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An Interesting Night

The night is clammy....I'm finding it extremely difficult to get comfortable. All of the windows are open but there isn't even the hint of a breeze. Perspiration is trickling down both sides of my face like two small rivulets, merging at my throat
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"All Change"

ALL CHANGE It was a moment or two before I realized that the fire alarm of my dream was in fact the ringing of the telephone. I reached out in the darkness and fumbled for a few seconds until I at last located the handset, which I sleepily held
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Under Cover of Darkness

It's almost 2am.....the perfect hour for you to start work. Your profession, as a burglar, is of course best suited to the early hours...You live in the same block of flats as me, and have noticed that my car's not been in the car park for a day or t
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