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Innocent Sensual Seduction

Last Wednesday I invited Sandy over after Larry blew me off for the third time in two weeks. Every time I needed a shoulder to cry on he was never there, but Sandy always was. She told me not to worry he was just a man and to expect those things.

Within ten minutes of me calling her she was there with open arms. She has always been so comforting, the sister I never had and wished I did. Hugging me tightly as she came in to reassure me there was someone who cared. “We need something to drink. Let’s try to make something new!” she giggled as we made our way to the kitchen. Oh Lord, Sandy in the kitchen is an oxymoronic statement if ever there was one. Within ten minutes the kitchen looked terrible and we drank the worst Pina Coladas known to human kind. It was enough to get us both a little drunk and acting silly. She always cheered me up, I loved her for it. She turned to pick up her glass turning the blender button on high throwing the foul liquid all over us. I jerked the cord out of the wall standing there dripping wet smelling like pure alcohol.

We started full belly laughing when Sandy said “Ok Sis, let’s go get a shower before we stick to the floor permanently.” We held hands as we ran upstairs stumbling into the wall half from laughing so hard, half from being high. “I’ll get the shower ready,” she yelled as I walked to the bedroom to get us some T-shirts to wear. Grabbing two towels on my way to the bathroom. Standing in the door I watched her for a moment. Never once had I realized what a beautiful woman she was. There she was in the nude taking her long blonde hair down, her big breasts slightly sagging with large upturned nipples. She was completely tanned to her tapered waist, arched back leading to a perfect heart-shaped bottom. I found myself getting aroused, shaking my head at the silly thoughts I walked in. “Hey Sis, get undressed before we use up all the hot water.” She laughed at my attempts to take off the sticky clothes. “Come here let me help.” As she began to undress me quickly.

We stepped in the shower together pushing each other like schoolgirls to make sure we got our hair wet. She washed my hair and I washed hers. With her head tipped back Sandy’s breasts were a mere inch from my face. ” Here let me wash you so we make sure all the sticky stuff is off of us.” Handing her the soap, I allowed her to roam my body with her hands. I felt my muscles tighten deep within me and my clit begins to throb. As her hands slowly massaged my breasts her thumbs began to flick across my nipples sending little tingling sensations threw my body. In turn I did the same to her hearing her moan slightly.

I followed her every move touch for touch, stroke for stroke. Then her hand reaches my smoothly shaved mons. Sandy began sliding her finger up and down my cleft, then gently inside to find my pleasure button. It was my turn to moan and hunger for more of her sweet touch. I did the same to her, finding her little pleasure pearl teasing it with my finger until I felt her quivering. We were enjoying each other without a word spoken. It was not rough like I was used to with Larry. This was the most sensual touching I have experienced. “Did I ever tell you how beautiful your hair is? Red is the most erotic color on a woman” I smiled thinking she was excited by my hair. I had no clue that this was true.

She knelt in front of my freshly washed mons, slightly opening my cleft to reveal my swollen little pebble. I felt her hot tongue snake out to tease it from its hood. Leaning back against the shower wall she began the suckling using her fingers to slowly penetrate my wetness in and out. Increasing her pressure as my moans became louder bringing me to the most passionate orgasm I had ever had. She washed me again, gently kissed my lips and I tasted myself for the first time.

I began kissing down her body, the suckling on her hard taunt nipples. Her moans increased as I kissed my way down to her mons. Opening her cleft to expose her pleasure pearl I flicked it with my tongue and she shuddered. I enjoyed knowing I could please her. I sucked her pearl doing the same as she had to me, slipping my fingers in and out of her moist love hole. Sliding a further back to her rounded bottom to tease her rosebud anus with my finger and back again to her love hole. Her thighs began to quiver hard she was bucking against my mouth. I grabbed her hips and held onto her while I sucked even harder until she exploded a sweet liquid that tasted wonderful on my tongue. I stood to kiss her, allowing her to taste the sweetness I had just tasted. I washed her off and we got out of the shower.

Both of us spent, but relaxed not quite surely what to say. We dressed in silence and walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Together we laid down curled up holding each other we drifted off to sleep with satisfied smiles.

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