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Forbidden Lust

Tami and I shared everything from friends to similar life experiences. We spent a lot of time together so little by little, I began to fantasize about groping her beautiful round tits. I really wanted to lick her pussy.. just to see what she tasted like. I knew I would like it. We went out a lot together. We’re both very beautiful girls with very nice shapely bodies and tight asses. We went out a lot to clubs and local bars. There was always someone trying to hit on us, and of course we would play along. We both loved the attention from men. As the night progressed we drank more and more. Each time we had done this i would feel a little horny, with the alcohol of course making my pussy tingle. There was times we would go home with someone and times we would just crash at each others apartment. One night was a lot different. We had went to a club on a saturday night. We were dressed somewhat provacitive. We didnt show to much but enough to catch the eye. We met some guys shortly after our arrival and they offered to buy drinks, so we drank enough to catch that tingling buzz. Everytime the guys would compliment our beauty we would just giggle and look at each other. This time was’nt so innocent. We had a certain stare and linger in our looks. The night began to slowly pass by. I watched as Tami walked on to the dance floor and I began to follow her. We started to dance, then began to grind each other. I was pleased as she climbed my thigh. I then began to rub her tight ass. I then slid my fingers down her pants, I grabbed and clenched her ass. Tami began to run her hand pass my now wet pussy. Up my waist and into my blouse. I could feel my nipples getting hard. By this time i had two fingers in her pussy, massaging her clit. We then decided to leave. We headed out the door and into my car. I began to drive and by that time i could feel her tounge on my nipples. She bit them gently. I asked her to bite harder. She then pushed her way toward by pussy . She lifted my skirt and and pulled my panties aside. I could feel as she forced her tounge into my nice warm, tingling pussy. I had imagined this happening so many times before. We had arrived at my apartment. We went inside and after closing the door I grabbed her and threw her against the wall. I forced my tounge into her mouth. We began to kiss violently. We manged to make our way into the bedroom. I threw her onto the bed and ripped her clothes off her. I then smothered my face into her wet, warm pussy. It tasted the way i had imagined it. I had kept a vibrator in my nightstand and Tami had remembered and reached for it. We flipped into the 69 position. I kept my face in her delicious pussy. She inserted the vibrator into my swollen pussy and turned it on. I immediatly began to moan in despair. “Fuck me Tami! Fuck me!” I screamed. Tami continued to fuck me with the vibrator. I then flipped her over and inserted the vibrator into her very wet pussy. Her twat was wet from her juices and my saliva. Tami buried her face into my twat and and began to suck my clit. I massaged her nice full tits, while i fucked her with the vibrator. We both moaned with delight. Hours later we fell asleep in each other arms. From time to time we do this occasionally. We always knew we had an attraction towards each other but never knew how to approach it. We both had never been with another woman before.

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