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The Business Trip

Moira Kelly and Dianne Wells were two 25 year olds who went to Chicago to represent their employer at at computer software show at the Civic Center. These shows usually ran through 5:00pm and the girls decided to leave the convention hall and take the limousine the company had hired for them and take it back o the hotel to freshen up and have dinner and maybe go for a few drinks. The limo took them back to the hotel and they got out and went to their room. Both women changed and freshened up and went to a steakhouse near the hotel.
While having dinner and drinks, they ran into an older gentleman in his 50’s He was kind of handsome in his $1,200.00 imported suit,Italian shoes and his well tanned face that looked like he had spent considerable time in the Carribean. “Ladies, my name is Trevor Harrington, I saw you at the show and while my company really has no real use for your product, I felt it necessary to buy you lovely ladies a drink for the sole purpose expressing my fondness for the stunningly beauty you two grace this establishment with.” Moira said,” a bit longwinded but very eloquent,my dear Trevor. Yes, you may buy Dianne and me a drink.” With that, Trevor did just that. How could he not? Dianne, a strawberry blonde about 5’4″ with an almost perfect figure dressed in an almost skin-tight short black dress and Moira, the 5’6″ redhead in that tight royal blue suit with split skirt showing off her beautiful legs.
The threesome had finished dinner and the ladies had maybe one or two too many drinks. They decided it was time to return to the hotel and Trevor said that he had a car waiting outside that could take them back to their hotel. They graciously accepted and the threesome was off to the hotel. Feeling no worse for the wear,the girls were probably way over the legal limit of intoxication,Trevor offered to see them to their room. Moira an Dianne agreed and Trevor sent the car away. “How will you get to your place?” asked Dianne. “Don’t you worry,” answered Trevor.
The three made it up to the girl’s suite and they turned around and were about to thank Trevor when they looked down and saw he had a revolver in his hand. “Unlock the door,”Trevor ordered. Dianne did as she was told. Moira on the edge of tears asked,”what do you want from us?” “Just a few things my dear like you money,jewlery and some entertainment.””Please don’t hurt us,”said Dianne. “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that if you co operate,” said Trevor. ” Now if you would, empty your purses on the table, slowly.’ ordered Trevor. The two girls opened their purses and turned them upside down, spilling the contents onto the table. “Good, now step back away from the table and put your hands behind your head.”Trevor went through the pile taking what cash and travelers checks. “Very good,” he said “now you may put down your hands and give me your jewlery. The girls each gave him a ring, their earrings and Moir’s necklace.:Very nice.” said Trevor. “Moira, do you find Dianne attractive?” “What do you mean?”said Moira. “Don’t you think you’d like to know Dianne more intimately?” ” I don’t understand,”said Moira. “It’s perfectly normal my dear,to be curious about a friend.” said Trevor.”I really don’t know what you mean.” said Moira.”It’s really quite simple Moira, I want you to undress Dianne,”said Trevor. The two girls were shocked.” “Now let’s get started.” Dianne turned around and Moira unzipped the black dress pulling it down from the shoulder exposing Dianne’s beautiful firm body covered in black bra and an ultra sheer black thong.Dianne stepped out of the dress trying to conceal her near naked body. ‘Ahh, quite stunning,don’t you think Moira?” Moira didn’t answer. “I asked you a question Moira,” said Trevor. Moira mumbled an affirmative answer. “I guess the cat’s got your tongue o maybe it’s just a little dry.” said Trevor. “Okay, you haven’t finished your job, finish unwrapping the treasure,” Moira unhooked Dianne’s bra and slid it down exposing her beautiful round breasts. Her nipples had hardened from the coolness of the air conditioned room make them quite striking to look at. Moira put her hands on the waistband of the thong and tugged them down slowly past Dianne’s thighs, around her ankles and Dianne stepped out of them. “Good job,my dear,” said Trevor. “Moira, take Dianne in your arms and kiss her.” “W-w-why?”
said Moira.” Because,” said Trevor I told you I want to be entertained,now take her in your arms and kiss her.” The two girls embraced and started kissing each other passionately. “Ahh, I love watching the young in love.” said Trevor.”Dianne,I bet you’re nice and wet from all that passion.” said Trevor. “Please,” said Dianne,”no more.” “Nonsense, we’ve only begun, Moira, see how wet Dianne is.” “What?” said Moira.”Get down on your knees and tell mw how wet Dianne is” “Alright.” said Dianne, ” I’m wet,are you happy?” “I didn’t ask you,”said Trevor “now Moira,get down on your knees and stick you tongue in Dianne’s pussy and tell me if it’s wet.” ‘You sick fuck.” screamed Moira. “Trevor clicked the chamber on the gun and said “go down on her bitch or I’ll kill both of you.” Moira dropped down on her knees and started eating out Dianne. Dianne moaned never experiencing the touch of a woman before.she was on the edge of orgasm knowing any moment she would explode.Soon the moans got louder and finally she climaxed.
“Excellent performance ladies,” said Trevor,”truly remarkable.” ” Now, Dianne, walk over to the bed and get into it face down with your hands behind your back.” Dianne did as she was told. “Moira,I want you to tape her wrists together and then put a piece over her mouth.” Moira took the duct tape that Trevor tossed her and did as she was told.
“Moira, you do good do work but you have a big mouth and I think you need an attitude adjustmnt.” “Okay Moira,strip.” Trevor ordered. Moira unbuttoned the suit jacket and let it fall to the ground. She then unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt and it too fell to the ground. She stood in front of Trevor wearing only a beige bra,pantihose and beige panties. She took off the hose, the bra and finally the panties. She stood there in front of Trevor with an almost perfect body. Unlike Dianne, she was not clean shaven and had a rather stunning red patch of pubic hair. “turn around.” said Trevor she did so. “Ahh what a beautiful tight ass,” cooed Trevor.”Bend over the chair and put that ass in the air.” “What are you going to do to me?”said Moira.’Don’t worry my dear,after I’m done you attitude will change.” Moira did as she was told. Moira heard Trevor undo his belt.”what was he going to do” she thought ‘give me a spanking?” Her question was answered almost instantaneous. He rammed his rock hard cock up her ass and kept pounding harder and harder until Moira felt like she was being ripped apart. She cried out but it seemed like a terrible dream like no one could hear or help her. When it was finally over,Trevor taped her mouth and hands and put her into bed next to Dianne. He then called on his cellphone and a few minutes later a knock came at the door. The girls heard what sounded like a few men enter the room. Trevor told them to take everything,their luggage, laptops and above all, all their clothing. He then ripped the telephone wire out of the phone and told the girls he hoped they enjoyed their night and left.

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