it sprang out at her. My boyfriend’s is only 4″! She then started giving me the best blowjob humanly possible. Before long, I was about to cum. “I’m gonna blow!” I moaned. She stopped sucking and I shot my load all over her chest. I then proceeded to suck my splooge off her voluptuous breasts. She started to moan softly, and then I inserted my rock hard cock into her pussy. She screamed in agony, “I’m a virgin!” I then took it slower and after awhile, she started enjoying it. After about five minutes, she said “I’m cumming, Oh my god Shaun do me harder!” Then she came everywhere, throwing me over the edge and I filled her full of my baby batter.
“So, you need a ride tomorrow?” I said.
“Yeah, and you can drive me home too.”

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