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Double sympathy

I introduced John and Sue to each other , quite simply to get Sue off my case. We had been together for a short while but I got bored and I introduced her to John in the hope she’d like him.
Fortunately for me , they got along really well which left me free to pursue other people since i was going through a bi-sexual stage of my life ,which one does at 21 yrs old!
One evening , as i sat at home watching TV , i got a call from John telling me that he’d had a horrific arguement with Sue and that he had to see me. He arrived shortly after , wearing as usual, his Nike shorts and matching T-shirt which made him look very masculine and desireable ,coupled with his flowing blond hair and smooth , hairless body . He was fuming about Sue as he explained the situatuion but I couldn’t really concentrate because I could feel my whole body being turned on by his appearance . I made my excuses and went to my bedroom to quickly release my pent up tension so i could give him the attention he desreved . As I was lying on my bed , dick in hand , pumping furiously he walked in. He looked at me in utter shock and I said that releasing tension might help him as well.
I got up and drew him near me . I pushed him onto the bed and he fell forwards so I jumped on top of him and slowly pulled down his shorts.
What a beautiful dick , so full , long and uncut and a tasty and tempting ass as well! I turned him round and sat on his knees and bent my head downwards and began to suck his dick deeply. I licked his balls and he went wild . Not long after he told me he was ready to cum and I received his load fully in my mouth . He was still shocked as I turned him over again and raised his ass so i could spit some saliva and cum juice in his hole soon followed by my throbing dick which I squeezed gently into him.
he loved this and I thrusted further in very slowly until he felt all my manhood pumping away.i didn’t last too long and squirted by cum in him with one last thrust.
Having forgotten exactly why he had first come to see me he soon got dressed and said goodbye.
Fifteen minutes later , my doorbell rang. It was
Sue , in floods of tears and she walked in to my lounge , trying to explain between catching her breath about her bust up with John. i calmed her down and held her close to me . I loved smelling her ,especially just under her neck and I soon became aroused again. Sue sensed just that and without a word , led me to my bedroom where she stripped off and lay naked on my bed. I climbed on top of her and french kissed her heavily and proceeded to make my way to her perky erect nipples which tasted so sweet. I continued my journey until i reached her pulsating vagina which i began to lick with slow steady movements, just as she liked . She moaned and groaned as her fingers joined my tongue and together we played.
Suddenly she pulled me away and said ” Fuck me now” so i duly obliged as I rammed my dick firmly into her without hesitation. I looked like a porn star on double speed as i thrusted in and out so wildly and she absolutely loved it. As soon as she had cum i took my dick out of her and came all over her body and face. I spread my white
juice all over her and liked her face like crazy.
i never told them both about their visits to me that night as I believe they never told each other , suffice to say that once in a while they would both turn up for some fun with me and i felt happy that i could perform my duty as a friend to equalize their ups and downs .
And as for their initial bust up ? John had forgotten to leave his keys under the mat for Sue to get into his apartment . From silly little incidents like this are crazy sexual achievements born!!!!!

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