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Shower Scene

I walk into your house, as I’ve done for so long. But today I have another purpose.

I call for you, but get no answer. As I make my way through the house, I hear the shower. I walk into the bathroom and notice that you are facing away from me in the shower.

After all this time, I finally see your naked ass. I’ve always fantasized about it. It is so nice and round. I instantly become aroused, knowing that today is the day that I taste you. You turn around and notice me. You jump back in surprise and as you turn, I see your breasts and your pussy hair. You cover up for a moment then you let your arms drop to your side. You ask if I like what I see. I say yea but I need to touch it too. I undress and climb in with you. I take your sponge and soap it up, And turn you around. I start at your shoulders and work my way down your back. I let the water rinse your shoulder, and I start to kiss your back, nibbling and licking. My hand is still on your back and working it’s way to your nice ass. I rub the sponge over your ass getting it all soapy. I make you lean up against the wall as I drop the sponge and work my hands between the cheeks of your ass, letting my finger press up against your ass hole. I slowly work a finger up your ass. It is so tight , but works it’s way in without much trouble. You moan out loud as I push my finger all the way in, and my other hand reaches for your breast. I squeeze them tightly as I start to finger fuck your ass. You reach behind your back and grab my erect cock, and start to gently stroke me. I say how long I’ve been waiting to have you. I lean up against your ear and say I want your ass right now. I put some gel soap in your palm and tell you to lather up my cock. You squeeze and stroke me til I’m all soapy. I tell you to beg me to fuck your ass. You say yes please, I want your cock so bad. I spread your ass cheeks apart and press my big cock against your ass. You press back until you feel the head of my cock works it’s way into your tight ,tight ass. I grab your hips and pull you against me. You are so tight you let a little squeal as you feel me enter you deep. when I’m all the way in, I pull back a bit and ram my cock up your ass. Oohh yea you say. It’s just like I imagined. As I start to fuck you harder I reach around you, and grab your clit and squeeze and pull on it. As I do this, your ass clenches on my cock and I know how much you’re enjoying my cock. You say yes faster I’m gonna cum. As I rub your clit harder you tense up and start to cum. You are so tight that I can’t help it and start to cum up your ass. I keep fucking you as I cum. Your legs are trembling as I pull out. I turn you around on your knees and grab the back of your head and pull your mouth to my cock. You take it all, sucking it in deep. After a few minutes of this , you say ” I want you to fuck my pussy now, I need it. I turn you away from me to do you doggie style. your pussy is so hot. I know I’ll be fucking you for awhile.

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