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Me and Wifey Find Gay Friends for Fun

I have been bugging my wife for years to have a threesome with another woman, but she didn’t want it due to the fact, she says, that it would ruin our relationship. Then, one day, she came up with the idea of us having sex while we watched two of her female friends having sex. I was well up for this so she organized a date and time for us all to meet at our house.

The day came and my wife and I set about getting everything ready. We then got ourselves ready, me wearing a black shirt, black jeans and boots. She wearing a short skirt, tight vest top and sandals. The doorbell rung not long after and she answered the door. The door to the lounge opened and in came her two friends (Sarah and Coral). They were both wearing similar outfits to my wife. We all sat around and started drinking, then my wife suggested we go to the spare room.

In the spare room we had made up the spare double bed and the guest single bed. Sarah and Coral made themselves at home on the guest bed and myself and Lila (my wife) went to the double. We all started kissing our respective partners very passionately. When I looked over at them they were already half naked and playing with each other’s breasts. Lila started rubbing my cock, whispered that she wanted to taste it while I watched so she took down my jeans, and took my cock in her mouth. Coral’s hand was now up Sarah’s skirt and she was rubbing gently at her pussy, Sarah’s little whimpers telling me she was enjoying it. Coral then kissed down Sarah’s body between her large breasts and down her stomach, stopping at the now revealed thick bush of pubic hair. With this Sarah lay back on the bed and gave herself to her passion.

My wife then stopped sucking my cock, stripped off and sat on me riding me. All this was too much for me and I lay back and closed my eyes, enjoying the sounds in the room. I then felt a hand rubbing my testicals. Lila always does this, as she knows it gets me off so I didn’t think too much about it until she stopped riding me and my cock was taken out of her. I opened my eyes to be greeted with the sight of Coral kissing my wife’s tits and Sarah now wanking my cock. Lila lay down next to me and the two girls went down on us both, swapping over every now and then. Sarah then sat on my cock and started to ride me, Coral came and sat on Lila’s face and ground her pussy down hard.

Much to say I didn’t last very long with the sight of my wife licking a smooth pussy and I shot my load inside of Sarah. She then got off me and told Coral to move. She squatted over my wife’s face and let my come dribble out of her and into Lila’s open mouth.

They spent the rest of the evening fingering, fucking and licking each other to climax after climax whilst I too had my turn in fucking them each when, and if, I got the urge.

Suffice to say we enjoyed the evening so much we have arranged another evening. This time, however, she has also roped a gay couple she knows into coming along. But then again, that’s for another occasion.

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