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A Red, White, and Blue Extravaganza

Fourth of July promised hot and sunny weather, and the temperature was about 90 degrees. I was driving my red Ferrari SP1 heading to my friend Louis’ holiday-themed pool party in upstate New York. Ice Cube’s classic single, “It Was a Good Day” blared from my car that had me feeling good. I was in the holiday spirit wearing my short-sleeved white with red stripes Polo shirt, dark blue shorts, and matching white/red shell toe Adidas sneakers. I felt like the coolest dude on the road with my gold Gucci shades.

I texted Louis and told him that I was in his neighborhood. He texted me back and said, Just walk in…the door is open. I was happy to find a parking spot in front of John’s house. I got out of the car and let myself inside Louis’ house. As I walked to the back of the white immaculate house, I heard rap music blaring. The closer I got to the pool area, the more excited I became.

When I entered the pool area, I grinned from ear to ear. The party was already in full swing! Guests were dancing, drinking, playing in the swimming pool, and mingling. It was a great turnout! Everybody wore red, white, and blue clothes. The barbecue smelled good, and I saw so many drinks laid on the table like Coronas, Cîroc, sodas, and juices. I observed the scene and noticed there were mostly blonde-haired women and redheads. I was happy that it was more women than men. I caught some of the crazy-ass white boys planking, which was wild and funny!

I instantly recognized Louis. He was a tall, tan complexioned man with dark facial hair. He had a potbelly from all the years of drinking Corona Beer.

“Hey, Mar’e, you made it!” Louis shouted, as he approached me and gave me a pound.

“Louis, what’s up?” I said. “I like the scenery!”

“It’s the Fourth of July; you know I had to do it big!” Louis smiled.

He introduced me to all his guests. I felt like a big star because of all the love they showed me. One of the guests I knew was Ernesto. He resembled R&B megastar Usher, but a shade lighter. He also had a few tribal tattoos on his body.

“We’re the only black people here.” Ernesto joked.

“I know,” I laughed. “And the only ones with style,”

Out of all the guests, Zafira was the only one who smote me. She was a tall, caramel-skinned hottie with long straight brown hair, and lovely honeydew-green eyes. I liked her shapely body and perfect winning smile! Zafira looked sexy in her stars and stripes swimsuit.

The slim, shirtless white deejay rocking a white Kangol hat was playing Lil’ Wayne, Beyoncè, and Drake. Then he put on Rihanna’s new hot single, “Man Down,” which made the women hyped. I was still talking to a few people when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Zafira standing there smiling.

“Hi, I wondered if you might want to dance.”

“Sure,” I replied.

I followed her to the dance floor and we started dancing. I liked how Zafira’s body moved to the Caribbean rhythm of the song. We danced close, and I knew I impressed her with my dance moves as she put her arms around me.

“You’re good,” She whispered in my ear.

“So are you.” I told her.

We danced for an hour nonstop. Then we found a pair of seats under the shade. It felt great to cooled down and converse with Zafira uninterrupted.

“Where are you from?” Zafira asked me.

“I’m from New York City.” I answered. “Where do you represent?”

Zafira smiled and said, “Hungary.”

“Wow, that explains your unique looks!”

“I know, I don’t looked like the average American woman?”

“Hell no, you look amazing.” I felt.

“Thank you. I think you’re hot!”

I watched as her lovely eyes darted to my lips, enticing me to kiss her. Capitalizing on the opportunity, I leaned over and kissed her. I love the way her lips felt on mine.

“You are a great kisser.” I complimented her on the kiss.

“Thanks, you know how to kiss too.” She sighed.

“I wonder how great you are in something else…” I said, as my eyes gazed her body.

“Well, if you’re lucky, you’ll find out before the day is over. Maybe I’ll see if the mythology of the black man in bed is true.”

Zafira kissed me and jumped in the pool. I sat there smiling at her, feeling great about my chances of having sex with Zafira. I knew it would be a fun experience.

It was now in the evening, and we all went to the front of the house for the fireworks display. As I was standing there watching some of Louis’s friends set up the fireworks, I was looking for Zafira but did not see her. I prayed that she did not leave to go home yet. Then I felt something soft licked my ear.

“If you want to do something, come back inside with me.” Zafira whispered in my ear.

Then she walked off and swayed her hips from side to side. Once I knew I was not being notice, I walked back inside the house. It was dark, and I ran upstairs to find my prize. I took off my shirt and whispered Zafira’s name.

Zafira stood by the door to the dark well air-conditioned bedroom waiting for me. The moon and colorful fireworks shone in, giving us the right amount of brightness. We started kissing. I held her breasts in my hands and squeezed her erect nipples. She moaned softly as she licked my ear. I felt her massaged my dick, which made me harder. Zafira lowered herself and pulled down my shorts. My dick sprang out. The size of my dick surprised Zafira as she did a double take. Her reaction made me chuckled. Zafira grabbed my dick and took it into her warm mouth. I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes. The pleasure was unbelievable! I liked how she nibbled on my dick and sucked my balls.

Zafira stopped and got up. She licked my lips, walked over to the bed, and sat on the edge. She stripped out of her swimsuit with a sultry smile. I stared at Zafira’s sexy body. I enjoyed looking at her and thinking about how I was going to devour her pussy. Zafira lay back and spread her legs so I can get a better view of her wet spot.

“Come over here, and get it!” She demanded.

“You know I am, daddy’s home!” I responded.

I ran my hands all over her moist body. I licked, sucked, and kissed Zafira’s pussy, which tickled her. She could not stand still as she giggled. I liked her laughter. I massaged her breasts as she cried out with pleasure.

“Ooohh, wait, wait, wait! You are going to make me cum!”

“I want you to cum hard, baby!” I uttered.

Little shrieks and moans burst out of Zafira as she cummed on the tip of my tongue. Her body quivered, and I quickly got on top of Zafira. I slid my dick in her soaked pussy and began my pumping action. It felt great inside her that I did not want to cum anytime soon. I pumped harder and faster. Zafira’s eyeballs rolled back and forth from the intense pleasure.

“Oh God, fuck me!” Zafira cried. “Fuck my pussy, don’t stop!”

Zafira’s encouragement had me going deeper inside her. I knew I was going to cum any second. The pleasure was too much for me to hold my excitement.

“Oh shit, I’m about to blast!” I announced.

“Yes!” Zafira screamed. “Cum for me, baby! I’m going to cum on your dick again!”

I pulled out of Zafira’s lively wet pussy and shot a big load of cum on her flat stomach and tits. As Zafira was shaking, she slowly massaged it all over her belly and tits. The sight of this drove me crazy! My dick was still hard, and I could not help wanting more of Zafira.

“Let me fuck your ass,” I suggested.

“What makes you think you deserve that?” Zafira asked with a grin.

“Because I have that good dick, and you can’t get enough of it.” I replied.

“I have to admit, your swagger and bravado is a turn-on. Come on, and fuck my ass.”

Zafira crouched on her hands and knees, and I fucked her doggie-style. The passionate moaning merged with the noise of the fireworks created a sexual soundtrack in the bedroom. Zafira rocked back and forth while I pounded her ass faster and harder. Watching my dick moved in and out of Zafira’s ass was one of the most exhilarating sights I had ever seen. I did not know where I was getting all the energy to fuck like this, but I was not complaining. Zafira bucked into a deep orgasmic shriek, which set off my orgasm, and I filled her ass with my load of golden cum.

“Damn, Mar’e, shit!” Zafira said softly.

“Baby, you’re the one driving me crazy!” I expressed. “Your pretty face, wet pussy, and nice ass got me in a sexual frenzy. I have enough energy to fuck you for the rest of the night. What’s your favorite position, Sexy?”

“I love being on top!” Zafira told me. “I love being in control!”

“It’s fine with me, baby girl.” I smiled. “Go ahead, and handle your business.”

I lay on my back; Zafira lowered herself on my dick and rode up and down on it, slowly at first, then quicker. I enjoyed the ride, and the view of her tits bouncing. Zafira was lost in a world of extraordinary sensations.

“I cannot control myself, this dick is so good!”

“Fuck this dick, baby!” I shouted. “This is your dick!”

Spent, Zafira collapsed on top of me. Multiple intense orgasms drained us. My dick was completely limp.

“Baby girl, you are one of the best! The sex was great!” I murmured.

“Yes, the sex was great.” Zafira agreed. “I wasn’t expecting to get dick this good at the party. You really confirmed my thoughts about the black man in bed.”

I laughed and said, “You’re funny.”

“I can honestly say you got me hooked on black dick. I can’t get enough of it…”

“I do have that effect on gorgeous women.” I admitted.

We showered together, got dressed, and went joined the rest of the guest. We both acted as if nothing had happened. Zafira walked over to her friends, and I chilled with Ernesto and Louis. Zafira and I made eye contact and smiled at each other.

“What were you and Zafira doing in my house?” Louis asked me with a smile.

“Louis, it’s a Black thing, you wouldn’t understand.” I answered.

“You really are the man!” Louis gave me a pound.

The night ended with us taking pictures and planking. I recorded some girls planking naked on top of a car with my camera phone. In my Ice Cube’s voice, the Fourth of July was a good day!

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