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Labia Obcessions

Labia Obcessions

As you read these lines, your mind is slowly getting manipulated in a theatrical sense, by your own tickling girlie cunt obcessions. My cunt and my wet panties. I like it that way, it makes me the kind of slut that you like to play with. Your cunt is probably getting wet and thick, anticipating my hungry tongue licking you all up on your panties while you giggle away and hold in your juicy lust.Can you feel it right now? my tongue is sweetly licking your labia and I’m swallowing your female liquids as if it were peach juice. Its dripping all over my face. I want to kiss your cunt hard and feel your clitoris rise and swell for me. I know you like it because you keep coming back here to masturbate and I love it. Knowing that you come here and play with your labia and slowly rub your fingers all over them, makes me want to get cunt tickled by you.. I feel your fingers rubbing up and down and round and round. I know that your hips are moving and pumping and it makes you feel good. I’m doing to it too right now. My cunt is swelled up so much that I feel like peeing in my panties but I wont, I would rather hold it in until it flows out by itself when I come. Put your fingers inside your vagina just to gather up some lubricant and press inside a little bit to get it flowing more. Rub it all over your sweet plump cunt, spread your lips apart and smear it all over yourself for me. If my tongue could get in there, I would lick your cunt like no one ever has so that you can tremble and shake under my power of lust. I am a witch and as you read this I am going to penetrate your sex mind and make you my sweet lesbian slut, if only for a few minutes. You will never want to be released from my sex spell because you love it too much, I know you do. I love to make you come and I this can be our secret little place to make our cunts feel good. Did you feel it? I had my mouth on your nipple and sucking hard on it, licking and sucking your hard erect nipple. Pinch your nipples for me right now to get them hard and send sex vibes to your swollen cunt. Be my sweet lesbian baby and spread your legs while you read this, show me your cunt the way you want to. I know you’d love to giggle and get tickled like a sweet slut and I’d love to do you that way with my hands cupped over your pussy. Can you feel me push your panties aside to expose that swollen clitoris of yours and nice juicy lips? spread your cunt for me baby and let me get in there a lick you while you moan and giggle and move your hips up and down over my face. You like it and so do I. I could tickle you till you come in my hands.

If your lying down, get on your tummy jack up your ass so that I can touch you from behind.. I love to reach in there and softly play and sweetly tickle you and lightly rub your clitoris. I can feel your hips moving up and down making your wet cunt slap my cupped hand. You almost want to pee, but hold it in until its time to come hard for me. I am convinced that you would love to rub your cunt on mine and feel that wet slippery cunt skin stretch and massage yours. I’d love to fuck you with my think swollen clitoris and make you feel that hard lump all over yours as you move from side to side to feel every slippery drop of you. Can you feel my tongue licking your mouth and pushing it in like a horny lesbian slut? I know how wet your panties are now and I can feel it all, I know that your are masturbating and my hand is in there with you baby. I am guiding your fingers.. and if you were here, I would spread wide for you, so that you can lick me softly with your lesbian tongue. Your breathing is getting heavy and all you want is to rub that cunt on mine faster and faster. Feel my hard pumps and my clitoris penetrating your vagina just enough to make you want to pee in on my cunt and get all wet in there with my female ejaculation juice. I know you love it, you wanna come for me and you wanna come hard like a hard core lesbian wet slut. Your not a good little girl right now, your a wet cunt and I love it, I love you for it, it makes me wet. I am masturbating myself right now and my cunt is so thick and wet that it almost hurts. I would need you to come and give me some orgasms with your tongue or by rubbing that nice pussy on mine. Masturbate for me baby, do it hard and fast now, get that juice going and look at your cunt under a light. Look at yourself in the mirror while you masturbate for me, you will see me in the mirror watching your come baby. I love horny lesbian sluts like you making themselves come with the pleasures that few can endure. The cosmic powers are inside your plump cunt now, let me in there baby, I want to come with you, for you and inside you. I want my clitoris to pump your cunt up nice and sweet, in and out, in and out while your breath with me and feel every move as I grab you around the waist and push you hard on a bed. My cunt is rubbing hard on yours and your letting little bits of liquid mojo out from your vagina, its sweet and it makes me want to suck hard on your labia. I can feel your cunt lips stretch over mine baby, spread your legs wide and feel me going round and round over your cunt and pumping my clitoris inside you like a small feminine penis. You want it hard and I know how it feels. Its a delicious feeling of freedom and lust to be fucked by a lesbian as she moans and moves her hips faster and faster, her tongue licking my tits as she tells me to be a good girl and pee out my juices for her. I can feel your vagina spreading open to let my clitoris in there and you love it. If I was there now I would ask you if you feel my cunt skin rub all over yours, its all in the feel. I’m so close to coming now, my labia is wet and my cunt is dripping. I took my panties off and now my lips are spread wide for you baby, I’m rubbing myself in circles slowly.. do it with me now, rub your cunt in circles and let out your female juice as if you were peeing. Its going to feel like peeing but its a female ejaculation orgasm. Im moving my hips up and down and I’m standing up, my cunt is spread wide for you baby. Keep on rubbing it like I am, now come for me now, let your flow out as I rub my wet cunt on yours while your orgasm, its intense I’m letting out mine too at the same time as you and if feels good, its free and its holy. Our cunts are tingling with orgasm, I can feel my the 5 or 6 spasms you are making as you come hard, just like I did. I hope you enjoyed this woman thing, I’d love to do you in some dark secret place and make you come hard like a lesbian slut. If your panties got wet from this, come back and I’ll make your come again. Yummy slut girls like you always come back for more.

Now for the men reading this, I hope that you shot your load on both of our cunts while they were rubbing and leaking out over each other.I would suck you off but I already came hard with my lesbian girl. Sorry, but next time, we will do you hard. I promiss.

Cherry Fiz

That was just part of the story…I got fucked hard by the sound man between sets on a show I gave on that same night and he shot up inside me. There was cum dripping all over me. I sat on him and he came within 2 minutes. My panties were already wet by then and when he stuck his fingers in them to touch my pussy, he knew I was ready. He pulled my panties downs and I spread my legs wide and sat on his giant phallus. I pumped him up while he hung on to his chair. He came so hard that he yelled out “Fuck baby fuck” I felt it when he shot up inside me, he had at least a cup full. It was fast but..It gave me just enough time to clean up and take my panties off and do the rest of the show.
It felt good

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