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It's your turn now, Dakota!

After Michael left, humiliated and stretched by me, I was fairly slimy and went to the bathroom to wash up. Honestly, I was tired and I wanted nothing more than to sleep.

Almost in an altered state of mind, I barely noticed when Dakota, my roommate, knocked on the bathroom door. “Decent?” She asked, as if it mattered. “Yeah, I’m dressed washing my face. What’s up?” She turned the knob and came in the bathroom. “I gotta pee,” she snorted at me. I told her to go ahead. She was my best friend, we talked about everything. She gave me fucking tips because I was an amateur in those days. “You would not fucking believe…” I turned around to look her in the eye and she was standing up. She was in a long nightshirt, covered her barely. I told her about every detail with me and Michael and she tried to warn me again what a skeeze he was. That’s why I liked him so much. I slept on the couch, and she stayed up and watched TV while I was trying to sleep. She kept asking me little questions about Michael, like if he moaned or squeaked like a girl. She was being extra nice to me, very contrary to her usual high and mighty bitchiness.

“I was watching you give him head, you learn well.” She told me everything I know about it. “Thanks, I’m glad you approve” I giggled and didn’t really realize yet she was mocking on me.”Can you eat pussy like that?” she said nonchalantly with a little wild look in her eyes. That was just cause she couldn’t see me without her glasses on. “Fucked if I know! You know, I’ve never done that” I was halfway agitated at her weird heightened mood. “Wanna try?” She said, as a matter of fact as if she were counting change. So I now have the chance, in the same night to punk Michael, strong and godlike, and I was about to make Dakota, the meanest most skanky pussy I’ve ever known, call me daddy.

I didn’t know how yet but I walked with her to her bedroom in the back of the trailer and turned of the lights. She started to pull her nightie off. I told her I wanted it on. She was ok with that. She started to tell me what and where and I just said “I have one too, Koti, I can figure it out. Don’t say another word. You’ll be surprised.”

I reached in her panty drawer and pulled out the only vibrator she had left that Michael’s ass hadn’t dirtied. I put my fingers between the slit of her lips, which was way too small for her size. I put my fingers in her tiny hole and felt the folded skin inside. It was warm, I wanted to taste it. I pushed her big thighs apart and looked at her pussy in the dark. It was almost bald and reminded me of a peach. I slithered between her legs and threw them over my shoulders. I put the vibrator in. She was so tight she almost pushed the dildo out with her muscles. I had to push hard. I pumped hard, she wanted it softer, and I didn’t care. I buried my face in her cunt while she held it open like a book for me. I found the clit after a little trail and error and I just imagined Michael was me and I was Dakota, I did what he did, she wriggled and moaned, I licked and sucked and started to come thinking of Michael licking me. I licked hard and sucked like a nipple. She arched her back after a very short time and hollered to the lord that she was coming, god she was coming. Her clit jumped and spat and I sucked it until nothing else came. She breathed hard and panted to catch her breath. I said, “Does that answer your question?” feeling very cocky.

She was asleep already or she was pretending to be. I went to my couch and put in the porn me and Michael watched. Knowing what a badass I was, I stuck my hand down my shorts and I dug deep to get to my own pussy. I pinched my clit and rolled it between my fingers until it popped with a little mini orgasm. I was already plenty satisfied and I fell asleep quick.

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