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Hot Night

“Hey, while you’re in there, would ya mind grabbing me a glass of ice water?” Jess yelled from the living room. She saw her bestfriend’s head pop around the door way, “My pleasure”. It was an incredibly hot, sticky Kentucky night. And to beat all, the air conditioning had been out for a week!

“I don’t know if I can take this anymore, something’s gotta give,” Nina remarked as she strolled back into the room and flopped down next to Jess on the couch.

“I know, it’s ridiculous,” her friend replied rolling her eyes. “I don’t know about you, but I’m heading for the pool.” Jess hopped up and padded out of the room. She was wearing a tiny, pink cotton tank top. The nipples on her small B breasts hard, straining against the fabric. Covering her backside were a pair of simple white briefs. The only other thing covering her thick, curvy body being the tiny silver bracelet around her ankle.

“No bathing suit?” Her friend yelled after her. “Naw, don’t need one,” Jess shouted out over he shoulder, her long, curly black hair swaying across her back.

Nina ran to her bedroom and threw on her bikini. It was tye dyed, and barely big enough to cover her enormous breasts. She grabbed two beach towels and headed outside. As she slid the back door shut, she saw Jess standing at the edge of the pool out of the corner of her eye. “Good God, she’s naked” she thought to herself. She could feel her crotch beginning to tingle. Strange, she thought, she had never had this reaction to another woman. Jess stuck her big toe into the water, testing it, then with a shrug dove head first into the dark, clear water. Walking down the deck towards the water, she saw the tiny pink top discarded on a chair, and the white panties crumpled on the ground. As she neared the pool, she saw Jess floating on her back in the middle. It was so dark outside, you could only see her face, breasts, and the small pooch of her stomach shining above the water. Trying to avoid looking straight at her friend, Nina slowly dropped her towel to the ground and tested the water herself. She was suddenly feeling quite over dressed. As she eased herself down the ladder, Jess righted herself and swam over to meet her friend.

“Just dive under, you’ll get used to the water quicker that way.”

“’s too cold, just give me a minute, I’ll be fine.” Nina replied, still trying not to make eye contact, much less stare at those beautiful firm breasts mere inches away from her face. Just as her eyes began to wander down to her friends extremely hardened nipples, she was splashed into reality.

“Oh you evil little whore” she giggled and took off across the pool towards Jess who was now huddled in the far corner, waiting for the assault her friend was about to lay on her. Nina swam across the water and grabbed Jess around her neck and pulled her underwater. Nina got away and swam back to the other side of the pool, when she realized her friend wasn’t following, she dove under the water and swam towards her. She had her eyes closed , and didn’t realize until she came up, just how close she had gotten to Jess. Their noses were just inches apart, Jess was staring dreamily into her eyes. They stayed like that for a long moment, then began slowly leaning toward each other. Their lips lightly brushed against each others own mouth, lips slightly parted, feeling each other’s warm breath. Jess reached out and gently put one arm around her friends waist, and slowly brought her other hand up to the back of her neck, taking the kiss in deeper. Nina was in shock, she didn’t know how this was happening, or why this was happening. All she knew was that it felt right. Their tongues slowly entered each others mouths, exploring and caressing. Nina moved her own hand up to Jess’s hip, and the other to her stomach, slowly moving up until she had reached her left breast. She began massaging it, not knowing quite what to do. She gently pinched her nipple, and a sigh escaped from her friends mouth. If she could make her give off such a lovely sigh, she wondered what else could she make her do? She began kissing down Jess’s neck, nibbling along the way. Then around the front of her neck, up under her chin. She kissed her mouth again deeply, pulling her towards her. As she pulled away once again, she licked at Jess’s lips and moved straight down to the nipple she had been teasing before. Staring at it wide eyed, she began circling with her thumb, then moved her mouth to it. She licked circles around it, getting closer to the nub each time. She flicked her nipple a few times with the tip of her tongue, then brought it into her mouth, sucking deeply. She glanced up and saw her friend’s eyes were closed, and she was moaning lightly, and rubbing her other breast. She nibbled gently and heard a louder moan, the harder she bit, the louder the moan. “Oh please, bite it, bite it hard.” She slid one hand gently down her stomach until she reached her cleanly shaven pussy. She slid one finger straight onto her clit, and began moving it back and forth. She had never done this before, she wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. She knew she had to be doing something right though, as Jess started swaying gently back and forth against her hand. She moved both hands to her hips and began kissing down her stomach. Just as she reached her mound, Jess jerked away and swam for the edge of the pool and climbed up on the side.

“Come here NIna….taste me.” Where had this sudden boldness came from? She was both shock and aroused at the same time. She was shaking, but somehow made it over to her. Jess pushed her pussy as close to the edge of the pool as she could, and pulled her legs up next to her on each side, leaving her wide open for the taking. Nina licked as lightly as possible up the length of her slit. Starting at her puckered asshole, to up above her still hooded clit. “Auuuugggghhhh…..that’s it baby, eat that pussy. That feels so good…mmmmmmmm.” Nina parted her lips with her thumbs to find her nub. She stuck her tongue out to a point and barely touched her clit, then started swirling around in circles on it. “Mmmmm…that’s a good little bitch, now finger fuck me. HARD.” She took a finger and slid it up and down her slit, moistening it, then poked it in, just a little at first, until Jess was bucking wildly, trying to get it all in her. “I said hard, is that all you’ve got? Try two or three….aaaaaaaaaaaauuughh…God yes, fuck me baby.” Where was the sweet girl Nina had grown up with? Was this the same girl she used to play Barbies with? Those thoughts soon left her mind as she felt her friend’s pussy clench on her fingers and begin pulsating on them. She was trusting her pelvis like crazy, pinching her nipple with one hand, and grinding NIna’s face into her pussy with the other. Nina slowed her fingers and leaned back. She had gotten so into bringing her friend to orgasm, she hadn’t even realized her other hand was pumping furiously into her own throbbing pussy.

“Come here sexy…it’s my turn,” Jess said as she laid back onto the wooden deck. “Climb up here and sit on my face, I just can’t wait to taste that sweet pussy”. Nina went to the ladder and pulled herself out. She walked over to her friend laying on the ground, and stood straddling her face. Her hand again absent mindedly groping at her clit. “Now what am I supposed to do with this? Take that bikini off girl, then get back over here.” Embarrassed at her mistake, she quickly unrobed and went back to her position over her friend. Still standing, she began rubbing her pussy again. “Mmmm, I love seeing you play with your self. Just stand there for a few minutes.” So she did, and the longer she stood there, the hotter she got. Soon she was playing with her nipples, and her body was slowly falling into a crouching position over her friends face. Jess reached up and pulled her the rest of the way down and dug into her pussy. Nina started riding her face, bouncing up and down, moaning, almost screaming. She leaned back and put both hands on the ground behind her, so Jess could reach everything perfectly. She was sliding her slick pussy all over her friends’ face. Just then, all the water she had drunk in the last few hours let loose. She noticed in horror that she had just began peeing in her bestfriend’s mouth. Eating her pussy and pissing on her were too totally different things. Much to her surprise, Jess began eating her pussy even harder, and moved her hand up to press on her abdomen, forcing more and more hot piss out of her. Nina was so close to coming, but wasn’t ready just yet. She crawled off Jess and got on all fours on the ground beside her. On cue, her friend climbed up and knelt behind her. She reached one hand out and began massaging her pussy, first her clit, then shoving one, then two fingers deep inside her. She leaned down and began licking her asshole, trying to shove her tongue in. She spit in her crack and moved her other hand up and gently started rubbing her hole. Nina was pushing herself back violently, fucking Jess’s hand as hard as she could. Then it happened again, her bladder let loose. Jess quickly took her fingers out of the sopping wet pussy and started rubbing the now squirting clit. “Yeah baby, that’s it, come for me. Come on my hand, that’s it baby….”. Suddenly Nina’s stomach tensed up, and she fell forward, almost convulsing as she reached orgasm. They lay next to each other on the deck for what seemed for hours. At least until they decided to take the party inside…

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