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Sapphire stood looking into her bestfriends eyes for the first time. He was so handsome his dark hair surrounding his face, his dark eyes burning into her as he spook meaningless words that touched her soul so deeply she thought she would burst into tears on the spot. He was real and he was with her. They were standing in the middle of a crowded hotel lobby while Sapphire waited on her mother to check into their rooms. Her mother already warned that Jonathan could not be alone with her in her room. She knew her mother wouldn’t argue it over with her, her mind was made up and she also knew if she pursued the conversation any longer she wouldn’t be left alone with him period. Her mother was very strict and also very aware of her daughters feelings of Jonathan and knew that it would be hard to trust her with him. Even Sapphire knew how difficult it would be for her to control herself around him. Her mother walked over to the two standing and talking quietly. Here is your room key. They didn’t have two rooms on the same floor I am on the floor below you. “Sapphire hid her happiness and looked as sad as she could. “Aww, well I guess if I need you, you can just hop in an elevator.” Her mother smiled. “of course, and I’ll call and check on you.” “OK, well Mom, Jonathan wanted to show me around so we are going sight seeing I’ll be back later.” “OK, please be back in time for dinner.” “We will” Sapphire smiled and waved her mother good-bye. “She is strict over you isn’t she?” Jonathan said taking hold of Sapphires hand. “I guess you could say that,” “are you sure your really 18?” He laughed. “Yes, I am sure.” She smiled at him. She couldn’t believe she was actually with him alone. “So what do you want to see?” “Well, I don’t know, I’ve never been to New York before, why don’t you surprise me?” “OK.” Sapphire walked along side Jonathan silently. She didn’t know what to say and if she thought of something it was impossible for her to choke it out. Just looking at him made her weak in the knees. She never thought it would be like this but she had a yearning for him. “How about a carriage ride around the park?” “Aww, that sounds wonderful.” Jonathan stepped onto the carriage and held out his hand to help her up. “This is so beautiful Jonathan.” “Not as beautiful as you.” Sapphire blushed and buried her head in his shoulder. Jonathan placed his finger just under her chin and brought her face upward so that she was looking at him and he leaned in slowly letting his lips just barely sweep over hers. Sapphire held his face bringing him in closer to her deepening the kiss. Jonathan broke the kiss and smiled at her. “Are you tired yet?” He asked her walking back to her hotel. “A little.” “Well, I guess this is good-bye until tomorrow huh?” They stood just outside her room. “Hmm, let me think.” Sapphire’s eyes danced in mischief as she unlocked her door and grabbed his arm dragging him in with her quickly. “Shhh, I am going to call Mom and let her know I am back.” Jonathan sat on the edge of the bed silent as a mouse as Sapphire called and told her Mom she was in and was going to bed. “OK.” “OK, what?” He looked at her questioning. “OK, we can be alone now.” “Oh, Sapphire what if your Mom comes up here to make sure your OK?” “She wont that is why I called her and told her I was going to bed.” She smiled wildly at him. He had to admit he didn’t mind being alone with her in the more then lavish hotel with a king sized bed. “I’ll be right back, OK?” “OK.” Jonathan answered as she walked into the bathroom. minutes later she walked out standing in the doorway wearing a black lace bra and thong. “Wow” was all he could get out. He gasped as Sapphire walked over to him slowly straddling his lap as he sat playing a video game. She took the remote from him and turned the TV off and threw it on the floor. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She spoke no words she leaned to kiss him deeply pushing him back on the bed laying now on top of him. She ran her hands down his body and under his shirt feeling his muscular chest at her fingertips as she rolled off of him and climbed up on the bed laying out in the middle of the huge bed. He sat up and looked back at her, She called for him to join her with her finger. “Don’t you want to have some fun?” She looked at him as he blinked rapidly. He didn’t move. She cat walked down to the end of the bed on all fours. She leaned his face up to hers kissing her again slowly sliding off his shirt over his head breaking their kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and placed her hands in his back pockets and tugged on him to move up on the bed with her. She scooted back as he crawled following her slightly hovering over her body. He laid lightly down on top of her and she stopped and laid on her back on the bed. She took her hands from his pockets and ran them over his face intaking his every feature then brought him down onto her more running her hands down his back and they kissed. Jonathan rolled over and leaned resting on his elbow looking at Sapphire layed out on the bed in sheer pleasure.
He shivered at the mere sight of her. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. He began massaging her nipple through the lace fabric softly, teasing her while kissing down her neck gently. She toyed with his waistline unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans and sliding them down. Sapphire nuzzled herself into his neck as she felt his manhood up against her, Jonathan started a rhythm moving up and down her body slowly, pressing harder against her with each thrust. He stopped and moved down her body, down between her legs now he slowly pulled off her lace thong and threw it to the floor. He moved his way back up her body kissing his way up her inner thigh, Sapphire moaned in pleasure as he let his tongue flick against her burning skin. “Oh yes, now!!!” screamed Sapphire. “Shhh.” he moved up her body placing his fingers over her mouth then kissing her deeply to shut her up. “In due time baby.” She looked down at him with pleading eyes and he worked his way back down her body kissing every inch of it as he did. He ran small open mouth kisses down her stomach lightly nibbling then licking to soothe. He was now between her legs running his hands down her body swiftly. he bent and his head disappeared and she could feel him making her hotter and bringing her closer to her peak. He sucked lightly on her throbbing clit, licking her and tongue fucking her. She arched her back upward in ecstasy. She was just about to climax when he stopped. “not yet,” he whispered. He moved up her body looking at her face. Her eyes closed tightly and a look of uncontrollable pleasure over took her. Hey body slightly shivering at his every move and touch, he kissed her chest as she opened her eyes to watch him nurse on her hard nipples. She leaned forward a bit and he reached his arms behind her unlatching her bra and if fell loosely to her tummy as Jonathan slide it down her arms and placed it on the floor with her panties. She shimmied down his body from under him and slide down his black silk boxers she had gotten for him a year back. “mmm, I see you wore them.” “Just for you.” He smiled as he said this. She was pleased and let him know by wrapping her legs around his waist and rolling them over so that she was on top. She kissed down his muscular smooth chest and ran her fingertips along his sides. she worked her way back up and held his arms down on the bed by his wrists. “I have something for you,” she whispered softly in his ear tickling him his body shook in desire. Sapphire reached down beside the bed and pulled a bag up next to her, she took out a pair of fuzzy black handcuffs and a silk black blind fold. she placed the blind fold over his eyes and tied it around his head. Then she took the cuffs and put them on each of his wrists and cuffed him to the bedpost. Jonathan then heard a clicking sound and saw a flash of light through the blind fold. “What are you doing Sapphire?” “You’ll see later,” was all she said to him. He felt her get up and off of him and again saw the flash of light through the blind fold. She put her camera back in her purse and straddled his waist. “Ready?” she asked him in a low sexy tone. “Yesss.” He spoke breathlessly. She moved her body down his positioning herself on him to wear she could slide his hard thick cock in her warm moist mouth. She took him in and he jumped at first. “relax Johnathan.” she licked the length of his dick and then brought him back in her mouth moving up and down on it. “I want to see you cum hard for me OK?” She managed to get out between licks. She bent deeper on him taking all of him in and deep throating him, He was about to explode when she released him from her mouth she then took her hand and pumped it hard over his well hardened penis. She worked her hand up and down on it and played with his balls with her free hand, bending and one by one licking them and sucking on them slightly. Cum oozed out of him and she let it cum all over her chest covering her breast in his love. She thanked him for such a good show. She moved up his body stooping with her breasts in front of his face. “lick my breast baby, suck on them and lick on them.” He did as she asked after all she did bring him one of the best orgasms. He tasted himself on her and started to gag but he quickly got used to the taste and even enjoyed it. He finished cleaning her off and she unblindfolded him. “was that good?” “Oh yes.” He squirmed under her. “please uncuff me now.” “I will when I am ready.” She sat on his chest moving herself up and down him stopping just above his once again erect cock. She teased with him like this for a little while and then moved down Farther letting the tip of his cock feel her inside. She then moved up him more and uncuffed him. “OK, your free,” she smiled at him devilishly. “mmm baby your sooo bad,” “and do you like it when I am bad?” “Oh hell yea.” “Good,” she leaned down over him kissing his lips hard. breathlessly she released her lips from his and slide down him letting him slide slowly into her. “Oh, fuck me hard baby.” She screamed as she started a slow rhythm, He let all of him in her which was a task he had to admit. He slowly moved him hips to meet hers with each thrust she made. She felt his cock rub against her clit with every upward move she made on him. She continued to do this slowly then a little faster. She ran her fingers down his chest and rolled over him still in her placing him on top. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he leaned down holding himself up on his elbows. He ran his fingers over her cheeks and he bent to kiss her. He let the kiss go and whispered in her ear. “talk dirty to me baby, tell me how it feels for me to be in you.” “Oh God it feels so good Jonathan, so warm and complete. Do me hard and fast fuck me to no return. Oh yessss like that ahhh.” Sapphire moaned in pleasure in unison with Jonathan as she came hard, her body jolted and a dizziness overcame her body as she shivered uncontrollably. She closed her eyes tight as the feeling subsided and he came in her, she felt his juices flow free inside her deep. She held him close not wanting to let go of the feeling they had right then, a minute later she let go and kissed him. He rolled off her and laid next to her holding her in his arms as they drifted off to sleep. both in oblivion.

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