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When she finally looked at the door way she was surprised at what she saw. Who but her best friend Sarah was standing there with her hand half way up her cunt. With a half crooked smile on her face she walked towards the bed. Candy trying to be coy covered her naked cum covered body. ” Did you have fun ” asked Sarah knowing damn well that she did.. All candy could do was nod yes and go “mmm huh”. Looking down she noticed that Sarah was still fingering her cunt. And for some reason she was wet again .

While she had never had a lesbian experience with what happen tonight she was game for just about anything. The Sarah said in a sexy voice” I need you to eat my pussy now”. Candy shocked that her friend would say such a thing just nodded ok. She was already laid on her back and Sarah just went for it . Slowly she slid between candy’s thighs still slick from her and ” John’s” cum. She licked it then said “damn he must have fucked the shit out of you there’s cum everywhere. “Yea ” Candy mumbled as she was close to orgasm from even having Sarah between her legs. Sarah was obviously hot because she never stopped fingering her clit. She licked candy already hot clit and they both came. Candy flooded her mouth with the sweet tangy cum mixture that was left inside of her and Sarah loved it.

She moved up and their tits were smashed together making candy’s nipples stand at attention. Then she gave Candy a deep tongue kiss. Candy was in heaven she almost came again as their bodies ground together hard against her nipples. Sarah then said in a smart ass voice ” So are you gonna eat my pussy or what you little whore”. This set candy off. She jumped around as went directly at Sarah’s large clit. She had never seen her pussy before and it made her hot. She smelled her dripping cunt and loved every minute of it. She began by licking up and down her slit. It made Sarah grab her hair and shove her face hard into her hairy pussy She leaned back and let out a hard moan. She came again.

It all was too much for Candy and she soon was fingering her self again. Sarah in orgasmic bliss just lay on the bed breathing heavenly from the amazing nut she just had. Her and candy were hugging again when the bouncer walked in. Her was use to seeing this sort of thing , But still he had a raging hard on seeing these two blonds devouring each other in passion. He didn’t care about his task at hand he had to take part in this love session. He stripped and approached the girl who were so caught up with each other they didn’t see the tall black man behind them. But, they did notice him when he stuck his 10 inch hard manhood in-between both of their lips. And instead of being surprised the both just licked up and down it. Making him take deep breaths. Sarah being the daring one pushed him on the bed and sat on his face. Candy stayed at his crotch and attended to his prick. Sarah was moaning again thanking god that she was multi-orgasmic. As she came in his face making his face shiny with her juices. Candy was soon surprised by a load of cum shooting in her mouth. She happily swallowed the hot spunk and kissed Sarah to make sure she got some.

Hank the bouncer decided it was time to try something new. He was rock hard again he didn’t have to move the girls attacked him candy sat on his face as Sarah began to lower herself on the bouncers stiff prick. It was thick and black she was the first to feel its power. She slammed down on it and enjoyed the feeling of having to stretch to accommodate him. It just made her wetter. It hurt a little but, it didn’t matter . She bounced on him like it was no tomorrow. Her friend was not left out as hank assaulted her with his talented tongue. Probing in and out of her hot little snatch. She didn’t whether it was his cunt licking skills or the fact that she didn’t know him like the others. But, She was cumming again ” ohh god ” she screamed as another orgasm ripped through her body. She collapsed from how violent it had been. Sarah was shaking wildly as she watched Candy cum so hard. She was cumming too. And big hand not wanting to be left out came. Her pussy gripped him hard as he shot another hot load into her waiting cunt, grunting hard as he did. That was it they all were hot sweaty and laying in a mess. Hank remembered he wasn’t on a social call rolled over and said ” ladies it closing time” . They obliged and tried to gather their cloths when Vicki walked in. She just looked and said “No free Fucking on my time” and walked out. Sarah and candy drove home as Candy told her of her night.

The end

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