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One Hot Summer Night

Sandy had been divorced for 2 years and spent that time losing all the weight she could. She had gotten back into her “tight fitting jeans” and decided that it was time for her to get back into life too. She took a long bath and put on her tight fitting jeans and a nice blouse and some make up and perfume and headed out on the town.
She had been to several different bars. She had heard about one that was on her way home and thought she would make that her last stop. She walked into the bar and up to the bar and ordered a drink. There was three men sitting next to her and they offered to buy her drink. She thanked them and went to sit at a table. The three men followed her. She danced with first one and then the other. It was getting late and she wasn’t feeling any pain, so she thought it was time for her to head home. The men offered to take her home, but she didn’t know them and was comfortable with that. They walked her out to her car. As she pulled away, the three men got in their car and followed her home anyway. One of the men, Jason, got out of the car and said, “You are pretty drunk and we just wanted to make sure you made it home.” Sandy smiled and stumbled and giggled and thanked them for their concern. She made it up to her door, but couldn’t find her keys. Todd, one of the three men, joined Sandy and Jason at the front door to help with the keys. Soon Tim, the third man, was helping too. Once the door was open, the men followed her in to “help her to bed”. They took her upstairs and into the master bedroom. Sandy still slept in the king sized bed that she and her husband shared.
Todd and Jason started taking Sandy’s clothes off. She protested at first, but then started to pass out from all the drinks she had consumed. They stripped Sandy totally nude and lay her on the bed. All three men stripped down to nothing and climbed on the bed too. Sandy was in and out of passing out. She knew they were there, but couldn’t make any moves or say anything. Todd reached down and started rubbing her pussy. Jason reached over and started caressing her breasts. Tim moved up towards her head and started rubbing the head of his cock around her mouth. Sandy moaned, but not because she liked what was happening. She wanted so badly to be able to wake up and make them leave.
Soon she felt Todd’s tongue sliding all around her clit. He slid one finger in her pussy as he licked and sucked away at her clit. Jason began licking and sucking on her hard nipples. Tim forced his hard cock in her mouth and began slowly fucking her mouth. She gagged a couple of times, but he didn’t stop. Soon Todd positioned himself between her legs and slowly put his hard 9 inch cock inside her wet pussy. Her pussy was so hot and wet and tight. Todd began stroking and watching Tim fuck her mouth. Jason continued to suck her nipples and began stroking his cock as well. After a few minutes, Jason said, “Hey there is one more hole we need to fill.” All three men smiled and they got up and lay Sandy on top of Jason (her back to him). He used his saliva to wet the head of his hard cock and slid it into her ass. Mentally she wanted so bad to make this stop, but was powerless. With Jason’s cock deep in her ass, Todd again positioned himself between her legs and entered her pussy with his cock again. Tim again put his cock in her mouth and all three men pumped in and out of the holes they had filled with their cocks. Todd stroked deep and hard. Knowing and watching what the others were doing to her, added to his excitement and he pumped faster. Tim stroked in and out of her mouth faster too. Todd wanted to watch Tim cum in her mouth. “Fuck her Tim!”, Todd yelled. Within a few minutes, Tim exploded in her mouth. He shoved his cock deep in her throat to make sure she swallowed it. Todd couldn’t stand it anymore and cum deep in her pussy. Soon Jason was cumming deep in her ass too. They all stayed where they were for a couple minutes to make sure all the cum was drained in her.
They all got up and looked down on her for a few minutes. Todd said, “I wonder if she will remember this?” Tim said, ” I don’t know if she will, but I know I sure will.” The three men all smiled at each other and got their clothes back on. All of them wrote their phone numbers down and put them on her nightstand.
When Sandy woke up early the next morning, she was still naked. She looked over at the nightstand and found the phone numbers. She remembered what had happened. She only wished she had been awake enough to enjoy it. She called them all and invited them over for a night of pleasure. This time, she was enjoy the pleasure too.

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